good luck affirmations

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Let us make you the luckiest person with these good luck affirmations!

Today, we will dive into the world of good luck affirmations- the powerful statements that can shift your mindset and attract you more luck and positivity!

Whether it’s luck in love, life, or work, these powerful yet beautiful and positive affirmations will provide ample sustenance for transformation and growth on your journey toward good fortune.

Don’t wait for luck to come to you! Buckle up, get ready to step outside your comfort zone, and let’s plunge into the world of luck affirmations.

66 powerful good luck affirmations

good luck affirmations
  1. I am filled with positive energy and gratitude.
  2. I confidently face each day enthusiastically.
  3. Good luck is on my side.
  4. I can conquer any challenge.
  5. I have faith in myself.
  6. My luck follows me wherever I go.
  7. I approach each day with courage and confidence.
  8. My Good luck always guides me toward success in life.
  9. My luck gives me the strength to achieve great things!
  10. It is all my luck that the events and opportunities fall into place just right!
  1. I live with an open mind, an optimistic outlook, and a hopeful spirit!
  2. My life is filled with good luck and abundance at every step forward!
  3. The universe showers all the good luck on me!
  4. Today, I am open to all the good luck and positive energy coming my way.
  5. I am the luckiest person.
  6. I trust that the universe has a wonderful plan for me.
  7. I am so lucky to have such an understanding and loving life partner.
  8. Luck is always there to support me throughout the journey
  9. My luck makes me move to the right place at the right time!
  10. My luck magnet attracts all the goodness on earth!

Good luck affirmations to attract fortune in life

good luck affirmations
  1. I am assured and optimistic about my future.
  2. I attract good luck and fortune into my life.
  3. I am attracting more wealth and abundance into my life every day.
  4. I am gratified for all the good luck and fortune that comes my way.
  5. If I set my mind to something, I can achieve that, all the credit to my good luck!
  6. Good luck and fortune are always drawn to me.
  7. All areas of my life are blessed with good luck and fortune.
  8. My home is a magnet for good luck and fortune.
  9. Everywhere I go, good luck and fortune follow me.
  10. Good fortune is ready to meet me at every turn through hard work and determination.
  11. My family and friends are also blessed with good luck and fortune.
  12. I Am A Powerful Luck Magnet That Attracts Good Fortune Everywhere I Go!
good luck affirmations
  1. I am lucky to meet supportive people in my life.
  2. I make sound decisions that lead me closer to my goals each day.
  3. My mind is focused on achieving my goals, and this attracts good luck and fortune into my life.
  4. I live each day with intention, purpose, and focus, creating an energy of success that attracts good luck and fortune.
  5. Good luck and fortune are a natural part of my life.
  6. Good luck comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  7. I am my luck charm, attracting good fortune and positivity into my life daily!
  8. I attract new opportunities as I am the luckiest person alive! 
  9. My ability to manifest my desires is attracting good luck and fortune into every area of my life.
  10. I am thankful for the good luck and fortune already in my life!

Unlock your potential by repeating good luck affirmations

good luck affirmations
  1. I am open and receptive to the abundance of life.
  2. I am grateful for the wealth that comes my way.
  3. I have the best of luck in every field.
  4. As I move ahead in life, more opportunities for prosperity unfold before me, all my good luck!
  5. Every day brings me new chances to receive blessings from the Divine.
  6. No matter the challenges, I am always ready to tackle them with confidence and good luck.
  7. With my good luck, I receive greater abundance than ever before!
  8. My vision for an abundant future keeps getting clearer each day as luck smiles on me more often than not!
  9. I thank the universe for the best blessing- my good luck!!

Good luck affirmations to manifest success

good luck affirmations
  1. I radiate good luck that will bring me success in all my efforts.
  2. I am lucky to achieve my goals and dreams.
  3. My career is full of abundant opportunities for growth and success.
  4. Today, I am releasing all negative thoughts and feelings and replacing them with the positivity of good luck and success.
  5. I wish myself success and good luck in all that I do.
  6. I am surrounded by an aura of good luck and fortune that brings me closer to my goals.
  7. With good luck and courage, there are no limitations to the heights of success that can be reached!
  8. My sincere gratitude attracts me more luck!

Say good luck affirmations to increase luck and positivity now!

good luck affirmations
  1. I embrace the power of positive thinking to attract good luck.
  2. Good luck is naturally attracted to me and will continue to be with me always!
  3. I always have good luck.
  4. I open myself to receiving more good luck from the universe.
  5. I am very lucky.
  6. My positive attitude attracts me more luck!
  7. I release the limiting beliefs and attract good luck.

FAQs Related to Good Luck Affirmations

Affirmations are a proven way to manifest the deepest desires you may have. They rewire your brain into believing them to be true, leading you to achieve great things!

Your affirmations can take overnight to a few months to work. It all depends upon how big or small the desire is and how truly you believe you deserve it. You have to BELIEVE that whatever you want is what you are born to have.

The best way is to say or write affirmations every day or as often as possible throughout the day. Whether at work, before bedtime, or just randomly throughout the day, speaking affirmations will keep you focused and aligned.

Incorporate affirmations into your daily routine. Choose affirmations that resonate with you and feel genuine. Start saying affirmations five times in the morning and five times before bed. Write them or say them aloud or in your mind, and really focus on the words and their meanings.

When you say affirmations before bed, you reprogram your subconscious mind and feed it with positive messages. When you sleep, the subconscious mind is highly active, focused, and receptive to new ideas.

Absolutely! When you repeat affirmations to yourself regularly, you start to rewire your brain so that you actually start to believe that what you’re saying is true. Along with taking actionable steps and replacing self-doubt with positivity, affirmations can change your life!

Final thoughts on good luck affirmations

Affirmations are a great tool to decipher the potential of good luck and abundance. Repeating these affirmations to yourself, either twice a day(morning and before going to bed) or throughout the day, you sow the seeds of positivity into your heart of hearts, inspiring faith and trust that luck will come your way.

You may refer to night affirmations if you choose to say the affirmations before going to bed.

Let the pathways for good fortune and blessings open up to enter your life!

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Good luck affirmations

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