How long affirmations take to work

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Affirmations are the new buzz. But do they really work? And if yes, how long do affirmations take to work?

If you are into positive thinking and the Law of Attraction, you must have heard about this term called “Affirmations.”

For commoners and A-listers in Hollywood like Jennifer Lopez to celebs and influential personalities like Michelle Obama, practicing affirmations is gradually becoming a lifestyle.

I still remember I got to know about this back when I was in school. As I came across the bestseller book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, the world of affirmations opened up. 

 Affirmations Take to Work

Since then, I have been a staunch believer in affirmations and gratitude. And my life has changed significantly over time. 

But of late, I have noticed that some people are getting quite impatient with the process. People want immediate results in a world of instant noodles and ready-to-eat meals.

But for affirmations to work, you need to give yourself time. And most importantly, you, my dear, have to work on developing a thoroughly positive mindset.

Let’s have a look at the intricacies of affirmations!

What are Affirmations?

 Affirmations Take to Work

Affirmations are phrases or sentences you can recite loudly, whisper to yourself, or even write down repeatedly so that positive thoughts, motivation, and self-confidence replace negative thoughts and inhibitions.

You can keep your mind stress-free and manage your calm by using the right affirmations.

Affirmations are not just meant for elders. In fact, lately, I have noticed many mom bloggers and parenting experts stress the significance of affirmations for raising children. 

You can recite affirmations daily for positivity, calmness, and overcoming overthinking, hopelessness, and stress.

Do Affirmations Really Work?

Yes, of course, they do!

 Affirmations Take to Work

Darling! I have legit changed my personality and mindset with the help of affirmations.

All it takes is your faith. Celebs like Ariana Grande, Oprah Winfrey, and Will Smith have been quite vocal about the success of affirmations. 

If you do it right, know that affirmations WILL work no matter your situation. 

Exactly How Long Does it Take for Affirmations to Work?

Here comes the much-awaited part for which you have been eagerly waiting!

Affirmations can take anywhere between 22 to 66 days on average. During this period, you must constantly fuel your mind with positive statements. 

The effectiveness of affirmations depends on your subconscious mind. It dominates almost 95% of your life and influences your rituals, habits, emotions, and beliefs. 

See it like this! Your subconscious mind starts forming when you are 7 to 10 years old. Until the age of 31, the subconscious mind will keep on solidifying. 

So, the later you start practicing affirmations, the more time it will take to work for you. Your subconscious mind will resist when you wish to introduce any new changes.

So, if your mind has been wired to think negatively, affirmations will take longer to work for you. With affirmations, you are trying to replace long-time negative patterns with positive ones.

And the moment your subconscious mind realizes this, it will activate a defense mode. It wants to follow the same old routine and hates anything new you wish to feed. 

How to Make Your Affirmations Faster and Effective?

Now that you know that the time requirement is based totally on your subconscious mind, here’s how you can make them work faster and more effectively for you:

1. Recognize your limiting beliefs.

If your mind is infested with negative thoughts, affirmations will take time.

So, first of all, you will have to identify your negative beliefs. Know them and start working on getting rid of these negativities.

The moment you recognize your limiting beliefs, you can disregard them. Instead, you will have to focus on your affirmations.

2. Make affirmations an integral part of your lifestyle.

You cannot expect affirmations to work if you are scratching the surface. You need to make them an integral part of your life to make them more effective.

When you add affirmations to your everyday life, they keep working for you without you making extra efforts.

3. Know the perfect time for reciting affirmations.

 Affirmations Take to Work

As far as I have realized, there is a right time for reciting affirmations. At least, this is true for the initial few weeks of using affirmations.

Setting a specific time for chanting my affirmations has helped me immensely.

Of course, so many years later, I am more comfortable with them and can recite them anytime, anywhere, with utmost faith and concentration.

 Affirmations Take to Work

For me, the best time for practicing affirmation was before hitting the bed. But for others, it can be the time just after you wake up in the morning. 

4. Be crystal clear and realistic with your affirmations. 

 Affirmations Take to Work

You must clearly know what you want to make your affirmations work faster. They should be simple, short, realistic, and absolutely clear in your mind. 

You should know what words to use while manifesting and avoid using negative words so that whatever you affirm and manifest becomes a reality soon.

How Many Times Should You Repeat Your Affirmations?

When I first learned about affirmations, my inquisitive mind wanted to know more about them. So, I went crazy reading books and articles about the same.

After mugging up around 20+ articles on affirmations, I concluded that affirmations should be practiced thrice daily.

If you can do more, valiant good! But three is, as far as I know, the minimum if you wish for concrete results. 

And then, I can guide you with these three exact times as well.

So, here’s how your ideal affirmation practice session should look: right after waking up and drinking a glass of water, before going to sleep, and anytime in the middle of the day when you find yourself alone and away from chaos.

It is necessary to practice affirmations in these three fixed times as, gradually, you are training your subconscious mind to keep its guard down during these hours.

When Should You Use Your Affirmations?

See, affirmations are meant to be practiced multiple times a day so that you can wire your subconscious mind to think, behave, and act toward a specific purpose.

Two situations will require you to recite affirmations-

One, when your mind is calm, and you are trying to train your mind.

Two, when your mind is stressed and confused, it needs some self-assurance.

Both cases may seem exactly the opposite. But trust me, affirmations work like magic in both conditions.

Why do affirmations fail?

If you feel that affirmations are not working for you, then maybe these factors are stopping you from reaping the benefits of affirmation:

1. You are still carrying your negative baggage.

The first way of practicing affirmations is that you have to let go of all your inhibitions, hesitations, and doubts.

When you are happy and positive, affirmations work easily for you. But negative minds cannot crack affirmations easily. 

2. You do not practice gratitude.

 Affirmations Take to Work

If you want affirmations to work for you, you must relinquish your habit of cribbing and whining.

I know life has been unfair to you. But that is true for every other person you know and meet!

Imagine a world where every person is unhappy with their lives and is complaining about the same to their friends! Sounds horrible, right?

So, start being grateful for the little things in your life.

Once you make it a habit to practice gratitude, you will be amazed to notice that there is so much in your life to be thankful for!

A grateful heart can feel the affirmations more conveniently. 

3. You get too attached to the outcome of the affirmations.

Another trick to increase your affirmations’ efficacy is learning the art of detachment.

After reciting and feeling the affirmations with all your heart, take long and deep breaths and then let go of the expected outcome.

Do not focus on how and why things will happen in your favor. Simply practice affirmations and then continue with your everyday life. 

Learn to let go of your manifestation, and you will be amazed to see the results!

You can also recite affirmations for letting go, which will calm your mind and help you to overcome anxiety and distress.

4. You practice affirmations because it is trending and not because you have faith in the Universe.

 Affirmations Take to Work

Affirmations will work only when you have faith in the process. If you think of it as a gimmick or a trend initiated by social media influencers, I am sorry, affirmations are not meant for you.

Have unshakeable faith in the power of affirmations, the Law of Attraction, and the Universe, and see how magically things turn out in your favor!

5. You want instant results

Rushing the process for instant results won’t take you anywhere. As I mentioned earlier, you will have to take it slow.

It is more like training your mind to think in a certain manner. Once you unlock this ability, you will see your positive thoughts becoming your sweet reality. But as I said, the process is time-consuming, and you must be patient.

What are the most powerful affirmations?

 Affirmations Take to Work

We say affirmations to redirect our perspective toward positive thinking and improving our lives.

So, the most powerful affirmations are those created by you, related to your present situation and life, and can be manifested easily without any blockages.

What happens when you repeat affirmations?

Repetition is believing. When we repeat things, the subconscious mind gets activated, taking all the information as if it is real, and so it works actively to make it a reality.

Too often, I have been hindered from achieving my goals due to telling myself that the task is too difficult.

Yet, when I radiate enthusiasm and self-belief about a project, it seems like all the doors open for me easily, as though by magic.

Suddenly, solutions appear, which enable me to finish whatever it is that needs doing swiftly!

Final Thoughts on How Long Do Affirmations Take to Work

Affirmations can change your life drastically only if you believe. And once you unlock the power of affirmations, you won’t want to return to your old, negative life. 

I am leaving you with strong affirmations that did well for me! I hope they also bring your life peace, power, and prosperity!

 Affirmations Take to Work

“I deserve the best in life.” 

“My body is beautiful.”

“I am worthy of love and respect.”

“I am at peace with everything I cannot control.”

“Money flows to me easily with abundance.”

Affirmations Take to Work

“I am surrounded by love and support.”

“I am always learning and growing.”

Sending loads of love and warmth your way!

See ya’ll soon!

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