Only if you believe in yourselves would you know that you’ve got it all. Because they say we are what we believe we are.

I always had to juggle so many things that I never had a minute’s peace to myself. And I’m an anxious little overthinker.

So when I figured out how to get everything you want, I knew I had to share my expert opinions with everybody because this could help a ton of people.

With manifestations and working on myself, I got a nice night’s sleep, a healthy and fit body, financial abundance, and genuine happiness. It’s just so easy when once you get to know this stuff that you’d regret not learning it sooner.

Who am I?

What should I say? I’m a mom of two grown-up kids – a girl and a boy. My daughter just graduated, and my son just got to college. All my life, I had to face all kinds of struggles. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor, and I was working really hard. But neither did my family have the money to afford it nor the will. So they married me off young.

But my husband insisted I pursue my graduation. I was pregnant with my first child when I had to take final exams. I then went on and did my master’s while pregnant with the second child. A few degrees and years down the line, I got into teaching. It was not what I had imagined, but I knew if not a doctor, a teacher is what I always wanted to be. Maybe I was manifesting it all throughout, but it happened.

But did that make my life easier? Yes, a little, because I was finally independent and on my own terms. But I had a lot more to see. With children, in-laws, school management, and coaching students (yes, I also started an at-home coaching institution) demanding my attention, I didn’t know how I could manage it all.

But if I know one thing, the universe has its divine timing, and if he doesn’t think you can go through a situation, he won’t put you in one.

So with all the faith I had in myself, I kept going. But even then, I didn’t have a minute’s time to myself.

I was always frustrated, not happy with the current situation, and wanted a change. I loved doing what I loved, but it was just not fulfilling.

I knew it was high time I stopped and started working on myself. I came across ‘The Secret.’ Isn’t that book everyone’s first start toward the law of attraction and manifestation? And when I got to know how to improve myself and build a dream life, it was life-changing. Everything started making sense.

It was then I knew I had to share this with everybody. Because who wouldn’t love a little magic added to our lives, huh?

Why Trust Me?

I have read the books, done the research, became an expert, and then went on and started this blog. I am such a strong believer in manifestation and making things work in your favor that I know you all could use my advice to spice your lives up!

I have been practicing my own advice for 10 years now, and it has only made my life happier and more satisfying. So let’s make that work for you as well!

What can I help you with?