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Want to heal and protect yourself from negativity? Then, Recite these heavenly amethyst affirmations!

What to say about this beautiful violet gemstone? A beautiful, all-purpose protective and healing stone to ward off all the negativity around you and encourage you to do the best in life.

It is a gorgeous purple-hued crystal filled with brilliance and vibrancy that has always attracted many!

Amethyst purifies the mind and keeps negative thoughts at bay, leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

amethyst affirmations

Amethyst helps you develop your crown chakra – the ultimate bridge to the divine. This beautiful purple gemstone promotes intuition, clarity of mind, and spiritual awareness.

You can choose to keep amethyst as a crystal in your wallet or make it a part of your jewelry; this beautiful stone will always attract you to good health and wealth, relieve stress and anxiety, and maintain emotional balance.

What’s The correct way to say these amethyst affirmations?

Though you can recite the affirmations anytime, it is always good to say them in the morning or at bedtime.

I find the best time is bedtime because the last thing you say goes deep in your subconscious, and it reverberates many times, and when that happens, it becomes much easier for your brain to attract that.

Choose some of the best affirmations and write them down. Sit in a quiet and calm place and meditate for 5 minutes. Say each affirmation twice or thrice.

Get in tune with the power of amethyst with these emphatic affirmations for crystal.

Let’s start with these positive amethyst affirmations to keep your vibes high!

amethyst affirmations
  1. I am relaxed and at peace.
  2. I’m ready to soak up the positive mojo from this amethyst!
  3. I trust in my abilities.
  4. I am surrounded by adoration and positivity.
  5. I release any negative thoughts and emotions.
  6. I am protected and safe.
  7. I am worthy of abundance and prosperity.
  8. I am full of energy!
  9. I am totally dedicated to moving ahead.
  10. I am grateful for all the INCREDIBLE blessings in my life!
  11. I’m ready to seize all the exciting opportunities that cross my path!
  12. I am filled with love, light, and bliss.
  13. I am confident in myself.
  14. I trust the process of life and know that everything is for my highest good.
  15. I embrace abundance and accept all the good in my life.
  16. My potential and creativity are limitless.

Want to attract more positivity? Here you go!

  1. I deserve to have what I desire in this world and beyond.
  2. I am deserving of good fortune.
  3. I am in tune with my inner peace.
  4. I am filled with high morale.
  5. I am surrounded by positive vibes.
  6. The healing powers of amethyst protect me.
  7. I trust in my capabilities and decisions.
  8. I am open to new opportunities and growth.
  9. I am SUPER ready to tap into the power of wisdom and serenity!
  10. I’m a total boss when it comes to tackling challenges!
  11. I’m confident and tough.
  12. The power of amethyst guards me.
  13. I am worthy of love and respect from others.
  14. I am empowered to make positive changes in my life.
  15. I am at peace with my past and embrace my future.
  1. I am guided by the power of amethyst.
  2. Day by day I am moving towards my SUCCESS.
  3. I am grateful for my intuition.
  4. I am free from worry and stress.
  5. I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.
  6. Supportive friends and family surround me.
  7. I am confident in my ability to manifest my desires.
  8. I attract positive relationships and experiences into my life.
  9. I take super-motivated action towards my dreams and goals!
  10. I live with gratitude and happiness for life’s gifts.
  11. My dreams are becoming a reality every single day!
  12. Every day is a new chance to make progress.
  13. The universe loves me deeply.
  14. My life moves with elegance and dignity.
  15. The divine guides me and protects me from negativity.

Amethyst affirmations for stress relief

amethyst affirmations
  1. I release all stress and tension from my mind and body.
  2. I choose to focus on harmony.
  3. I am in control of my opinions and feelings.
  4. I trust in my ability to handle challenges with ease.
  5. I focus on what brings me joy.
  6. I am grateful for the present moment!
  7. I choose to let go of worries and embrace peace.
  8. I am competent and strong.
  9. I am deserving of relaxation and calm.
  10. I am filled with a sense of inner peace.
  11. I am surrounded by positive energy and love.
  12. I am confident in my ability to manage stress.
  13. I am grateful for my ability to adapt and overcome challenges
  14. Thank you, universe, for an awesome, peaceful sleep!
  1. I trust in life’s journey and know that everything will work out.
  2. I am deserving of happiness and peace of mind.
  3. I am filled with gratitude for all of the blessings in my life.
  4. The universe and those around me support me.
  5. I choose to let go of stress.
  6. I remove all the self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.
  7. My whole body is relaxed from worries and tension.
  8. I am empowered to make positive changes in my life.
  9. I am filled with love and compassion for myself and others.
  10. I choose to live in the present moment.
  11. I am grateful for my intuition and inner wisdom.
  12. Supportive friends and family surround me.
  13. The universe loves me.

Best amethyst affirmations for emotional balance

  1. I am powerful and resilient.
  2. I release all fears and insecurities.
  3. I trust in my abilities and decisions.
  4. I am surrounded by positive energy and love.
  5. I am grateful for my emotional stability.
  6. I am worthy of happiness and pleasure.
  7. I am deserving of inner peace and harmony.
  8. I am confident in my ability to handle challenges with grace.
  9. I am open to growth and self-discovery.
  10. I am at peace with my past and embrace my future.
  11. I am filled with a sense of purpose and direction.

Amethyst affirmations for abundance

  1. I’m living it up in a world filled with all things SO good!
  2. I am grateful for the abundance in my life.
  3. I am worthy of luxury and abundance.
  4. I am open to receiving abundance in all forms.
  5. I am deserving of a life of luxury and abundance.
  6. I am surrounded by positive energy, abundance, and love.
  7. I choose to live in the present moment full of abundance and focus on what brings me joy.
  8. I am filled with a sense of purpose.
  9. I am bursting with a go-getter attitude!
  10. I am ready to conquer the world with a SMILE!

Amethyst affirmations for spiritual growth

  1. I receive guidance from a higher power.
  2. I am grateful for my spiritual journey and growth.
  3. I am worthy of spiritual fulfillment.
  4. My guiding angels always enlighten my path.
  5. I am open to experiencing the interconnectedness of all things.
  6. I trust in my spiritual path and the journey ahead.
  7. I honor the divine within me.

FAQs related to amethyst affirmations

Which chakra does amethyst activate?

Amythyst activates your crown chakra, the seventh chakra. It helps to enhance your intuition, spiritual awareness, and overall connection to the divine.

Why should I use amethyst affirmations?

Amethyst affirmations help to promote calmness and tranquility. If you are looking for inner peace, amethyst affirmations are the best way to make your good vibes flow!

How to charge amethyst crystal?

To charge your amethyst crystal, first cleanse it with sea salt or smudging. Then, find a sunny spot – amethysts love sunlight! You can either leave it there for a few hours or use a quartz cluster to amplify its power.

Another way is to leave the amethyst crystal in the light of the full moon for the night or keep it directly in the soil for a day(24 hours) and then wash it with water. Finally, set your intention, and voilà – your crystal is charged and ready to bring good vibes to your life!

Affirmations are a proven way to manifest the deepest desires you may have. They rewire your brain into believing them to be true, leading you to achieve great things!

Your affirmations can take overnight to a few months to work. It all depends upon how big or small the desire is and how truly you believe you deserve it. You have to BELIEVE that whatever you want is what you are born to have.

The best way is to say or write affirmations every day or as often as possible throughout the day. Whether at work, before bedtime, or just randomly throughout the day, speaking affirmations will keep you focused and aligned.

Incorporate affirmations into your daily routine. Choose affirmations that resonate with you and feel genuine. Start saying affirmations five times in the morning and five times before bed. Write them or say them aloud or in your mind, and really focus on the words and their meanings.

When you say affirmations before bed, you reprogram your subconscious mind and feed it with positive messages. When you sleep, the subconscious mind is highly active, focused, and receptive to new ideas.

Absolutely! When you repeat affirmations to yourself regularly, you start to rewire your brain so that you actually start to believe that what you’re saying is true. Along with taking actionable steps and replacing self-doubt with positivity, affirmations can change your life!

Final thoughts on amethyst affirmations

No other crystal frees you from negative energy as this crystal, allowing you to connect with spirituality and helping you to attain wisdom. While choosing the crystal, your intentions for amethyst should be positive and wise.

Repeat these affirmations daily, holding an amethyst crystal in your hand, and focus on the stone’s positive energy and healing properties.

Over time, you will notice an increase in inner peace, clarity, and overall well-being. There are other crystals for anxiety as well that work just as well as amethyst!

Supercharge yourself now!

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