affirmations for overthinking

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Are you struggling with negative self-talk? Take control of your thoughts by saying these affirmations for overthinking now to witness an instant boost!

I know the feeling of constantly battling negative thoughts and emotions!

You’ve been thinking for hours, maybe days on end, about a problem you can’t seem to solve, and now you’re exhausted from it all. Feeling anxious about it as if you are tied with chains, unable to be free from them!

Anxiety and negative thoughts have crept into your body like ivy clinging to walls, stretching higher with each passing pattern of thought. Suddenly, you are in a world of overthinking – overwhelmed by what just happened!

Does this sound familiar? If so, then this post is for you. Overthinking, self-doubt, and worry take away optimistic energy and happiness but fret no more as I’m exploring today – introducing affirmations that will help break out new waves of clarity & motivation within our lives!

90+ affirmations for overthinking that made me feel good await us! Let’s jump right into discovering them together!

Say these positive words to yourself daily, say them loud, twice, in the morning and before going to bed or whenever you feel like it, and watch your overthinking tendencies fade away!

Reframe your thoughts with these supercharging affirmations for overthinking

affirmations for overthinking
  1. My overanalyzing thoughts are temporary.
  2. I am shifting my attention to something new.
  3. I recognize when my mind is spiraling and take steps to return back to a healthier place emotionally.
  4. I am focusing on living in the moment.
  5. I actively engage in self-care activities, such as mindfulness, journaling, and deep breathing.
  6. I am gaining clarity and stance in my thinking processes.
  7. I am learning to trust myself.
  8. I make decisions without unnecessarily spending too much time ruminating on them.
  9. I have the power to break free of my overthinking patterns.
  10. Every positive thought that enters my mind is an opportunity for me.
affirmations for overthinking
  1. My positive thoughts help me find peace if I approach them with compassion and understanding.
  2. I have power over my mind.
  3. I am reconnecting with what truly matters: relationships, experiences, and living each moment fully without regret.
  4. I live each moment fully with compassion and happiness.
  5. I am coming out of irrational worries.
  6. I can trust myself enough to make healthy choices that bring positivity into my life.
  7. I honor my true individuality.
  8. I am the master of my thoughts.
  9. I have the courage and strength within me to redirect the energy channeled into more positive activities.
  10. No matter what obstacles come up along the way, I will not give up on finding solutions to them.

Craving for more overthinking affirmations? Here they are!

affirmations for overthinking
  1. I let go of the limiting thoughts.
  2. I let go of the thoughts that do not serve me anymore.
  3. I can free up space within myself for inner growth instead of being held back by self-doubt or worry.
  4. The future’s uncertain outcomes do not hold me back.
  5. It is okay if things don’t always go according to plan.
  6. Missed chances don’t mean failure but rather a chance for new opportunities.
  7. Overthinking does not define who I am.
  8. I embrace mistakes, and learning from them strengthens me daily.
  9. My intuition guides me down paths that are true for me, no matter how hard it may seem sometimes.
  10. I choose not to limit myself by comparing my progress with others.
affirmations for overthinking
  1. I focus on what makes me unique and can unlock potential never explored!
  2. I challenge my stagnant thinking patterns by leaving my comfort zone.
  3. Stepping out of my comfort zone allows me to think of more creative ideas.
  4. I choose to be mentally free and balanced.
  5. My abilities far exceed any inner criticisms or doubts lingering around me.
  6. I have faith and confidence in myself.
  7. My mind is at peace.
  8. My mental health is always a top priority.
  9. The key to success lies within me.
  10. I unlock the potential within me through fresh and conscious efforts.

Re-connect your subconscious by Repeating these powerful affirmations for anxiety and stress!

affirmations for overthinking
  1. I remain focused on the goal ahead despite any obstacles in the course journey ahead!
  2. I do not let overthinking overpower my positive mindset!
  3. I can make it through my overthinking.
  4. I inhale calmness and exhale anxiety and worry.
  5. I choose to focus on the present moment rather than overthinking the future.
  6. I trust in my ability to make clear decisions.
  7. I accept that all things cannot be fully understood or controlled.
  8. I remain open-minded and flexible in the face of uncertainty and change.
  9. My thoughts are valid, yet they do not have final control over my emotions or actions.
  10. I recognize when I overthink and take steps to reframe my thoughts more productively.
affirmations for overthinking
  1. No matter what happens, everything will be alright in the end!
  2. It is okay for me to feel overwhelmed with my thoughts sometimes.
  3. Overthinking does not define who I am as a person nor limits my potential for growth and success in life.
  4. I can ask for help when needed, and there is no shame in doing so!
  5. My family and friends are my support system.
  6. I allow myself to take breaks when needed.
  7. All is well and so beautiful in my world.
  8. I acknowledge my anxiety but refuse to let it control me.
  9. I know better days are ahead, and this feeling is only temporary!
  10. My thoughts and emotions are calm.
affirmations for overthinking
  1. I accept everything that happens with open arms.
  2. I am safe and secure.
  3. I am encircled by people who care about me.
  4. I am capable of handling whatever comes my way.
  5. I have faced hard challenges before and can do it again.
  6. I am healthy.
  7. My body is relaxed.
  8. I breathe deeply and slowly, and my body relaxes in response.
  9. I am not alone.
  10. Anxiety is normal, but I do not allow anxiety to control me.
affirmations for overthinking

stop worrying by saying these upbeat affirmations for overthinking

  1. I am okay, just as I am.
  2. Mistakes are part of life, and they do not define me as a person.
  3. I am vigorous and competent.
  4. I can handle whatever comes my way.
  5. I am always ready to face challenges.
  6. I am confident in myself and my abilities.
  7. I know that I can overcome anything.
  8. I trust myself and my instincts.
  9. I am collected and controlled, even in anxiety or stress.
  10. My worry or anxiety does not define me; it is only a small part of who I am.
affirmations for overthinking
  1. I am brave and courageous.
  2. I will not let my fear control me.
  3. I deserve love, happiness, and triumph.
  4. I deserve to be happy and peaceful.
  5. I am creating a life that I love.
  6. I have everything I need within me to be successful and happy.
  7. I infinitely deserve all good things in life.
  8. I find happiness within me.
  9. I am capable of solving all problems easily.
  10. I am busy with my family and have no time to overthink.

FAQs related to affirmations for overthinking

Affirmations are a proven way to manifest the deepest desires you may have in mind. They rewire your brain into believing them to be true and leading you to achieve great things!

It can take overnight to a few months for your affirmations to work. It all depends upon how big or small the desire is and how truly you believe you deserve it. You have to BELIEVE that whatever you want is what you are born to have.

The best way is to say or write affirmations every day or as often as possible throughout the day. Whether at work, before bedtime, or just randomly throughout the day, speaking affirmations will keep you focused and aligned.

Incorporate affirmations into your daily routine. Choose affirmations that resonate with you and feel genuine. Start saying affirmations five times in the morning and five times before bed. Write them or say them aloud or in your mind, and really focus on the words and their meanings.

When you say affirmations before bed, you reprogram your subconscious mind and feed it with positive messages. When you sleep, the subconscious mind is highly active, focused, and receptive to new ideas.

Absolutely! When you repeat affirmations to yourself regularly, you start to rewire your brain so that you actually start to believe that what you’re saying is true. Along with taking actionable steps and replacing self-doubt with positivity, affirmations can change your life!

Winding thoughts on affirmations for overthinking

Overthinking your life can help you make decisions and find answers, but it can also lead to stress, anxiety, and even depression. Take out time for yourself!

Take extra time to nurture yourself through various activities, whether physical activity or reading books, listening to music, writing, journaling, etc. Appreciate everything you have and stay positive.

I hope this list of 90 affirmations was able to help! Don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to making choices: trust your gut, stand up for yourself, and don’t let negative thinking control you!

Never forget that every step forward is an adventure. So just do your best and trust in a brighter future as each day offers new growth opportunities – all you have to do is seize them!

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affirmations for overthinking

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