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60+ breakup affirmations to heal & move on

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Breakups aren’t easy. So when it gives you a hard time, use these breakup affirmations to get past it!

When are heartbreaks ever painless? Until and unless it was a fling 😉

Breakups are devastating, and surely they don’t come with an instruction manual!

One moment, everything was going great, and the next, all hope for a future together vanished in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, you’re left with so many questions unanswered!

You feel like you’re stuck in heartache lane without any exits. It feels as if your legs and arms are tied up with strings of tangled emotions which are causing you some of the most painful moments. You don’t know how to guard your heart anymore. It’s just so messed up, ugh!

You are not alone if you find yourself or somebody dear in these emotions! There is hope, and surely there is a way out!!

Personally experienced, saying positive words (breakup affirmations) and being optimistic and confident have helped me find comfort, strengthened me, and helped me move forward in life.

So here I am sharing breakup affirmations, which you need to pick up every now and again, that will help you to heal a relationship and move forward with grace, reclaiming bliss and passion for life.

Before using these powerful words, just quickly examine how and when to use positive affirmations to relieve the agonizing pain.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are the positive words that you say to yourself that help you deal with stressful situations. They are actually the thoughts that encourage strength in you during hard and vulnerable times by rewiring your subconscious into positive thinking.

How to use affirmations?

You can repeat these words or sentences daily, twice, in the morning, and before going to bed to rewire your brain to think positively and believe that anything is possible and that you can face any challenge with optimism.

Listen to them, write them, or say them aloud in the present form as if they are happening now, like, ‘I am healing’ or ‘This pain is not everlasting, it will fade away soon.’ Framing positive affirmations with accurate and powerful words can help bring them to life much faster. Ensure that your wording has a clear, meaningful message for your brain to latch onto!

breakup Affirmations to try

breakup affirmations

1. I am happy without my partner and find joy in life without them.

2. I am whole and complete independently, with or without a relationship.

3. I am transforming this experience into an opportunity for personal growth and resilience.

4. Every day, I am becoming more peaceful and composed.

5. I am independent of anyone else’s opinion or presence in my life.

6. I am powerful enough to process difficult and challenging circumstances.

7. I am moving on stronger than ever before.

8. Beautiful possibilities are awaiting me on the path ahead.

9. I am worthy of finding love that meets my needs.

10. It is OK to move on, even after the most difficult of break-ups.

say these breakup mantras to recover

11. Despite painful endings, I focus on optimism in life.

12. I will not let this knock define who I am or my future relationships.

13. I am practicing self-care for healing and growth.

14. I respect my heartache and let it heal in its own time and space.

15. Every experience is an opportunity to learn more about myself and what brings me joy.

16. There are new adventures ahead!

17. I choose to welcome new experiences with openmindedness and positivity.

18. Breaking up does not mean failure!

19. This break-up gives me more strength and courage to take the next steps toward personal growth.

20. Relationships reflect my inner self; the right one will come when I’m ready for it!

More Encouraging breakup affirmations to move on quickly

breakup affirmation

There was nothing wrong with you! The break-up was simply a result of incompatibility with your ex-partner. After a breakup, keeping your chin up and thinking positively is important.

Here are the encouraging affirmations to help you move on from a breakup:

21. I am strong enough to handle this situation.

22. My relationship status does not define me.

23. I deserve love and happiness.

24. I will find someone who appreciates and loves me for who I am.

25. I deserve happiness and a healthy, loving relationship.

26. I am not alone; my loved ones care about me and support me through this tough time.

27. Feeling unhappy about losing the relationship is okay, but I will eventually move on and be better off.

28. This break-up allows me to learn more about myself and what I need in a relationship.

29. I use this experience to become a sounder person and a better partner in future relationships.

30. I am focusing on myself, my hobbies, and my goals, becoming a happier and healthier person in the process.

Want more? Try these breakup affirmations to woo all stress

breakup affirmations

31. I am building myself up again.

32. Day after day, I am healing myself!

33. My family and friends are supporting me.

34. I am loved.

35. Even though things ended with my ex, many people in the world still care about me and love to be in a relationship with me.

36. No matter what happens, I deserve love and affection.

37. I will find love when the time is right.

38. This relationship status does not determine my self-worth, I cherish my own value as an individual.

39. I am learning more about myself and how to handle relationships better in the future.

40. Relationship is a two-way street; it takes both partners to make it work, so any mistakes are not only mine!

Instead of letting your emotions overpower you, channel them into something constructive like making art or getting a hobby to temporarily take your mind off things.

Breakup Affirmation

41. I am embracing this as an opportunity for personal growth and self-reflection.

42. Everything happens for a reason, and so is this, even if I don’t understand why at first glance!

43. I am taking some time for myself now by doing activities that bring me joy.

44. There’s no rush to jump back into anything new with someone else just yet!

45. I am overcoming this sadness after the breakup.

46. I am feeling better again soon enough!

47. I am healing from these emotions without judgment or guilt.

48. Expressing my feelings is healthy!

49. I acknowledge all of the positive traits that I have in me!

50. I am taking care of myself physically by eating nutritious meals regularly, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of restful sleep.

breakup affirmations

51. Hurtful moments bring learning opportunities with them, and I am using them wisely!

52. I am staying optimistic as much as possible throughout this journey!

53. It might feel a little challenging now, but it is paving the way for brighter days ahead.

54. I am healing and growing.

55. I accept my feelings wisely. This is helping me to gain clarity.

Affirmations for letting go of someone

Letting them go doesn’t mean you don’t care; it simply means it is time to move on and grow in different directions.

Although it may seem challenging right now, letting go is essential to achieving inner peace and happiness again.

breakup affirmations

56. I am not alone.

57. I will find others who understand, appreciate, and support me.

58. There are new opportunities ahead that can bring joy and fulfillment into my life.

59. I have the strength within me to create a positive future.

60. I am accepting and releasing what no longer serves me.

61. I am embracing this new beginning with optimism.

62. I trust that the best is yet to come!

Winding thoughts on breakup affirmations

It is natural to feel lonely after a breakup. But the break-up was not caused by anything you did or didn’t do; you must understand that it takes two to tango!

Sometimes, you have no control over certain situations & you just need patience while they unfold accordingly! So you trust the process & have faith that everything will turn out alright eventually!

Time is the best healer! Mistakes happen, but so does growth. This breakup will lead you closer to more meaningful connections later on!

Spend quality time with your family and friends or indulge in activities that make you feel good such as reading books, relaxing baths, or going on nature walks – these can be powerful mood boosters!

Happy healing!!

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Breakup affirmations

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