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Get ready to rock your downtime with Hobbies for College Students that are cooler than acing a surprise quiz!

Going to college can be stressful at times. From managing time to budget, there’s so much that YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON! You are engrossed with studies, assignments, part-time jobs, and everyday errands, uhh?

If you are spending your college years burdened under academic pressure and other responsibilities, trust me, you are gonna regret this many years down the lane.

All work and NO play make Jack a DULLL boy!

Don’t be like Jack, buddy…

Your college years are supposed to be fun.  And to bring on that fun element, you need to start following a hobby SUPER soon!

Let’s explore some of the best hobbies for college students together to bring fun and frolic back into your dull college life!

34 Interesting Hobbies for College Students 

1. Film Making & YouTube Stardom

hobbies for college students

Lights, camera, action! Write, direct, edit, and star in your mini-movies, or start a YouTube channel showcasing your talents. Who knows, you might even go viral and become a campus celeb or the next big influencer!

2. Urban Exploration

Got wanderlust but stuck on campus? Go off the beaten path and explore the hidden gems right in your backyard. Grab your camera, friends, and comfy shoes, and hunt down abandoned buildings, forgotten parks, or hidden street art. Adventure is out there, bruh!

3. Slacklining

Looking for an outdoorsy, fun hobby that’ll also help your balance and core strength? Slacklining is where it’s at! Come out of your comfort zone, find a couple of trees, set up your line, and practice walking across like a tightrope master.

4. Geocaching

hobbies for college students

Combine tech and adventure with geocaching! Using GPS, hunt down hidden treasures (aka geocaches) left by others and contribute your own, too! It’s like a global scavenger hunt that’ll take you to some pretty cool spots and earn you serious treasure hunter cred.

5. Gardening and plant parenthood

If you love to be up and close with Mother Nature, then this one will definitely cheer you up after an exhausting day.  All you need is sunlight, a backyard or lawn (a terrace or balcony will also do), water and a few gardening equipment. 

You can begin with herbs and flowers. Later on, you can try growing different fruits and veggies. The joy of plucking flowers, fruits and veggies from the plants you have grown by yourself is simply next level. 

Besides, the greenery feels so soothing to the eyes and mind.

6. Thrifting and Upcycling 

Begin your thrifting adventures and get ready to discover unique, fabulous finds at thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets. Upcycle those treasures into trendy, eco-friendly outfits or home décor, and impress your friends with your sustainable fashion sense!

7. Stand-up Comedy 

hobbies for college students

Put your comedy chops to the test with stand-up comedy! Find open mic nights at local bars or clubs, gather some jokes, and get ready to slay that stage. It’s a great way to express yourself, build confidence, and possibly even launch a career in comedy.

8. Food Blogging 

Are you the ultimate foodie? Why not document your culinary adventures with a food blog? Share pics of your favorite dishes, write reviews, and even share your recipes with your fellow food-obsessed students. It’s an amazing way to discover new restaurants, make friends, and possibly even collaborate with local eateries!

9. Slam Poetry 

Got a way with words and wanna make your voice heard? Try your hand at slam poetry! There are tons of open mic nights and poetry slams in college towns, so you’ll have ample opportunities to showcase your wordsmith skills. 

10. Escape Rooms 

hobbies for college students

Gather your pals and put your brains to the test in an escape room! Work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and crack codes before time runs out. It’s great for bonding and sharpening your critical thinking skills, and it’ll give you some rad stories to tell your future grandkids.

11. Parkour

Looking to add a dose of adrenaline to your life? Parkour is sick, and it’s the perfect way to get moving and discover new athletic abilities. You’ll feel like a superhero jumping and swinging across the urban landscape—and your newfound skills are bound to impress your crew.

12. Retro Gaming

Is college life giving you nostalgia? Lose yourself in the world of retro gaming, an epic blast from the past. Grab a retro console and get your old-school game on with classics like Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog. Your dorm will become the ‘it’ place for gaming nights!

13. Dumpster Diving 

hobbies for college students

Looking for a quirky and eco-conscious pastime? Dumpster diving is where it’s at! Well, it is more than a hobby. You’ll save money and help reduce waste—it’s a win-win situation!

14. Yoga and Meditation

Chillax and find your Zen with yoga and meditation. This calming combo with immense health benefits will have you feeling refreshed, balanced, and ready to tackle any academic challenges that come your way. Plus, it’s the perfect way to bond with your omies (yoga buddies)!

15. Cosplay

Unleash your inner geek by entering the wild world of cosplay! Create original costumes and dress up as your favorite characters from movies, TV shows, or video games. You’ll meet fellow cosplayers and attend conventions with other fans, giving you the ultimate geeky experience.

16. Volunteering

hobbies for college students

Want to make a difference while also gaining some valuable skills? Sign up to volunteer at local organizations or charities. Not only will you be helping others, but you’ll also build your resume and get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. 

17 . Cooking

Do you find happiness in cooking delicious meals? Why don’t you explore it as a hobby? Experiment with new recipes, learn different cuisines and flex your culinary muscles.

 It helps you relish home-cooked, fresh meals and save big as you won’t be ordering in frequently! And someday, this creative hobby can eventually turn into an entrepreneurial journey, too!

18. Thrifting & Vintage Shopping

Make some killer additions to your wardrobe without breaking the bank! Hit up thrift and vintage shops to score some sweet finds that’ll turn heads on campus. Build a look that’s uniquely you while also being eco-friendly.

19. golfing 

hobbies for college students

Yes, you read that right! Who says golf is just for retired folks and business execs? Grab your pals, hit the green, and start swinging! Golfing is an excellent way to bond with friends, enjoy the great outdoors, and destress from your hectic college life.

20. DIYing

So, your friends call you the DIY queen. You have had a knack for DIY stuff since your childhood. Whatever DIY project you take, you finish it in no time! 

And this interesting hobby has got lost somehow because of your hectic college life.

Why don’t you allocate a day in the entire week for DIYing? This will help you save big, and the creativity spree will bring in that adrenaline rush. 

From your faded denim to an old study table, try DIYing anything and everything your mind fancies and experience pure bliss and calm.

21. Content creation

Content creation is a legit business today. So, if you love creating content, shooting yourself or others, creative writing, etc., you should start taking this hobby seriously.

22. Couchsurfing

hobbies for college students

Wanderlust without cracking your wallet? Heck yeah! Hop on the Couchsurfing train and meet new peeps from around the world. You’ll create unforgettable memories while saving some serious moolah. Added bonus: hosts could give you the 411 on epic local spots!

You never know!

It takes a couple of hours to go viral on Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok. A catchy content, algorithm push, and a bit of luck- that’s all you need to see your hobby grow into a full-time profession.

23. Photography

Are you a photography buff? Is your camera gathering dust because of your academic schedule? OMG, It is the perfect time you start exploring photography as a hobby right now!

Go out with your camera. You can even use your smartphone! Capture some amazing clicks on your way to college, job, grocery and so on.

24. Paper quilling

It is a type of paper artwork, immensely popular among students. It involves creating beautiful patterns by using colorful, thin strips of paper. 

These paper strips are rolled artistically and glued together to create enticing structures. You will need paper-quilling tools to ace this artwork. You can also watch a few YouTube videos to get the hang of it. 

25. Sketching

hobbies for college students

Is your sketchbook lying unused for the past couple of years?  Do you miss sketching like you used to do in your school days?

Go grab your sketchbook and pencils now. Don’t worry about how good or bad your sketches are. Rather, focus on whether it makes you happy or not.

26. Writing

Fond of writing? Get yourself a cute and aesthetic diary and start today. You can write poems, small stories, and maybe even novels.

A gratitude journal or everyday journal can also be there. This will help you pour out your emotions. Another great way to pursue writing as a hobby is to start blogging. This will not only bring you followers but some crazy money as well.

27. Candle Making

Candle-making is my personal favorite. 

One- I love the fragrance.

Two- The process itself feels so therapeutic. You can learn candle-making online and then try your hands on this highly creative and soothing activity.

28. Jewelry design

hobbies for college students

If the bling and shine of jewelry attracts you, then you can try jewelry design as a hobby. The ability to design and customize your own jewelry and flaunt them with your outfit feels magical.

You can learn jewelry design online. Also, you can approach professionals and learn from them. A quick Insta search will give away hundreds of creators who are professional jewelry designers.

Later, you yourself can pursue jewelry design as a full-fledged profession.

29. Boxing

Boxing can be a great hobby if you are into physical activities and strength training.

This hobby will keep you active, fit and healthy. Besides, it will teach you how to self-defense in times of crisis.

I believe every girl must learn boxing or karate, given the increasing crime rate in our society.

30. Skateboarding

I have loved skateboarding since my school days. It lets you fly without any wings. However, it’s a balancing act, and you need to be careful initially. But once you ace skateboarding, there’s no one holding you back.

31. Coding and programming

hobbies for college students

Coding and programming is the new ABC in today’s world. And if you are a coding enthusiast, you should definitely give this hobby a chance!

It is a priceless skill that will bring not just joy but valuable work opportunities as well. Learn to build websites, develop apps, or even create video games, and become the most sought-after techie in your squad.

32. Podcasting

Podcasts are also trending nowadays. You can start podcasting as a hobby and then scale it as a proper business idea. Initially, you can start with your friends, classmates, neighbors, teachers and so on. Later, you can take it to the next level by going onto social media.

33. Sightseeing

If traveling brings you joy, make it a hobby. Take some spare time once a week to explore an unseen place near your campus, countryside, or wherever your mind fancies. Go solo, with your bestie, partner, or group of friends. Click pictures, enjoy the view, meet new people, and create endless memories.

You will come back feeling happy and refreshed.

34. Reading

hobbies for college students

This may sound contradictory, but ready can be a legit hobby idea for college students.

I know you are already tired of your academic books. But what about fictional ones? Detective stories, crime thrillers, romantic novels, self-help books- there are many options.

Reading will keep you occupied and happy and eventually enrich your mind and vocabulary.

Benefits of Having a Hobby as a College Student

hobbies for college students

Still unsure if hobbies would add to your life or be a waste of time?

Have a look!

1. You get to have a breather!

Exams, projects, job targets, selecting the right career path, striking a balance between your academic and personal life- there’s so much on your plate. A hobby is something that helps you unplug, relax, and rejuvenate.

You need to keep pushing yourself so that you can make it big in life. And you just can’t keep studying and working like a robot for 365 days a year!

2. Hobbies add to your resume.

“What are your hobbies?”- Well, this may sound like a non-harming question at the placement interview. But deep down under, you know you have nothing to tell them coz’ you had zero hobbies while you were in college.

Great hobbies can add to your resume, help you stand out, and bag a lucrative job at a prestigious company. Your hobbies reflect who you are in real life. They shed light on your personality. And that’s exactly what the interviewer would want to know.

3. You get more productive with your studies.

As I mentioned earlier, hobbies give you a breather. 

And when you get a break to enjoy doing things you love to the core, it actually boosts your productivity. Your brain gets to rest and revitalize. 

Following your favorite hobby refills your energy, gives you that dopamine boost, and helps you bounce back to studies like a superstar. 

4. You may unravel a money-minting passion

hobbies for college students

I get it!

Not all your hobbies will bring you money. But what if one of your fun hobbies can become a money-minting machine?!

You can legit turn it into a full-fledged business option once college is over. And given the expanse of social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, making money through hobbies has become easier than ever!

5. Hobbies work as a stress reliever.

Managing studies, work, and life together can get stressful at times. No matter how hard you try, things will fall apart when times are not good. 

In those days, when nothing seems to go right, your hobbies will be your only source of happiness. They will make you smile and de-stress your mind for quite a good time!

Wrapping Up – hobbies for college students

Don’t ever let your life be so hectic that you don’t get time to pursue your hobby. I believe one must follow at least one hobby at different stages of life.

You can seek inspiration from the list of hobbies for college students above. Also, you can try something else, such as swimming, painting, dancing, rock climbing, etc.

The idea is to find a purpose in life that makes you happy and stress-free.

Will be back super soon!

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