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Let’s challenge your perception and expand your consciousness with these best methods to shift realities!

People are so messed up with their present that their urge to shift reality and catch up in the past and present has found a new obsession. Shifting reality is a new hashtag in social media nowadays, especially in the TikTok trend of falling inside the rabbit hole to land up shifting the reality.

But I find this concept can be looked at the other way around. Stress, depression, anxiety, and whatnot are in the vocabulary of a teen to a man in his late sixties. No one can save themselves from their crunches, and amidst all, if there is something like shifting reality, it won’t be a bad idea to check hands upon it. 

Everyone wants nothing but some peace and joy in their life and to fulfill the dreams which seem impossible in reality. While there are some people, such as dreamers and scientists, who experience shifting reality, and it is due to their ability to do so, they are being able to indulge themselves in some greatest inventions.

But there remains another class of people who actively involve themselves in shifting realities and landing themselves in their nirvana in this era of social media; we call them hopeless romantics!

Jokes apart, here are some ways to shift reality you don’t wanna miss and enter your world choice. Fasten your seat belts to declutter your mind from the unwanted hustle and bustle. But before diving in, let us first see what actually is shifting reality!

What is Shifting Reality?

 reality shifting methods

To understand the concept of shifting reality, we can refer to the movie, The Matrix, which beautifully explains it. Did you know that while we go about our daily lives on the surface, multiple realities and dimensions coexist with us? It’s like we’re living different versions of ourselves all at once!

Shifting reality does not mean that literally, you would move somewhere else, into some new world! It is actually a shift in mindset. By changing your thoughts and beliefs, you can manifest your dream reality and step into it.

How do you shift desired reality?

 reality shifting methods

Shifting reality starts with your thoughts and beliefs. If you don’t truly believe you can shift reality, you’ll always struggle to make it happen. You must cultivate a deep belief and trust in your abilities. Practice affirmations, and listen to subliminal, visualization, and meditation to strengthen your inner world and help you to shift into your desired reality.

Psychics talk of different methods of arriving at the desired reality, while the popular ones remain the Raven and Sleep Pillow methods. Trust me, it may take some time and effort, but the results will be more than worth it. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start shifting!

13 best Methods of reality shifting

1. The raven shifting method

The first method of shifting reality is through the Raven method, where we need to meditate for 10-15 minutes after lying down in a starfish position and keep counting as far as we can while concentrating on the reality we want to land upon. It also involves chattering the words, I am shifting…, and eventually, after falling asleep, the next thing you do is when you wake up, you have arrived at the desired reality.

2. the sleep pillow method

This reality shifting method, called the sleep pillow method, involves you writing down your desired reality just before sleeping. What kind of experience would you have when you landed up there? The people whom you want to meet over there and every integrate details of the reality you want to see.

After feeding your subconscious mind with all these details just before sleep, the next thing that happens is that when you wake up, you are all together, existing in the new reality you dream of.

3. the Alice in Wonderland method

How many of you remember the fairy tale of Alice in Wonderland? Just like Alice followed the rabbit, fell inside the rabbit hole, and reached a different reality similarly, you can also try shifting your reality. In this shifting technique, you must imagine yourself standing beside a huge building or a Giants tree and imagining the reality you want to visit.

The next thing that you have to do in this method is to imagine a rabbit and chase him all along until you fall inside his rabbit hole and end up waking up in your favorite reality.

4. The heartbeat method

 reality shifting methods

How wonderful it would be if you landed up in your favorite sizzling romance novel; here is the way to enter yourself there. Turn over some headphones, listen to a YouTube heartbeat sound effect video, and curl up in bed.

Spend 5 to 10 minutes meditating while picturing your head on a lover’s chest—they could be a stern Viking or a loving monarch. Imagine them helping you stand up and take your hand. Together, move on until they lead you to a doorway and unlock it. To access your fairy tale life, go through it.

5. the train method

 reality shifting methods

Shifting reality is all about transposing your mind from one place to another, preferably to your desired reality. When it comes to transposition, you can think of any means of communication. One such mode of shifting reality is thinking about taking a train journey to enter your desired reality.

Imagine getting yourself in the bathtub with nice bubbles and reading a chapter from your favorite novel about the reality you want to enter, then slowly head towards the bed as you are done. Keep on affirming that you are entering the reality of your dream and getting into your desired reality through a Victorian Era steam engine train or using a Hi-Tech bullet train.

6. the staircase method

 reality shifting methods

Take a few deep breaths as you lie down in bed and close your eyes. Imagine yourself at the base of a big spiral staircase. Step up one at a time, saying a different affirmation as you go. Say, “I’ll enter an alternate reality,” then, “In this new domain, I’ll have extraordinary powers,” as an example. When you reach the summit, visualize a bright light and enter it to enter your preferred reality.

7. the mirror method

 reality shifting methods

Mirror has always been shown as a gateway to our imaginations, from fairy tales to fictional movies; here is how to shift reality through it. Imagine entering a mystical mirror and entering a different world. Spend five to ten minutes in silence while lying in bed and closing your eyes.

Imagine being in a huge space that only has a full-length mirror. Put your hand on it while you are standing in front of it. After picturing the glass shimmering, consider your ideal self and surroundings. Imagine that you are a lecturer speaking to a group of wizards and witches. Enter the mirror and take on your desired reality persona.

8. the melting down method

What if you could make your fantasies come true just like all the demons and villains in our superhero movie? Imagine that the real room you want to enter lies beneath the one you are in now and that your skin is melting down like candle wax to get there. Play some theta waves to induce a dreamlike state in you. Head to your bed, lie there with your eyes closed, and relax.

Consider a bedroom in a preferred reality that is immediately below your own. Since you are a prestigious monarch, it might have a four-poster canopy bed and gold furniture. Repeat an affirmation like “My favorite planet is just beneath me” while counting from 1 to 100. You’ll discover yourself there when you’re asleep.

9. the whirlwind method

 reality shifting methods

Find a whirlwind leading to an alternative reality by opening a door. Make yourself comfortable in bed, close your eyes, and visualize yourself in a bright room. Imagine the light changing shade to a color corresponding to your current state of mind.

For example, the light might turn blazing red if you feel passionate. Then visualize a door emerging in front of you without warning. Say an affirmation as you approach the door, such as, “This door will take me exactly where I want to go.” Open it, look down, and picture a pitch-black area there. Jump to enter your selected dream reality.

10. the hug method

 reality shifting methods

Even if it may seem cozy, there is a way to create the reality you want. Imagine embracing someone to meet an ally from the desired reality. So you just need to sit comfortably in bed, close your eyes, and picture yourself drifting off to sleep in the ideal world.

Consider the feel of your bedding or the murmur of chirping birds overhead. Imagine stepping into a protagonist from your parallel reality when you emerge from bed. Wrap your arms around them and savor the cozy sensation; it’s a “symptom” or indication that your dream world is about to engulf you.

11. the rope method

 reality shifting methods

Imagine ascending a rope to a fantastic new realm. Close your eyes as you lay on your back. Imagine being surrounded by a bright light. Then, visualize your ideal reality; perhaps you want to travel to an exotic civilization that values peace.

Say something positive, such as, “I’m going to be blasted into a brand-new universe.” Grab onto the image of a luminous rope that is about to fall. Climb higher to enter a world where anything is feasible.

12. The Julia method

reality shifting methods

Discover the simplest path to experiencing a shift from where you are now to where you want to be. Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of powerful theta or binaural beats, readily available on YouTube. Take a moment to meditate, even if it’s just 10 minutes or a peaceful count to 100.

This helps you to align your mind with the ideal state, paving the way for a seamless and effortless transition into your desired reality. Embrace affirmations such as “I am a successful teacher” until you vividly envision yourself thriving in your chosen realm.

13. the elevator method

reality shifting methods

Get cozy in your favorite spot in the bed and get ready for a wild ride. Picture yourself in an elevator, soaring upwards to new heights. With each floor you journey through, envision yourself leaving behind your current reality and stepping into your dream world.

Feel your energy elevate with every passing level. And when you sense that you’ve arrived at your desired destination, confidently step out of the elevator and into your new reality.


Do you need a method to shift?

I understand that reality shifting is based on your thoughts and beliefs. If you don’t truly believe that you can shift reality, then you’ll always struggle to make it happen, whether you try some reality shifting method or not.

Some people believe that saying positive affirmations and meditation are quite worthy in shifting realities. So you may or may not need a method to shift. If you desire to shift reality through some particular method, you can pick the one that best resonates with you from the ones given above.

Does reality shifting work?

Although it’s impossible to say with certainty whether this TikTok-originating technique involves mentally shifting into a parallel dimension, if it does, the trend is entirely attributable to our imagination, which is sufficiently powerful to create something that has been fully envisaged to feel very real.

In our daily lives, we constantly employ our imaginations, whether in constructive or destructive ways. Even imagining the very worst scenario is just the act of engaging your imagination. Pay attention to how even the mere act of thinking about a bad conclusion can trigger your body to react by releasing cortisol, inducing a hangover, or causing your heart to race.

final thoughts on best reality shifting methods

Everyone’s journey is unique, filled with diverse experiences and understandings. While some may encounter profound shifts in their reality, staying balanced and grounded is essential.

Shifting is generally a healthy approach to engage your curiosity and foster creativity in your cognitive process, regardless of whether it works in practice or not. The nicest aspect of it is that you won’t become stuck in an altered reality, just as you can’t get imprisoned in a daydream.

Hope you enjoy shifting reality and entering the realms of your desire…

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