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Want a manifestation vision board that perfectly works for you? Here is your ultimate step-by-step guide!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of vision boards. They are a potent tool for manifesting your desires and dreams into reality.

A vision board shows you a picture of your future that you wish to have and appreciate. We have certain things in our minds that might be vague.

A powerful vision board clears that vague image and makes it crystal clear. It is an excellent way to focus on reaching achievable goals. Getting started requires planning, but the vision board can be a rich tool once completed.

how to make a vision board

But how do you make a vision board that will work for you? In this blog, we’ll outline the points that will help you to know how to create a vision board that is powerful, meaningful, and motivating. So read on to learn more!

How to make a vision board for manifestations

Step 1: The Foundation Of Your Vision Board

Getting the process right from the start is essential for goal setting. Otherwise, you risk setting unrealistic goals or not taking action on the goals you set. Instead, you can take a few steps to ensure your goals are set up for success.

1. State Your Goals

Your first step is to state your goals. This can be as simple as writing them down, or it can involve some deeper self-exploration to ensure that you have a firm grasp on precisely what you’re hoping to achieve.

Put your thoughts while creating it. Pen down what you wanted and what you have achieved. Write down all about the dreams that you want to accomplish.

2. Set SMART Goals

Once clearly defined goals, you can turn them into SMART goals.

SMART stands for:

  • S – Specific. Be precise about your motive. There should be no vagueness about your goal in your mind.
  • M – Measurable.
  • A – Action-oriented
  • R – Realistic. Plans need to be practical.
  • T – Time-sensitive. You should plan short-term goals that you think can be achieved quickly. If your plans aren’t innovative, it’s time to go back to the drawing board! You should be specific and clear about your motive.

3. Make Your Goals Public

vision board

Once you have your goals written down, make them public. Tell your friends and family members what you’re hoping to achieve, and get them involved too! Take their help.

Family and friends are always motivating. You might get some perfect ideas to help you achieve your goal. According to research, people who make their goals public are significantly more likely to achieve them.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable For Your Goals

Finally, once you have your goals set, hold yourself accountable for them. Schedule time to work on your goals, and don’t let yourself off the hook if you miss a scheduled goal-related task.

Step 2: Choosing The Right Images And Words For Your Vision Board

Since you are creating a vision board for yourself, your wish is what images you want! Before you start arranging your pictures on your vision board, you’ll want to think about which images and words will be most effective for you.

When choosing images, it’s important to remember that these images should be positive and inspiring. They should help you to feel confident and motivated.

If an image doesn’t send these feelings to you, then it’s not a good fit for your vision board. When choosing words for your vision board, you have a lot of freedom.

You might write down a quote that inspires you, or you might write down your words of encouragement to keep you motivated. Using words on your vision board is entirely up to you, but they should always be positive.

Step 3: Creating Your Vision Board

Now that you know the foundation basics (goal-setting) and have chosen the right images and words for your board, you can finally start creating your vision board! It’s essential to do this in a way that feels right for you; there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a vision board.

However, you can follow a few guiding principles to ensure your vision board is as effective as possible.

You can create a vision board physically or digitally on your laptop or phone using the apps like Canva, etc

1. Start With Clean And Open Space

vision board

First and foremost, make sure you start with a clean, open space. Always use white or any light and bright color of your choice for making a vision board. Never use black or grey colors, as they are considered detrimental colors.

You want to remove distractions from the room and create a space conducive to creative thinking. You can do this by cleaning your room and closing the blinds to block out the light, or you can even go so far as to turn off your phone so that you can’t receive notifications.

2. Be Strategic About the Layout

Your layout is as important as the images and words you choose for your board. Choose powerful words or quotes that are motivating and inspiring.

Your layout can impact how quickly and effectively you achieve your goals. You can use the design of your vision board to prioritize your goals. For example, you might place your most important goal in the center of your board or arrange your goals chronologically.

3. Gathering Materials

vision board

Before you start, gather your materials and ensure you have everything you need to create your vision board. Get the images representing your ideal or dream from magazines or get them printed.

You will want a large surface to work on, such as a wall or table.

You might want to use a large poster board or even a piece of cardboard from a box if you don’t have a large surface to work with. You will also want some decorative items, such as colorful paper, stickers, markers, scissors, and glue.

4. Put Your Vision Board Together

Once you have all the images and words you want to use, it is time to start putting your vision board together.

You can do this a few different ways, but the most popular methods are tacking or gluing your images to a poster board or putting them in a collage frame.

By taking your images to a poster board, you can take your vision board with you if you ever need to move it or travel with it.

By putting your images in a collage frame, you can move your vision board around if you need to take it with you or display it in different areas in your home or office. This is an excellent option if you want to quickly move your vision board and display it in multiple places.

What can you manifest through a vision board?

vision board

A vision board is your creation of the future goals that you desire for yourself. You can manifest your dream life through a vision board.

It is entirely up to you how you set the vision board. Though there is no limit to what you can manifest through a vision board, here are the areas you may consider while creating one for you.

health and wellness

A common proverb says good health is above wealth. It is a precious asset that should be recognized and appreciated before it depletes. Write about the fitness and wellness goals that you want to achieve.

Career and job

Career and job are of foremost importance in one’s life. You can put pictures or quotes related to it. Write about your new plans for the upcoming year or a cheque filled with an amount you wish to get!

Family, friends, love, and relationships

Healthy relationships with family and friends are like a feast of affection. Through the vision board, you remind yourself of what you need to do to maintain relations successfully.

Btw, if you’re struggling to build connections, here’s how to make friends as an introvert 😉

travel goals

Who doesn’t love exploring new destinations? If you are also one like me who thinks that adventures are the best way to learn, you must add your traveling goals to your vision board. You may try quotes or images related to the destinations you wish to explore. Want to travel to Las Vegas? Or Paris? Put a sexy picture on your board!

Oh, btw, if you need inspo on what to wear in las vegas or Paris? You can check out these vegas or Paris outfits!

Finance and wealth

Riches are not an end of life but an instrument of life. Most of your goals are related to finances. So finance should hold a primary place in your vision board.

You can put real money denominations on it or an arrow sloping upwards, showing growth in your wealth. Look for some lively and dynamic pictures of currency to put on it.

Apart from these, you can also add images or quotes related to,

  • Children
  • Fame and awards
  • Creativity
  • Wisdom
  • Meditation
  • Adventure
  • Home
  • Self-care and self-improvement
  • Hobbies

beginning and conclusion of the vision board

A vision board is related to your vision of the future. It is more than just writing or putting pictures and images on it! It holds your dreams and aspirations.

It has a reflection of your energy. Beginning your vision board with an appreciation and thankfulness to the universe can be the best beginning. You can add glow-up affirmations or gratitude quotes to make your vision board more lively and energized.

Always conclude your vision board with a ‘THANK YOU’ to the universe. A vision board works on the law of attraction principle, which helps you attract positivity, favorable opportunities, and people in your life.

The universe acts as the driving force behind this. Also, put your name or initials on the vision board, giving it a sense of belonging and specificity.

Following these fantastic steps, I also made my vision board which has helped me to envision and achieve my dreams in life.

But wait!! This blog does not end here, as I have yet to answer a few questions my followers and friends often ask.

FAQ about vision boards

1.  Why Should I Make A Vision Board, or what does a vision board do?

Making vision boards is a fantastic way to stay accountable for what you want out of life. For me, a vision board is a picture of my dreams that I want to turn into reality.

Whenever you come across a picture or phrase that makes you envision your future, it will continually inspire you and remind you of your goals and dreams.

It acts as a helpful reminder of direction and purposes any time you may begin to feel lost in your journey. Knowing that what we are striving towards is tied to something physical can help give us the motivation to keep pushing forward and taking steps to make our vision a reality.

Making vision boards doesn’t have to be complicated either; just gather some magazines, old photos, quotes, or mementos you wish to reference and get creative with them!

2. what colors to use while making a vision board?

The Law of attraction is all about energies. We get the energy back that we put into the universe. So it would be best if you put positive and thoughtful energy into the universe to get the maximum result of your desires.

Every color has a different energy. The colors you use in your vision board also emit energy. You will benefit from the different energies you desire through the colors you choose to put there. Using different colors in the images can increase the energy in the universe.

Every color has its pros and cons. Red is the color of enthusiasm, love, and passion, but on the other hand, it is an overpowering color and denotes anger too.

If I talk of using green more, it is a soothing and fresh color and brings in growth and fertility, but it also indicates jealousy and guilt. So you must choose to use all the colors in a balanced way.

Use vibrant colors that you love and attract you the most because I think one attracts colors according to nature, which soothes them.

Try to avoid using more black and gray colors. Though black brings in power and refinement, it creates strong emotions and is related to enigma and sin. Similarly, gray brings in sadness and conservativeness apart from being an intellectual and refined color.

3. What Do You Put On A Vision Board For Manifestation?

This is your vision board. It is a reflection of your emotions, feelings, and wants. You can put anything on it that you feel is related to you, that you love seeing and being.

Put on the pictures, sayings, or quotes you think to relate to you the most. Put on bold and attractive images of your dreams and plans on them.

Whenever you see those pictures, they should make you feel happy and make more energetic and keeps you inspired. Your vision board should be an absolute joy to look at!

4. What should you not put on a vision board?

1. Put many things on your vision board but don’t clutter it. Keep it balanced so you can focus on them when you see them.

2. Avoid using vague pictures or ideas you are unclear about. Be precise about your goals. If you have no emotional connection to the images, it is not worth making one!

3. Avoid using more black and gray colors on the vision boards.

4. Avoid writing negations like ‘no,’ ‘never,’ can’t, someday, etc., as the focus moves to negative feelings and energy rather than being more positive. You must know the powerful words to use while manifesting and which words to avoid.

5. Where to put the vision board?

Making a vision board and putting it on the wall is not enough. You should place it or hang it where it is visible so you can see it, and it makes you happy, motivates you, and drives you toward your plans.

6.  How Often Should I Update My Vision Board?

You must review it from time to time. This makes your vision board more inspiring and practical. It makes your soul satisfied and happy when you see that you are achieving what you always wished to!

It’s best to re-evaluate your vision board every couple of months or so to ensure it is still aligned with the goals you are pursuing and to check in with yourself regarding how far you have come on those goals.

Updating your vision board at regular intervals also helps keep you motivated and energized as you move closer and closer to reaching your goal!

7. what  Are The Benefits Of A Vision Board?

A vision board is a tool used to help you focus on and manifest your vision of a desired outcome or goal. It is an inspirational visual aid, allowing us to see our desired target.

By using vision boards, we can create an organized view of our vision, objectives, and goals, helping us stay focused and motivated towards attaining them.

Furthermore, vision boards can be personalized in any way that inspires you: use pretty photos, motivating quotes, or funny memes – whatever works best for you! All in all, vision boards are a handy tool for creating and sustaining success!

How did my vision board help me in manifesting things?

A compelling and convincing vision board has always inspired me and led me closer to my goal.

●    I Always Stayed On Track With Vision Board

Making my vision board effective has been key to staying on track with my goals. I start by ensuring that the items I include are tangible steps to making something happen – you should add reachable goals.

They shouldn’t just be the ones that are too hard to fulfill. I also update it regularly, refreshing the positive emotions and motivation so I can stay focused and on track.

Reviewing my vision board timely helps me make real progress when striving toward my goals and keeps me focused on what I ultimately want to achieve.

You can include many different textures and visuals to make your vision board more beautiful and compelling. Doing so helps your brain process information differently, making you more likely to achieve your goals.

●    I Always Followed My Heart

I always followed my heart, resulting in a life I’m proud of. From making career decisions to more extensive life choices, I understood what I wanted and created a vision board for each.

It serves as a poster-like visual reminder of what plans I have in mind and keeps me focused on fulfilling them as time passes by.

My vision boards keep me concentrated and push me toward my goals when mental obstacles arise, giving me courage in moments of uncertainty or doubt.

Every step is taken and every choice made stems from following my heart and using vision boards to remind me that staying the course would bring long-term success.

●    I Always Stayed Honest With Myself

Deciding to be honest with me is one of the best choices I have ever made. I realized that I had been holding my vision captive and was not allowing it to take off.

By being honest about where I wanted to go, I created a vision board that has helped me track my progress and stay true to myself.

It showed me what could be possible if I worked hard and remained honest as I pursued my goals. As intimidating as it can sometimes be, in the end, it’s always worth it when you are honest with yourself.

●    I Always Keep Things Simple

Whenever I’m trying to make a vision board boost me, I always keep things simple. This means not cluttering the vision board with too many items but only putting inspiring images or quotes to make me stick to my goals.

I find it more effective because I can focus on one or two powerful pieces of motivation instead of getting overwhelmed by a collage of different messages. Keeping my vision board simple makes sure that my goals stay front and center in my mind.

●    I Always Stay Patient And Believed In Myself

When I first created a vision board, I felt overwhelmed; getting started and staying focused was difficult. However, I had a vision for what I wanted my future to look like and was determined to make it happen.

Instead of letting fear take over, I remained patient and believed that making a vision board would be the best way to achieve my goals.

After many hours of assembling photographs, quotes, words, and images on a poster board, I completed my vision board and placed it proudly on the wall. With each glance at my vision board, I am reminded that through perseverance and faith, anything is possible!

These were the things that I followed to make my vision board effective. And to be true, my vision board has helped me accomplish my dreams.

final thoughts on how to make a vision board

A vision board helps you focus on and manifest your vision of a desired outcome or goal. It is an inspirational visual aid, allowing us to see our desired target.

Whenever you come across a picture or phrase that makes you envision your future, it will continually inspire you and remind you of your goals and dreams.

So this blog ends here, and now you guys are free from me, so gooooo and start making your vision board. And yes, do share your experience of making your vision board with me.

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