two-cup method of manifestation

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Will you believe me if I say you can make your deepest desires come true using water? Try this 2-cup method of manifestation, then!

Are you ready to manifest all your wildest dreams? Do you feel like something is holding you back and preventing you from taking control of your life and achieving success? If so, I have some exciting news for you – manifestation isn’t as difficult or mysterious as it seems! 

People are all about creating the life they’ve always wanted, using the Law Of Attraction techniques like 5×55333, pillow method, two-cup method of manifestation, and 369 methods. These are super easy yet powerful manifestation techniques to get what you want. And get this; you can even manifest things like weight loss or a text from your crush – pretty cool, right?

By following a simple “manifestation” process, you can achieve success and create the life of your dreams. In this article, I will explain exactly how you can use the power of water in manifestation to make your deepest desires come true.

I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out; the two-cup method works and is one of the most effective tools for personal transformation! So let’s get started!

What is two cup manifestation method?

two-cup method of manifestation

The two-cup manifestation method is a simple but powerful exercise to help you create your desired life. It can give you a new dimension to your dreams and help you convert them into a much better reality than your current situation.

Here’s what you need:

two-cup method of manifestation
  • 2 Cups – one empty and one filled. Any cups would work, transparent, glass, or porcelain
  • 2 Labels – or any thin piece of paper to sticky notes
  • A pen
  • And a lot of positivity

1. Label the cups

two-cup method of manifestation

Grab two cups and fill one with water. On the first cup, write what you want to change in your life your sad, current situation, for instance, a new job, a better relationship, or more financial abundance.

On the second cup, write your desired outcome, such as a fulfilling career, a loving partner, or financial freedom.

Just an example – I want to manifest a new car. Right now, I’m cruising around in a jalopy Hyundai Elantra that’s on its last legs. There’s no AC, the seats are trashed, and it’s just sad all around. Now, this is my current situation. But I want to manifest a Tesla. So, I would label cup A as “Driving Hyundai Elantra in bad condition” and cup B as “Driving a sexy Tesla with every luxury I can think of.”

Now take a moment & sit with them.

Next, sit with the cups and take a few moments to feel each situation’s vibes. Really get into it. Imagine your current situation, the unsatisfying one, that you wish to change; feel what it looks like right now, and then imagine your desired reality, what it looks like, and how it feels. Feel what it’s like to be broke and struggling, and then focus on the feeling of abundance and fulfilled dreams!

Remember to be highly optimistic and relaxed when performing the 2-cup manifestation technique to attract that positivity into your life. You will attract negative energy if you are overthinking, stressed, and have self-doubt. So you need to cleanse your mind of such thoughts. 

Meditate & Imagine

two-cup method of manifestation

De-clutter your mind of negative thoughts by meditation. Find some quiet place where you can sit calmly for some time away from any hustle. Sit upright and quietly, and focus on your inhaled and exhaled breaths.

You can light up a scented candle, an incense stick, a burning sage, or play a soothing frequency on YouTube. In the beginning, you may have many thoughts wandering your mind or difficulty focusing on your breath, but after 3 to 5 minutes, you will find yourself much more relaxed than ever. 

Pour the water & visualize your dreams coming true

two-cup method of manifestation

Now it’s time to pour that water! Pour water from cup A (the current situation cup) into cup B (the desired outcome cup) while visualizing your desires coming true. Close your eyes and imagine your current situation transforming into your desired reality.

Take 2-4 minutes to really focus and pay attention to the sound of the water and imagine little sparkles and a bright light surrounding you. It’s like magic! Feel those positive high vibrational emotions flooding your body as the water flows into the new cup. Savor the joy and happiness of your manifestation becoming a reality.

Visualize yourself in the desired situation, and feel the emotions that come with it. By doing so, your energy gets multiplied manifold and helps align your subconscious mind with your conscious intentions. When you visualize, you are actually sending positive energy into the universe. This ultimately aligns with you and helps you move closer to your goal and desires!

Drink the water

two-cup method of manifestation

Finally, once the water has been transferred, drink that water that is in cup’ B,’ i.e., the cup of the desired reality. As you do so, feel the energy of your new reality flowing into you, filling you up from head to toe.

Savor the taste and feel excited about the fact that you’re perfectly aligned with the good vibes you’re manifesting. This puts you in a magnetic field and attracts all the right people, events, and opportunities.

Let go of any “lack” feeling

two-cup method of manifestation

You must let go of your Manifestation. It does not mean to forget it entirely but don’t be clingy and desperate for your desire. This attitude shows your mistrust in the universe which will never work in your favor. Instead, always keep your spirits and energy level high.

Strategize an action plan.

The 2-cup method is actually a mega-powerful tool that can kickstart your path to your desired life! But don’t think you can sit back and relax – you must put a little elbow grease in to make your dreams come true.

Set yourself up for success by making a killer game plan and working your tail off to achieve those goals. Make choices and decisions that are in alignment with your desire and intentions.

For example – If you are manifesting a car, you must first figure out how much cash you need to stash away every month or find ways to hustle up some dough to make that dream a reality. Take control of your life and kick butt like a boss!

Be grateful for what all you have & your capabilities

two cup method of manifestation

Finally, always thank the universe after manifesting. You create a positive, energetic field that supports the manifestation process by expressing gratitude for your current reality and being hopeful about your future. This positive mindset attracts more abundance and opens up all the more opportunities for further manifestation.

You can also say positive glow-up affirmations daily to make your mindset more positive and open. It increases your power and strengthens your belief in the manifestation.

So why does the two-cup manifestation method work?

It’s all about the power of intention and energy. By focusing your mind on what you desire, you send a powerful signal out into the universe. And when you couple that intention with a physical act like the two-cup method, you amplify that energy even further.

As a result, the universe responds in kind, helping you attract the desired things.

Things to know before starting the 2-cup method –

  • First and foremost, remember that your desires must be aligned with your highest good. You can’t simply wish for something without considering the consequences or how it will affect others. Always strive to manifest with integrity and kindness, and you’ll find that your dreams come to fruition much more easily.
  • Additionally, focus on the present moment. That is important! Rather than being obsessed over the future.

The two-cup manifestation method is a tool to help you transform your mindset and energy, but it’s not a magic fix for all of life’s problems. By focusing on the present and enjoying each moment as it comes, you’ll attract more joy, abundance, and love into your life.

2-cup manifestation success stories!

Lauren is a 26 years old Californian who is now living a happy life. She greatly admires this method and has been using this method to manifest her small desires. But coming out of the 2-year-old toxic relationship with her boyfriend and finding her current husband just five months after who gave her a life and relationship she could have never imagined earlier is worth noting.

“I witnessed the magic of the two-cup method unfolding before my eyes when I lost 5 pounds in 3 days!! This was super amazing. It really happened to me! I never knew losing weight could be so magical,” says Samaira, a college-going teenager.

I have also recommended this method to my friend, who used it to manifest a job interview. ‘I manifested a job interview using the two-cup manifestation technique, and to my astonishment, I got the call for an interview within ten days.’ “This was really amazing,” she says.


What is the right time to do the 2-cup manifestation method?

Don’t stress about the timing! Choose a moment that works for you – it’s that simple! You can totally do the 2 cup manifestation whenever feels good for you. I find nighttime to be the ultimate manifestation time. Without any distractions, my focus is laser sharp. Just make your goals a reality, starting today!

Pro trick: I suggest you start this technique on a full or new moon. The New and full moon are the mighty portals our universe provides to start manifesting anything. 

How many times do you need to use this method?

That’s entirely up to you! There’s no set number to follow because it depends on your unique desires and progress in manifesting them. Your focus and alignment with your desired reality also play a role here.

Some goals may manifest quickly, while others require multiple repetitions to reinforce your intentions. This is especially true for complex or long-term goals. So, go ahead and use this powerful technique as often as you need to, and see your dreams become a reality.

Can I use this method to manifest multiple desires?

Although you can manifest multiple desires, I think it is preferable to focus on one desire first. Give it the necessary attention and energy. This will allow you to immerse in the process and strengthen your manifestation practice fully. Get it accomplished, and then go for another one.

How long should my desire be?

The purpose of setting a desire is to clarify your intention. Whether your desire is a single word, a sentence, or a detailed paragraph, what matters most is that it should be clear, real, and specific and align with your current circumstances. It must resonate with your true self.

Be clear about it so the universe understands it easily and aligns with your intentions!

What to do with the sticky notes after manifesting?

Just rip off the notes and throw them. You don’t have to be much worried about them. But yes, if you do the same manifestation daily, you must make fresh sticky notes with desire written on them! Do not use the same notes every day!

Does it work for everyone?

Manifestations do work, no doubt about that! But The effectiveness of manifestations varies from person to person, depending on how focused and aligned you are. If you manifest with a positive mindset, faith, and belief, you will attract the desired outcome soon!

Final thoughts on 2 cup method

Whenever you manifest anything, manifest with a belief. The 2 Cup Manifestation technique works harmoniously with the Law of Attraction, which states that like attracts like. The two-cup manifestation method is a simple and fast yet effective way to manifest your dreams and create your desired life.

The process seems weird and distinctive, but it renders excellent results. You must set your intentions, follow the procedure, and visualize your dreams into reality. With a little focus and intention, you can transform your energy and attract more abundance, love, and success into your life than you ever thought possible.

So grab your two cups, set your intentions, and get ready to watch your dreams come true!

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two-cup method of manifestation

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