70+ Citrine affirmations for abundance and creativity

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Wondering how to attract abundance and creativity quickly? Recite these citrine affirmations now!

Who won’t like money flowing easily to their bank accounts with just a little effort? Now that’s something no one could not want, right?

As big a fan I am of manifestation and affirmations, I can say with full belief and guarantee that you could achieve every single thing you’ve ever dreamt of, be it money, a house, your crush, or even stress relief.

But today, I am guessing you are here for those green dollars!!! BABE, I’ve got you all sorted with these beautiful Citrine affirmations.

But first, What is citrine?


Citrine is a unique crystal used for centuries in many cultures. It’s known for its bright yellow color and healing physical and spiritual properties.

For what is this crystal used?

Citrine is said to help promote clarity of thought, energy, abundance, creativity, and joy – all things we could use more of!

Physically, it’s believed to aid digestion and metabolism, enhance circulation and reduce inflammation. It’s also thought to protect against negative energy and clear a space of unwanted vibes.

In terms of its spiritual uses, it can be used as an amulet of protection or placed on the third eye (the brow chakra) to help focus your inner vision. It’s also used to bring success and abundance.

Citrine is a powerful crystal used for numerous physical and spiritual purposes.

So why not give it a try? You never know what kind of positive energy you might manifest!

How to use these citrine affirmations?

70 Citrine affirmations that can actually manifest abundance for you

1. I am grateful and appreciative of the abundance of citrine in my life.

2. I am open to the positive energy that citrine brings into my world and manifesting its benefits in my life.

3. I accept and embrace the mighty healing powers that citrine has for me, allowing me to move forward with my highest intentions.

4. I am aware of the vital role that citrine plays in helping me to achieve excellent balance and harmony within myself and my environment.

5. By focusing on the energy of this beautiful stone, I can ground myself in positive thoughts and feelings, allowing for growth and transformation in all aspects of my life.

6. I am thankful for the clarity and protection that citrine provides, guiding me in times of confusion and difficulty.

7. Through this positive energy, I can create an even stronger connection with my true self and open up to the joys of life.

8. Thank you, citrine, for the love and light you bring into my life!

9. I am grateful for the abundance of citrine in my life.

10. Citrine brings positive energy into my life.

11. I acknowledge and welcome the healing powers of citrine in my life.

12. Citrine helps me to achieve excellent balance and harmony within myself.

13. I concentrate on the positive energy of citrine to ground myself and make myself more optimistic.

14. Citrine provides clarity, protection, and guidance in times of difficulty.

15. Through its positive energy, I can connect strongly with my real self.

16. I am overflowing with the abundance that citrine brings into my life.

17. I am surrounded by positivity and success.

18. My life is full of vibrant energy and joy.

19. I manifest my dreams into reality with ease.

20. My financial situation is constantly improving.

More Affirmations For citrine Crystal


21. Prosperity flows easily to me every day.

22. Every day, my efforts become more prosperous and fruitful.

23. I can attract wealth into my life effortlessly.

24. Citrine brings abundance to me in many forms every day.

25. All areas of my life are blessed with good fortune.

26. Money flows freely towards me now and always.

27. Everything I give out returns back multiplied.

28. My thoughts, words, and actions create a powerful life force for abundance.

29. My mind is clear and focused on attracting prosperity.

30. I attract positive people who bring abundant opportunities into my path.

31. Citrine’s energy fills me with optimism, creativity, success, abundance & prosperity.

32. The universe provides all I need or desire in the right time frame.

33. A steady flow of money enters my world each day through multiple sources of income.

34. Money comes to me quickly, easily & abundantly.

35. I trust that abundance and joy come to me quickly.

36. My success is effortless and natural.

37. I allow my creativity to flow effortlessly into all areas of my life.

38. I am open to receiving abundance in all forms.

39. Money, success, and prosperity are drawn toward me effortlessly.

40. All plans I make manifest with ease and grace.

Want More citrine Affirmations? Here You Go!

The yellow stones in the bracelet are your beloved citrine!

41. Citrine brings in opportunities for joy to come naturally every day.

42. Abundance flows in perfect ways at the perfect time for me.

43. My positivity attracts wealth daily.

44. I magnetize positive change into my life with ease.

45. My passion brings forth an incredible abundance.

46. I attract luck wherever I go.

47. My enthusiasm creates unlimited possibilities.

48. The universe provides everything required for success.

49. Every experience helps manifest expansion & prosperity.

50. Fulfillment comes from within always.

51. Abundance is an integral part of who I am.

52. My energy radiates love & blessing around me.

53. My actions lead to greater joy & financial freedom.

54. Divine timing aligns with every goal achieved.

some citrine affirmations for creativity

55. I trust my innate creativity and allow it to express itself freely.

56. I am inspired by the beauty of life and open to its creative possibilities.

57. My energy flows freely, guiding me toward victory in various fields in life.

58. All ideas come naturally and effortlessly with divine timing.

59. Abundance is drawn into my life as I harness the power of my creative spirit.

60. Every step taken leads to greater clarity in manifesting my dreams.

61. Divine guidance reveals unique solutions that bring joyous abundance.

62. The universe showers me with all the resources necessary for creativity.

63. Positive change radiates from within, boosting inspiration & productivity.

64. My creativity and imagination bring forth magical opportunities for prosperity.

65. I magnetize financial freedom to my creativity and talent.

66. Every experience sparks new ideas, which lead to growth & manifestation.

67. My enthusiasm creates a pipeline for boundless opportunities.

68. The infinite wisdom within guides me and inspires me to move toward success.

69. All plans are blessed with luck & effortlessness when expressed creatively.

70. Fulfillment comes from the exploration of imagination without judgment.

71. Inspiration vibrates around me, creating beautiful outcomes in whatever I do.

72. Self-expression amplifies joy while unlocking boundless abundance.

73. My intentions draw positive energy towards me, enabling success in all spheres of life.

74. Creativity abounds in everything I do, opening up new pathways.

Wrapping Up citrine Affirmations

May these affirmations help open your heart to the power of citrine, allowing you to tap into its potential for healing and growth.

Remember, be open to the positive energy it brings, and know that you can achieve great things in this life.

May this beautiful stone bring you peace, joy, abundance, and all your heart desires.

The universe is here to support you, so take it one day at a time and enjoy the journey.

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