emotional healing crystals

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Discover the sparkling world of emotional healing crystals that can soothe your soul now!

Humans are simple creatures. But our emotions? As COMPLEX as the UNIVERSE! We’re made up of experiences that influence us in a million ways. And when left unchecked, they can get the better of us.

Crystal healing has recently garnered a staggering popularity. Their power to cleanse your aura, lift your spirits, and heal your chakras is undeniably surprising!

Found miles deep within the Earth, these stones are no less than powerhouses that possess Earth’s energies. When mixed with ours, they can influence our physical and mental state to a great extent.

So, let us move on to the emotional healing journey using the most powerful crystals.

12 Best Emotional Healing Crystals For Balance & Mental Well-Being

Emotional healing crystals can go a long way in supplementing your healing journey, especially when overcoming trauma and managing stress.

And if you wish to leverage their vibrations and let your inner SPARKLE shine through, here are the twelve best crystals for gaining emotional health and stability.

1. Rose Quartz

Emotional Healing Crystals

Hyaline or Rose Quartz is known for its ability to heal traumatic experiences, especially those concerning relationships, childhood, and your loved ones.

This translucent pink stone, the stone of unconditional love, radiates love energy, helps you restore trust and faith in relationships, and even forgives those who have hurt you.

This crystal can soothe and unblock your heart chakra to open the gates of compassion and self-love, boost your self-esteem, and attract the love you truly deserve. 

You can use Rose Quartz bracelets or spritz water (in your skincare routine)  to benefit from its healing energy. You can also say rose quartz affirmations to attract more love.

2. Agate

Emotional Healing Crystals

Agate, is a gorgeously colorful and patterned crystal that musters up the courage within you, thus making you stand upright in the face of adversity.

If something is troubling you, causing anxiety & stress, Agate can ward off the negative feelings and energies and cleanse your aura. It bridges you and your inner peace, connecting you with nature and Earth.

There’s a splendid variety of Agate, like blue lace, purple, pink, green, red fire, and moss, available with different meanings and uses. Choose the one that vibrates with you the best!

Use it in your jewelry, home decor, and astral accessories to achieve emotional stability and enhanced self-confidence. 

3. Amethyst

Emotional Healing Crystals

Got anxiety or stress? Amethyst to the rescue! This majestic purple beautiful stone can calm those frazzled nerves and help you relax, and overcome emotional distress, acting like an emotional spa for your soul. 

Wearing amethyst jewelry, carrying it with you, using it in meditation rituals, saying affirmations, and placing stones nearby, like under your pillow if you suffer from insomnia, can keep you strong-minded and soothe the inner turmoil.

The Sahasrara or the crown chakra, violet in color, can be activated and governed using an emotional healing crystal like the Amethyst to achieve harmony between the body, mind, and spirit.

4. Moonstone

emotional healing crystals

Following the rhythm of nature is essential to synchronize yourself with the universe. And there’s no stone more perfect for this than Moonstone — the crystal of light, intuition, and creativity.

Brimming with the feminine and gentle energy of the Moon, this stone keeps your emotions balanced and promotes love, compassion, and empathy.  Highly recommended for people who experience turbulent relationships due to prejudice, miscommunication, and lack of understanding. 

While it has a pearly look, often with an eye and some glare, a couple of color varieties are available, like yellow, green, rainbow, blue, and white moonstone.

Introduce this lovely crystal to your self-care practices like yoga, bath, and journaling (hold or wear it while you write down your thoughts) for best results.

5. Clear Quartz

Emotional Healing Crystals

King of the crystals, the master healer — it amplifies the healing abilities of other crystals and cleanses them for use. It is an amazing stone to reinforce your desires in the universe and intensify your manifestation.

Whatever energy it picks up from its vicinity multiplies it and fills up your space with more positive vibrations. It sweeps away the darkness and lifts your mood in no time!

It aligns your chakras, purifies your body, and keeps the energy flow in check. I’d personally recommend using this crystal in your meditation sessions or holding it in your hand and saying affirmations to attain a holistic state of mind, body, and spirit. 

You can also place it near other crystals by creating crystal grids to restore and recharge their healing powers. Or put it under your pillow or desk to enhance sleep and concentration, respectively. 

6. Lapis Lazuli

emotional healing crystals

The royal blue stone with white streaks or lines, Lapis Lazuli, holds tremendous cosmic energy vital for empowering one’s conscience. It’s the crystal of wisdom, truth, inner solace, and self-confidence.

I regard this stone as one meant for working on the “self,” specifically strengthening morals, mustering the courage to speak the truth, and understanding yourself through increased self-awareness and a determined mind.

If you’re in a creative field where expressing yourself is a much-needed quality but is a tough nut to crack, carrying Lapis Lazuli can turn the tables! It improves intellectual clarity and decision-making, too!

You can use it in jewelry, home decor, or even feng shui to connect with your higher self, and if you have stage fright, carry the crystal with you to important events when you must speak up confidently.

more emotional healing crystals to radiate positive vibes

7. Carnelian

Emotional Healing Crystals

Do you feel stuck or uninspired? Carnelian, or the ‘sunset stone,’ is a great emotional healing crystal that raises your self-esteem and positive energy and sparks creativity and motivation, making it the perfect crystal for tapping into your inner artist or entrepreneur and inspiring you with new ideas!

Linked with fertility and sensuality, it promotes sexual energy to improve your libido, thus magnifying the intimacy of your relationship and your reproductive health. Hence, it also governs our Sacral Chakra, which is the home for inner fire and sexual desires. 

Place it near your Sacral Chakra to remove emotional blockages and activate it for boosted passion. You can also keep it in your pocket or in your bedroom when spending quality time with your partner.

8. Citrine

Emotional Healing Crystals

Citrine is nothing less than a bundle of silver linings on your darkest days. Better known as the ‘sunshine stone,’ it’s brimming with immense warmth, radiance, and positivity.

If you find yourself letting the little things get to you, surround yourself with this lemon-hued gemstone and kick those negative thoughts to the curb!

Citrine is a crystal of abundance and financial stability, too! It unblocks the Solar Plexus Chakra, enabling you to recognize your worth and step into the shoes of success itself.

9. Chrysocolla

Emotional Healing Crystals

Some battles must be fought alone, especially when you’re put against yourself. If you’re facing inner turmoil, Chrysocolla offers a haven to confront yourself. 

You can sort out your thoughts and emotions with its encouraging energies to attain inner peace and serenity.

This crystal governs your throat chakra, thus allowing you to express authenticity and make the sky your limit. Placing it in your office or wearing jewelry made from Chrysocolla does the charm.

10. Rhodochrosite

Emotional Healing Crystals

Soft raspberry-pink in appearance, like a sweet candy or rose petals, it’s the stone of endless love and self-compassion.

Rhodochrosite is a reminder to treat and accept yourself with all the warmth in the world, come what may. It screams forgiveness and inner harmony to unlock your full potential and live your best version.

Ruling your heart chakra, this crystal helps embrace the inner child within you. It’s a nudge to push and pull yourself forward through healing, coping with old emotions, and comfort.

11. Obsidian

Emotional Healing Crystals

A crystal that I would blindly take to mental war? Obsidian, always.

Nothing beats this stone’s armor; it’s like the ultimate emotional and spiritual bodyguard. Stunning in looks, this gem is a tough warrior (and makes you one, too!).

Be it psychic attacks, the most vulnerable moments, or the feeling that you’re losing yourself, Obsidian is like a superhero cape that shields you at all costs. 

One of the best ways to use obsidian is to place it around you, for example, in the corners of the room, to create a protective shield. 

12. Chrysoprase

Emotional Healing Crystals

We often forget where we come from in the chase for success and name. Grounding and reconnecting with our roots is indispensable to our lives. And Chrysoprase is a master at that.

This green wonder is packed with energies that remind you to care, love, and give back. It makes you aware of the environment and your obligation towards it.

This also helps in taking note of your actions to practice mindfulness. Chrysoprase is also a stress-buster stone that alleviates your pain and heals the deepest scars within. 

Meditating for even 10 minutes every day with this gem between your palms can facilitate the release of negative emotions.

Which Crystal Is Best For Me

Emotional Healing Crystals

1. Trust your instincts

When you come across a mysterious and calming stone that catches your eye, or if you’re naturally drawn to a crystal, don’t think twice – go ahead and make it yours!

2. Embrace the unknown

When searching for the perfect crystal for emotional healing, leave all judgments and assumptions about crystals behind. Even if you think Carnelian is your go-to for creativity, be open to discovering other magical stones too!

3. Let your vibes guide you

Hold the crystals in your hand and pay attention to any magnetic pull you feel towards a stone. And last but not least, check out its healing properties – which chakra it influences and what you’re looking to overcome.

How to use the crystals for emotional healing?

You can use crystals in your jewelry, as a pendant or beautiful earrings to flaunt or a lovely bracelet, your wish! I love to keep it close while meditating. You can also keep it raw on your study table or bedroom. I have also kept it in my wallet and carry it along! While journaling, I keep them with me, and this has really helped me pour out my feelings! Even when I say affirmations, I hold them in my hand.

How Can I Cleanse My Crystal?

Every crystal is different. And so is their care. It is best to consult an expert or the shopkeeper from where you’ve bought the crystal and learn about its cleansing rituals.

Besides that, you can always try the following methods (if it’s safe for your crystal):

  1. Place it in direct sunlight to recharge its energies.
  2. Leave it under the moonlight on a full moon night to purify the crystal.
  3. If you possess a hard stone, hold it under running tap water to remove the impurities.
  4. Bury the crystal in your garden soil to cleanse it using Earth’s natural healing properties.
  5. Build crystal towers to cleanse your stone.

Here’s How To Store Your Crystals The Right Way

Emotional Healing Crystals

Storing and handling your crystal correctly is as crucial as cleansing it. Consider the following tips when using emotional healing crystals:

  1. Wrap it in a velvet cloth and keep it in a dark place so the stone is not exposed to direct sunlight. 
  2. Ensure your crystal does not come in contact with water or dew if it’s a soft stone.
  3. Cleanse your crystal regularly, preferably once every 7-10 days. This frequency depends on how much negative energy the crystal absorbs. The harder it works, the more often you cleanse it.
  4. Avoid storing soft and hard crystals together. This prevents soft crystals from being scratched and broken by the hard ones.
  5. Always handle your crystals with much love, care, and positivity!

Wrapping Thoughts on Emotional Healing Crystals

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or need a boost of positivity, these 12 emotional healing crystals have your back. Keep them close to you and let their magical energy help you live your best life – with a little extra sparkle

So add these crystal gems to your collection because there’s no such thing as too much sparkle in this dazzling journey called life. Keep shining bright, crystal lovers! 

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Emotional healing crystals

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