33x3 manifestation method

33×3 manifestation method: get your life together easily

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Want to get your life easy-peasy? Try this 33×3 manifestation method

We all have goals in life and are ever ready to achieve those by hook or crook. But even the most successful person has a history of failure. There has been a myriad of hurdles they had to overcome on their path toward success.

Unfortunately, while some keep trying until they reach their goals, some people tend to give up easily. They become hopeless. They remind me of the phrase ‘grapes are sour’ from The Fox and The Grapes tale from Aesop’s fables. I hope you are not one of them, which is why you are probably here, right?!

When walking towards your goals and attracting prosperity and success into your life, it is imperative to stay positive and explore your strength and power. Rushing towards things will not happen instantly.

But you cannot let anxiety and stress take over you. If you are still experiencing it, you might not be trying the 33×3 manifestation method. 

This method is what I love referring to as ‘the Golden method’ that lets you retain focus on things that you desire to have in your life, from manifesting weight loss, a car, or a dream house to manifesting good grades or even manifesting love without getting distracted by foreign factors. Scripting a positive affirmation about 33 times in just a single sitting for a continuous period of 3 days puts immense power and focus on your objective. 

And the best part is that this speeds up the process, making it easier for the universe to get you near your goal and achieve it the way you want. 

Although I am a positive person and try to make sure not to allow anxiety and stress to come my way to success, I am a human being too. The steps towards meeting a goal that you think will change your life are long.

And sometimes, I, too, lose my ability to stay calm and keep my focus constantly. A friend of mine introduced me to the 33×3 manifestation method; trust me, practicing it made me feel comfortable. 

Now I know the tricks of retaining my focus and keeping anxiety at bay!

So are you ready to explore the 33×3 manifestation method with me? Let’s get started. We will be discussing this practice along with five simple tips that have proven meaningful for masters as well as newbies to the Law of attraction.

Unfolding the meaning of the 33×3 manifestation technique

33x3 manifestation method

The concept of the 33×3 manifestation technique is simple yet powerful, just like the 5×55 manifestation technique! It is highly effective since it comprises factors like Repetition, Focus, and the potential of numbers 33 and 3.

And when following this manifestation technique, you need to write one of your affirmations 33 times daily for three consecutive days. If you wonder how to frame your affirmation correctly, here you go!

Once you are done, forget about it and keep waiting patiently. Universe has already started getting your desires and goals towards you.

However, do not stop working towards it if there are actions you have to take on your part to make your goal come true. You will be surprised when you find your desires easily attracted to you. 

Point to Note: 33×3 manifestation technique is also famous as the 333 manifestation technique. Do not be confused if you come across it somewhere as ‘333’ instead of 33×3. 

Will writing your affirmation once be as effective as writing 33 times?

33x3 manifestation method

This is an interesting question, and don’t feel ashamed to ask it because I, too, came across this when I learned the 33×3 manifestation technique. But to your disappointment, scripting your affirmation once rather than spending energy doing it 33 times won’t be compelling enough. 

When you script it repetitively, it shows how aligned you are toward it. It speaks of the importance the desire holds in your life. And every single time you script it, you are attracting it towards you bit by bit.  

A look at the ingredients of 33×3 manifestation methods

Repetition, focus, and the magical power of numbers 33 and 3 together make the 33×3 manifestation technique compelling. Let us take a deeper look to identify ‘how.’ 

1. Repetition

Upon hearing about the process to execute the 33×3 manifestation method, it is pretty likely to wonder, ‘why should I write the same thing or word 33 times daily for three days?’ That is a good thought, no doubt! And boring too… But there is a deep meaning related to it. 

Psychologists state that repeating any affirmative thought will help your unconscious mind register it, and they will eventually start focusing on it. As a result, all your actions and behavior will create a path towards attaining it, making ‘repetition’ an essential ingredient of the 33×3 manifestation method. 

You must remember how back in school, we learned our history lessons or poems by heart. Only the art of repetition helped it to be more perfect.

And finally, we could say it without mumbling or write it down on our exam sheets without fail- meaning we managed to meet the ultimate goal set. So, probably now, you can relate to what makes repetition important. 

2. Focus

Starting with focus, for manifesting your dreams, it is essential to season your unconscious mind to retain focus on what you are demanding to manifest. Unfortunately, this unconscious part of our mind is very tricky to tame. It possesses the power to process millions and millions of pieces of information almost every second, ending up confusing us and losing focus. 

Besides, there is a lot that your unconscious brain has to deal with, like taking care of your daily behavior, as well as survival features such as breathing, body temperature control, and beyond.

This means the chances for your desires to get any attention might be overlooked, resulting in a delay in achieving it. So what’s next to follow? 

Stress a hopeless feeling and grief. But a life that deserves celebration and fun should not be any place for all these.

As a solution, you have the 33×3 manifestation method making things easy. With this method, you are conditioning your unconscious mind about the importance of your desire in your life. This will help your unconscious mind to lay focus on it effectively.

3. Numbers 33 and 3

There is something magical about the numerical 3 in certain cultures. While some believe it is the number representing growth, manifestation, and creation, some believe it is linked with the universe’s power. On the other hand, the number 33 is recognized for its spiritual inclination. 

Instead of seeing 33 as whole, spiritual leaders consider it a master number- a combination of two numbers- 11 and 22. Interesting indeed!

It is believed to bring in some great ability in the person scripting it and conveniently gets you closer to your goals, making it easier for you to achieve them.

In the manifestation technique, 33 stands for scripting your affirmation 33 times daily, and three means for three days straight. That makes sense, isn’t it? So, to enjoy the fruits of the labor, start scripting today.

manifestation tips

But before I let you go, here are some manifestation tips I would love to share. These aim to help you attract your desires and achieve them successfully.  

1. find a calm spot

33x3 manifestation method

Find a calm place where you can sit calmly for five minutes away from distractions or intrusions and concentrate on your thoughts. You can meditate for 2-3 minutes and try to align your vibrations high. Any type of negativity or unrest in your mind slows down manifestation success!

1. Get a notebook and pen

In this era of electronic gadgets, we have already developed the habit of keeping our pens and notebooks at bay. Because, now we can easily use our mobile phones or laptops or tablets to prepare our shopping list, bills, and beyond. But the 33×3 manifestation prefers to work with a notebook and pen more than anything digital. 

So you lazy mate, get yourself a notebook and a pen to write down your positive affirmations. Writing down something by hand takes some more effort which is why your unconscious brain is likely to remember it more than anything and help the universe work towards getting you closer to it. 

2. Negative thoughts- I don’t have space for you

A crucial step towards practicing the 33×3 manifestation technique is to say a big SORRY to all those negative thoughts you have been processing in your brain for so long and create room for your positive affirmation. 

If you have a big room in your mind for negativity, how can your positive affirmations get the attention it is craving? When you are in a positive state of mind, achieving your goals becomes easy. 

Honestly, though it might sound tricky, getting rid of negative thoughts is not hard. It just requires some dedication. You can go out for walks, do meditation, and talk to people who can generate positivity in your life, and only when you are sure about bidding adieu to negative thoughts, think about the 33×3 manifestation technique. 

3. High-vibration energy is a must

Spiritual practitioners often talk about the importance of generating high-vibrance energy. Can you say why? That is because low-vibration energy is less effective than high-vibration energy, and if you wish to attract your desire easily, the latter is of utmost importance. 

The 33×3 manifestation method has some exceptional terms with high vibration energy. Hence, when writing your affirmation, always do that when your vibrations are high, without any loneliness, disappointment, needy, or greed. 

I guarantee this 33×3 manifestation method will work and make you feel like a magnet getting easily attracted towards achieving your goal. 

4. Keep your focus fixed

Human nature is mysterious. Not everyone has the same mindset.

While there are people who can focus on one thing at a time, there are also some crazy ones like me who tend to think about something different every second! Hahahahaha… You should feel pity for me. And if you, too, share this same thought, I recommend keeping your focus on only one thing or thought at a time. 

And focusing on something while practicing the 33×3 manifestation method means focusing on one affirmation thought for three consecutive days. Once done, you can give attention to another affirmation you care for. 

Overlapping is also not a good idea. Stay away from it!

5. Keep the time fixed

Though it doesn’t seem to be, yes, it is essential to write the affirmations at the same time. Just choose when you feel free for five minutes daily, and there is no disturbance in the morning or evening.

You can just sit calmly and write down your affirmation. Always write your affirmation in the present tense, yes present tense as if it is happening now…no past tense or future tense to be used! Live your desire as if it is happening NOW!

What to do after 3 days?

After manifesting your affirmation consecutively for three days, you should trust the process and let it go! let the divine take its time.

33x3 manifestation method

Yes, you don’t have to stick to its thought or even any ifs and buts about it! I’ve already told you NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, please! Just believe that your manifestation will turn into truth soon.

Summing up how to practice 33×3 manifestation thought

I will describe this in 5 steps in simple words-

  • Clear up your mind of all ongoing thoughts
  • Focus on one affirmation at a time until you are done scripting it
  • Keep your energy vibes high
  • Get a writing book and pen
  • Pen down your positive affirmation 33 times daily for three days without a break

Final thoughts on the 33×3 manifestation method

Doesn’t it sound easy? It is, and I am someone who has personally benefited from it. Also, I always believe in trying something first rather than questioning its authority if it doesn’t cost anything extra out of my pocket! LOL… Go for it and enjoy owning the things you are manifesting.

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, the 33×3 manifestation method is a powerful method of bringing your manifestation to life and helping you to create the life of your dreams!

Happy times are ahead!!!

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33×3 manifestation method: get your life together easily

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