things to do on a hot day

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Get ready to Sweat It Out in Style with this List of Things to Do on a Hot Day!

Summer’s here with a vengeance, and you’re searching for ways to beat the heat. Summers doesn’t mean you have to stay in, sippin’ on lemonade all day!

Don’t worry, we gotcha. Grab your shades, slap on some sunscreen,and get ready to chillax and have an absolutely scorchin’ good time with these fun and unique activities for those scorching summer days.

44 Insanely Fun and Unique Things to Do on a Hot Day

1. Beach Bummin’ with a Twist

things to do on a hot day

Do something totally whacky, like organizing a sandcastle-building competition or playing beach volleyball in costumes! Get wild and make those beachgoers do a double-take.

2. DIY Pulpy Car Wash

Round up the squad, put on your thriftiest clothes, and wash your cars using nothing but watermelon pulp. Not only will you be cool as a cucumber, but you’ll create unforgettable memories and get those rides looking đź’Ż.

3. Backyard Ice Block Treasure Hunt

Ditch the typical water balloon fight for an ice-cold treasure hunt. Fill water balloons with rad trinkets and freeze them. Then, let the ice-block battle commence in your backyard. Just make sure to hydrate during the icy action!

4. Flavorful Ice Cube Challenge

things to do on a hot day

Experiment with drink flavors by adding your fave fruits, candies, or even herbs to your ice cube trays. Once frozen, use them to mix lit drinks at an impromptu rooftop party or backyard BBQ.

5. Interactive Public Art Adventure

Explore your city’s public art gems during the sweltering summer heat. Snap quirky pics with each piece and share them on your socials. Turn it into a treasure hunt to keep things extra spicy.

6. Epic DIY Slip n’ Slide

Forget the overpriced water park and create your own bonkers slip ‘n slide. Use tarps, soap, and lots of water to create a frothy, mega-cool sliding area. Make it extra unique by adding inflatable boats or rubber duckies for a dunkin’ good time.

7. Sunscreen Painting Party

Embrace your inner artist with this one. Gather your pals, don some white tees, slap on different colored sunscreens, and use each other as canvases to create wild designs. Bonus points for sunscreen art battles or sunscreen tie-dye realness!

8. Relax with a Frozen Face Mask Party

things to do on a hot day

Give yourself and your friends a pampering session to remember with a frozen face mask party. Pop some sheet masks, eye gels, and lip balms in the freezer and then put them on while you chat, chill, and let the coolness soothe your sun-kissed skin. !

9. Frozen T-Shirt Contest

Pre-freeze a bunch of put-together puzzle-like t-shirts and host a crazy frozen t-shirt contest. Whoever unfolds and puts on the ice-cold t-shirt the fastest wins!

10. Synchronized Dance Off

Level up your usual pool party by choreographing synchronized water dances. Make everyone a judge, and let the fiesta begin. Get creative with pool float props or costumes to make it even more fun and unique.

11. DIY Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Gather up your fave peeps and set up a hype DIY ice cream sundae bar in your backyard. Stock up on all the scoops of awesomeness, like funky ice cream flavors and glorious toppings, and don’t forget the whipped cream! Enjoy this icy indulgence while you beat the heat.

12. Backyard Watergun Battle Royale

things to do on a hot day

Grab your water guns, invite your crew, and dive into a legendary water gun battle in the great outdoors. The ultimate way to keep cool and bring out your inner child while you’re at it!

13. Beach Bonanza Party

Hit the beach with your fav peeps and make it a party! Come prepared with beach games, floaties, and a cooler full of refreshing drinks and snacks. Keep the festivities going all day, and don’t forget to capture those Insta-worthy moments!

14. Make DIY Frozen Treats

Maybe you’re a popsicle person or an ice cream connoisseur; show off your culinary brilliance and whip up some homemade frozen treats that’ll help you chill out in style.

8. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

Give your friends a frosty surprise with an ice-block treasure hunt! Freeze small trinkets and treasures in ice and let your mates dig and melt their way to victory. Watch as the competitors turn into happy little penguins!

15. Splash Around at a Water Park

Nothin’ screams summer like splashing around at a water park! So, find the nearest one, buckle up for some electrifying water slides, and let the world know you’re living your best life.

16. Movie Marathon with Friends

things to do on a hot day

Not feeling the outdoors? Host an epic indoor movie marathon with your mates! Handpick the perfect summer flicks, get your snacks on, and stay cool in the cozy comfort of your own home.

17. Outdoor DIY Paint Party

Unleash your creativity and splash some color on a sweltering day! Set up an outdoor DIY paint party and let your masterpiece shine. Bonus points for using water guns to spray paint on your canvas!

18. Nighttime Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag

Wait till the sun goes down and gather your tribe for a thrilling game of glow-in-the-dark capture the flag! Light up the night and show your stealthy skills under the stars.

19. Throw a Tropical-Themed BBQ

You gotta eat, right? Why not put a tropical spin on it? Kick up the summer vibes by hosting a tropical-themed BBQ with your squad. Get those fruity cocktails ready because the grill is about to be lit!

20. Relax with a Homemade DIY Spa Day

things to do on a hot day

If all else fails, treat yourself to the ultimate chill-out fest with a self-made spa day. Get your hands on some face masks, whip up a soothing foot soak, and just… kick back. You deserve it!!

21. Outdoor Movies Under the Stars

Hang with your crew as you chill under the starry night sky. Set up a wicked outdoor movie night! Just grab a projector, a dope movie selection, and some comfy seating—beanbags or blankets would be rad.

22. Host a Water Balloon Fight

Yeah, you read that right — a freakin’ water balloon fight! It’s time for some good old-fashioned water warfare. Fill up tons of balloons, gather your friends, and divide into teams for the ultimate summer showdown. Keep it wild and wet, fam!

23. Turn Your Backyard into a Mini Beach

Beachin’ too far away? No worries! Bring that beach vibe right to your backyard, homie. Set up a mini beach with an inflatable pool, sandboxes, umbrellas, and beach chairs. Turn on some tropical tunes and chillax with some epic summer vibes.

24. Hit Up Food Festivals or Food Trucks

things to do on a hot day

On humid hot days, go on a local food adventure. Head out to your city’s food festivals or food trucks for some lip-smackin’, finger-lickin’ treats. Dive into the world of funky flavors and good vibes while you escape the heat.

25. Experiment with Boozy Ice Pops

Create your own boozy ice pops for your cocktails. Experiment with different liquor combos, and don’t be shy with the fruit mash-ups. You’ve got yourself a perf ‘chill-me-out’ treat for the scorching days!

26. Take a Refreshing Night Hike

This one’s for you, nature lovers! A night hike makes you forget all about that daytime heat. Experience the refreshing air, breathtaking views, and serene vibes as you explore some wicked trails after the sun goes down.

27. Join a Yoga Class in the Park

Find your inner zen by joining a yoga class at the park. Bask in the sun’s warm glow and feel that gentle breeze as you stretch and unwind.

28. Unleash Your Creative Juices with Sidewalk Art

things to do on a hot day

Wanna turn your sidewalks into a canvas of colors? This is your chance! Grab some chalk, channel your inner artist, and unleash your creative juices. Add some pizzazz to the hot day by leaving behind vibrant surprises for your neighbors.

29. Host a Chill Cookout

Traditional BBQ too hot to handle? Host a chill cookout with icy treats on the menu instead! Serve up some delectable popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, fruit sorbet, and an array of cold drinks. Your guests will love this cool twist on a summer gathering.

30. Midnight Pool Party

Beat the sun by throwing a killer midnight pool party! Invite your friends for some nighttime swims, dancing, and snacking as you enjoy the reprieve from the daytime heat. Dive into the dark waters and watch the pool light up with glow stick accessories for an extra touch of magic!

31. Sand Volleyball

Hit the beach or local sand volleyball court to show off those skills and work up a sweat. You’ll get a killer tan and an adrenaline rush from diving into the sand to return that ball.

32. Floating Movie Theater

things to do on a hot day

Wanna watch Jaws with some extra excitement?! Set up a floating movie theater at your pool or local swimming spot. Even better, swap out those boring floats for funky inflatables like giant flamingos and rubber ducks. Trust us, it’s a game changer.

33. Chillin’ at a Cool CafĂ©

Caffeine addicts, we gotcha. Visit a cool local cafĂ© that keeps things fresh with their iced coffee and AC-blasting interiors. Plus, you’ll get to make new connections while you’re at it. Win-win!

34. Shady Tree Picnic

When in doubt, bring it back to basics. Grab some grub, your blanket, and scope out the perfect shady spot under a tree. Enjoy an old-school picnic with your crew, and you’re sure to leave with some unforgettably chill memories.

35. Mud Run Madness

Feeling adventurous? Gather your friends and hit up a local mud run. Chase the summer heat away with mud slinging good times, obstacles, and a satisfying slide into a sloppy, muddy finish.

36. Discover Hidden Gems on a Nature Hike

things to do on a hot day

If you’re craving some shady relief and a dose of adventure, explore local hiking trails to find crystal-clear springs or refreshing waterfalls. Pack a picnic and make a day of it!

37. Summertime Snowball Fight

Craving a snowy fix in the middle of summer? Make “snowballs” out of balled-up socks, and have an epic snowball battle without the frostbite.

38. Master the Art of DIY Sun Tea

Level up your hydration game by brewing sun tea right in your backyard. Fill up a glass jar with water, add your favorite tea bags or loose tea, and let the sun’s power do the rest! Serve over ice with a twist of fruit for a refreshing way to refuel after a day of fun.

39. Ride the Waves on a Surfing Adventure

Hang ten and ride the waves by taking a surfing lesson or renting a board for the day. The ocean breeze, sunshine, and adrenaline rush will make for an unforgettable experience. And who knows, you may even discover a new hidden talent!

40. Take a Dip in a Natural Hot Spring

things to do on a hot day

Escape the heat and relax your muscles at a natural hot spring. These warm, mineral-rich pools are Mother Nature’s ultimate spa treatment. Soak in the therapeutic waters and let all your stress melt away. Trust us, you’ll come out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

41. Embark on a Sunset Kayak Excursion

Experience the magical beauty of a sunset while gliding across the water on a kayak. Explore nature from a different perspective and witness the sky transform into a canvas of colors. Just don’t forget to pack some bug spray and snacks for the journey!

42. Stroll Through a Sunflower Field

Brighten up your summer with a leisurely stroll through a sunflower field. The vibrant yellow blooms and fresh air will instantly boost your mood and make for some stunning photos. Just don’t forget to take home a bouquet of these happy flowers to brighten up your living space!

43. Street Dance Party

Mix some tunes, clear the streets (with permission, of course), and invite the community for a sizzling street dance party! Groove under the sun to a playlist featuring a mix of classic hits and new jams – the perfect setting to dance up a storm and make new friends.

44. Embrace Your Green Thumb at the Community Garden

things to do on a hot day

Ready to get down and dirty? You can plant, water, and even harvest fresh produce to help support food pantries or homeless shelters in your area. Plus, you’ll get to rock that sun hat, bandana, and green thumb swag – stayin’ fresh for a cause!

Wrapping up – things to do on a hot day

Summer is the perfect time to try new things and make unforgettable memories. From themed pool parties to kayaking at sunset, there are endless possibilities for fun in the sun.

Embrace the season like never before! As you prepare to make lasting memories with friends and family, don’t forget to take plenty of pictures, stay hydrated, and always protect your skin.

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