How to Be the Main Character

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be the main character of your own epic story, after all, its your life your rules!!

Ever felt like you’re just cruising through life, playing a side character in a series where all the attention is unfairly hogged by someone else?

Or maybe you’ve recently had your “a-ha” moment, feeling that fire inside you to take the spotlight, wave a little jazzier, and live life like you’re the star of the show.

Well, babe, welcome to the club where we celebrate Main Character Energy and work on chiseling it out of our everyday lives!

So, what is the main character’s energy?

main character

Picture your favorite story or movie. The character who’s at the center of everything, whose actions have the most significant impact, who makes the grandest decisions, and, most importantly, who we all look forward to following on their journey—that’s the main character.

Main character energy, then, is the confidence, self-awareness, and personal drive that not only propels them but also wins over audiences. It’s not about being entitled or dominating the narrative; it’s about writing your own story, following your path, and leaving a mark on the world around you.

It’s about being the visionary, leader, and hero of your own life, no matter who you are or what your journey looks like.

But What Makes You the Main Character?

main character

It’s easy to convince ourselves that the main character energy is reserved for a select few—the rich, the famous, or the people who already have all the luck in life. But the truth is, anyone can tap into their MCE and start living a life that’s uniquely theirs.

So, how do you know if you’re rocking that main character energy?

Here are a few clues:

1. You’re the Ultimate Decision-Maker:

Main characters don’t wait for life to happen to them; they make life happen. Big or small decisions are made with decisive action and confidence.

2. The Universe Aligns with You

Okay, maybe not the entire universe, but you’re no stranger to strokes of luck, serendipitous encounters, or things just falling into place like magic.

3. Your Progress Is Your Priority

You’re always moving forward, whether in your personal growth, career, or relationships. Main characters are constantly striving for improvement and personal fulfillment.

Sound familiar? If you find bits of MCE traits within you, or they sound like something you want to adopt, congratulations, babe—isn’t it exciting?

Now, let’s talk about how you can level up your life and rock that main character energy with every step you take.

15 Tips to Become the Main Character in Your Life

1. Discover Your Purpose

main character

What drives you? What do you dream about doing when no one is watching? Is it earning insane amounts of money or building life-long relationships?

Your purpose is what gives you a mission and empowers you to forge your narrative. It actually gives you a life worth looking at (for outsiders) and living for yourself.

So, try to spend some quality time with these questions; the answers can be life-changing!

2. Set Clear Goals

Your life goals correlate with your purpose. And main characters always have a target in sight. Whether it’s a big career move, a passion project, or a personal milestone, setting clear, actionable goals keeps you focused and moving forward.

3. Embrace Risk and Failure

main character

Risks and failures are part of the journey. The main characters aren’t immune to setbacks, but they face them head-on, learning from each experience to grow stronger.

Just imagine yourself in a movie. What is it that the movie will be based on? What will be the gist of the story? And then imagine, will the movie be a success if you reach your goals in the first 5 minutes? Nah!

Because every blockbuster has all the emotions in it – love, heartbreaks, success, passion, anxiety, cries for help, and everything in between. It’s just because it all really does happen in real life, too.

So, yes, your movie will also have ups & downs. Better accept the fact, keep some deviation in your goals, and get ready for it all, as you’re about to become the main character in your life!

4. Love and Nurture Your Protagonist (That’s You)

A main character’s hero is themselves. Cultivate self-love, self-care, and self-growth. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit because, at the end of the day, you’re the lead you should always root for.

What if, just a day before your big promotion, you fall sick of anxiety, or before your most important speech, your mind is overwhelmed with everything? I mean, losing out on opportunities just because you couldn’t take 5 minutes for self-care is definitely hurting, right?

And if you’re striving to be the main character, remember, this is your story, and everybody else is the side character. So only you ought to be in the center and take care of yourself! 😉

5. Dress the Part, baby

main character

What’s your personal style? I mean, what do your clothes say about you? Are they #bossgirl types? Or maybe you look like a tired mother of two?

I ask this because the main characters aren’t afraid to stand out, and your fashion choices can reflect that. They know clothes speak a ton, which is exactly why you won’t run for mayor in pajamas or bikinis.

Whether it’s bold lipstick, statement pieces, or just wearing what makes you feel good, use your wardrobe to feel like the star you are. So, I think it’s worth the time to judge and improve your style and let people know that you’re the very main character in your life just by looking at you! 😉

6. Speak Your Truth

Main characters don’t shy away from their opinions or feelings. Be honest, open, and unapologetically yourself in every conversation, fight for what you believe, and stand up for what matters to you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you start catfighting for unnecessary drama (haha, that’s fun sometimes, too), but all of these are just energy drainers. But it also doesn’t mean that you let go of things just because you don’t have the energy.

Understand one thing, the main monologue will ALWAYS be spoken by the main hero and not the side characters. So if a situation needs your weighing in just to protect you, SPEAK UP, baby!

7. Surround Yourself with a Great Supporting Cast

main character

Every main character needs their circle—the trustworthy friends, mentors, and cheerleaders. Assemble your squad, the people who inspire you, hold you accountable, and celebrate your wins (and vice versa).

What movie only has villains? 🤷🏻‍♀️

8. Be Present in Every Scene

Main characters don’t skip over the mundane scenes. Appreciate the here and now; every moment can hold something beautiful if you’re open to seeing it.

I am a huge believer that your life will definitely have SO many little things to be grateful for but since you’re just focusing on the bigger goals, you’re most likely skipping ’em all.

But babe, the art is always in the details 😉

9. Craft Your Origin Story

main character

Reflect on where you came from and how it’s shaped you. Your origin story is a huge part of your main character energy, so embrace it, learn from it, and use it to fuel your growth and resilience.

Your childhood and teenage years say what you are today. What you’ve gone through then, even if you don’t remember it all that well, will reflect in your adult life without you even noticing it.

So make sure your habits are great, your way of dealing with things and emotions is healthy, and your reactions to them are guarded and invulnerable.

10. Choose Your Adventures Wisely

Main characters don’t just accept every divine appointment. Be discerning about how you spend your time and who you share it with. Life’s too short to be an extra in someone else’s movie.

What I mean by this is that if there are certain things or people that do not sustain your life’s purpose or your end goal, it is 100% not necessary to deal with them.

11. Adapt and Overcome

main character

Life is full of plot twists, and adjusting to them with grace and flexibility is key to maintaining your main character energy.

As I’ve said before, your movie will have it all to become a record-breaking blockbuster; in fact, there will more downs than ups. And no, you cannot waste your time and vibe crying for the things that didn’t go according to your plan.

So stay open-minded and adaptable, and remember, the show must go on!

12. Show, Don’t Tell

Okay, main character energy isn’t about just proclaiming to be the main character; it’s about living life in a way that commands attention. Living the life worth watching. If you write a book about yourself one day, it shouldn’t be just 1 or 10 pages darling.

Let your actions be your voice and show the world your strength, kindness, and resilience. I said, SHOW. Just all talk and no action won’t suffice.

13. Add Layers to Your Character

main character

You’re not defined by a single trait or experience. Explore your depths, develop new skills, find new passions, and share as many dimensions of yourself as possible.

Start taking hobby classes, horse riding, crocheting, cooking, whatever interests you. I am sure you are not made to do only one or two things.

Layers make things interesting. They make you mysterious. They make people want to know you more and more because you surprise them every time. You hook them. Who wouldn’t like such a personality, huh?

14. Think Outside the Box (or Script)

Main characters are known for their creativity and innovation. Don’t be afraid to think differently, suggest new ideas, and find unique solutions to old problems.

If something doesn’t happen according to the plan, make sure you’re quick & creative enough to deviate and improvise the script! 😉

15. Write Your Story Every Day

main character

We’re all writing stories with every decision, action, and word. Make each page a reflection of your main character energy by living authentically, passionately, and with purpose.

Live like You’re the Star of the Show. The truth is, you are the star of your own show, and living in anything less than main character energy is doing a disservice to yourself and everyone who hasn’t had the fortune of being in your audience.

Wrapping up – How to be the main character

So, are you ready to step into the spotlight and take the lead role in your own story? To live with heart, purpose, and full control of your narrative?

If you’re nodding, jumping on your seat, or silently screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” 🙌🏽, then let’s set off on this adventure together. It’s time to let that vibrant, magnetic energy that flows within you take center stage.

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