how to let go of your manifestation

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Are you clinging to the thought that you will lose your manifestation if you let go of it? Read to help yourself!

Manifestation – one of the most trending topics in today’s world! Everyone has been manifesting their wishes and their desired lives into reality with the help of manifestations and different manifestation techniques. And to be honest, it isn’t that difficult. 

If you’ve been through my other articles, you might’ve noticed that apart from the manifestation techniques, I always talk about the concept of “Letting Go.” In this post, we shall learn how to let go of your manifestation.

Even though Letting Go seems to be the biggest block for all manifestations because you are always clung to the ifs and buts! But letting go of your manifestation is one of the crucial steps you must follow in case you want your manifestation to come alive sooner.

Fearful and not trusting yourself and the universe wholly creates tension with the manifestation, and your alignment with the universe gets shaken!

Letting go of can be challenging when you’re waiting for your dreams to come true, but a helpful technique if you want your manifestations to work out faster. It helps you to manifest something fast.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is a way of enticing your desires into reality with the help of easy yet practical techniques. You can use many methods to draw your dreams and wishes into your life. And this is called manifestation.

 In manifestation, you learn how to align your energy with the energy of the universe or with the energy of what you desire to get.

People also shift realites.They move fron the current reality to the desired reality.Learn how to shift for the first time here.

The concept of manifestation is entirely based on the law of attraction, which is based on the simple principle of ‘like attracts like. So it means that whatever vibrations you send out into the universe are the things you attract to in your life!

If you send positive vibrations into the universe, you return the positive things in your life, and this holds correct for the opposite.

The law of attraction and manifestation are interrelated and co-dependent. And these two can help you get anything in your life effortlessly. You can manifest good grades, weight loss, or even manifest a car!

Manifestation works even faster when you let go of your manifestation, as I mentioned above. To know more about letting go, keep reading…

letting go 

let go of your manifestation

You are manifesting to the best of yourself, using all the best ways, like 2- cup manifestation or 5×55 manifestation technique, etc. In the end, somebody like me comes and says, let go of your manifestation!

So frustrating! Is it even possible?

Well, I am not saying to let go of your manifestation completely! Seems confusing? Let us dig deeper into the topic and know more about it.

Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting completely about your manifestation and wishes. Some might say to completely forget about your manifestation and go with the flow and everything, but it doesn’t mean that! Concentrate on what you want…but don’t concentrate at all!

In the past few years, I have studied a lot about manifestation and done my research, and I would like to share some of those results with you. 

Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting your manifestation entirely, but it means letting go of the adherent and desperate energy that you are clung to. It means to stop sticking to your manifestation and stop worrying about what will happen now. Or whether the manifestation will come? When will it arrive? And so on…

This kind of worry only causes tension and resistance, holding your manifestation back.

How to let go of your manifestation?

Being in sticky and frantic energy is a part of being in negative energy and having trust issues about the power of the universe. And manifestations work only if you have 100% faith in the mother universe. 

So you don’t have to let go of your manifestation completely; you have to let go of the desperate, sticky, and doubting energies about your manifestation. 

I know it sounds difficult to do but don’t worry. In this article, I will mention a few ways to help you let go of these energies while your manifestations and make your manifestations turn into reality faster. 

1. Make space for your manifestation With Meditation

let go of your manifestation

I always talk of meditation and its powers. Meditation is like the ‘jack of all trades.’ Meditation helps to relax your mind and manages stress.

People who are pros at meditation know how meditation works wonders. Meditation can help you calm yourself, let go of overthinking, relax your mind, and raise your energies. 

As mentioned above, you must let go of negative energies and make space for your manifestations. Meditation is an excellent way to boost your positive energy, reduce your negative energies, and calm yourself.

I hope by now it is clear how meditation can help you let go of your desperate and clingy energy. Then, it’s time for me to teach newbies how to meditate. 

How to meditate?

It is not that to meditate, you need fragrances and scented candles; it needs concentration and engagement and detaching yourself from the present environment!

The concept of meditation is clear: you must focus on your breath while meditating. Close your eyes and focus on every breath you are inhaling and exhaling. Your mind might start to wander around and think about numerous other things like your studies, assignments, or other important work, but you have to remind yourself that you are here to meditate and that your only focus should be your breath. 

You can set up your mood for meditation by playing soothing frequencies available on YouTube. I will recommend 436 Hz, lightly scented candles, and turning off the lights while meditating. This will help you set up a different atmosphere around you while meditating. 

If nothing works out for you, I have another solution for you. Try guided meditation. During the session, they instruct you and help you in every aspect, making it easier to focus.

2. overcome Your Fears 

The possible reasons for your being desperate or clingy energies about your manifestation can also be your fears about your manifestation. 

To understand clearly, let’s consider an example. Suppose you are trying to manifest yourself by clearing an entrance exam. But the possible reason you are desperate about this manifestation is that you’re afraid of whether your preparation is up to the mark or whether you will clear the exam.

Your fears can limit your manifestation and make it difficult for you to let go of them. To let go of this fear in your manifestation, you can try the simple technique I have been using for years. 

Take a piece of paper and write down all your fears with the help of a black pen. Of course, you should be analytical about your worries as well! Write down every negative thought disturbing you for a while on that piece of paper. There aren’t any limitations about how many floors you can write; whether you have 10, 20, or even 100, write all of them. 

Once you are done writing all your fears, say, ‘Dear Mother Universe, I am letting go of all of my fears.’ After saying this, burn the paper and flush it in the toilet. 

I’ve been using the technique for over three years, and I can swear that it has always helped me immensely. 

3. keep your mind open

let go of your manifestation

Though you manifest and wish that your manifestation comes alive, the universe always has divine plans for you. The mother Universe always knows what is better for you. You should always keep your mind open and ready to accept what may come your way because whatever happens is for your highest good.

4. Trust The Universe 

Another reason you are in clingy energies or sticking desperately to your manifestation is that you don’t trust the universe completely. Yes, that’s true! I think trust is the most challenging thing to do, isn’t it? It takes patience and self-belief to reach the place of trust where you can surrender everything to the universe and let the universe do its work.

Suppose you manifest a vital deal and now wonder whether and how the mother universe will help you get that deal done. Will you be able to make it or not?

This happens only if you are afraid or you do not trust the universe altogether. Trust me, we have all been there and had our doubts. This sense of doubt limits our manifestation too! So you must let go of this doubt and fear and maintain trust. 

When I talk about fears, it is about yourself, but when I talk about trust issues, it’s about the universe.

Manifestation can bring miracles in your life if you trust the universe entirely, and the same can bring you nothing if you don’t trust the universe altogether. So it’s all the game of trust you need to place in the universe. 

You can try the simple technique that I tried when I was new to this manifestation game. I used to write this statement in the journal daily that said- ‘I trust you, Mother Universe.’ 

Yes, this technique helped not only me but the number of clients I have had and my friends. You must write the sentence in your manifestation journal daily. There isn’t any limitation on how many times you have to write the sentence. You can write it 5 or 10 times, or write it as many times as you want. Make sure you are satisfied with that in the end, and you can feel that your trust in the universe has increased. 

After a few days or weeks, you will notice that your trust in the universe has increased dramatically and that you are not that desperate. 

final thoughts on how to let go of your manifestation

I know letting go can be difficult, and when you hear about the things that say you have to forget about it, it gets more tricky, complicated, and challenging. But no worries, I hope this article helped you out and cleared most of your fears about letting go.

It takes inner strength and self-belief to reach the place of trust where you can surrender everything to the universe and let it do its work. I hope now you are said to let go of all the negative energies and ready to attract positivity and turn your dreams into reality. To increase positivity in yourself, you may recite affirmations daily, like these glow-up affirmations.

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