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Wondering if it is possible to manifest a car? The answer is an astounding YES! Read how you can manifest the car of your dreams!

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to use the law of attraction to manifest something as mundane as a car, then the answer is an astounding YES! Not only is it possible, but it is very easy to do so, provided you know the right way to do it and have the persistence never to give up.

You see, through the unbelievable powers of the law of attraction, not only can you manifest a car, you can manifest the car of your dreams!

The one with the perfect colors, amazing engine, sleek body, and the brand you want.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or are currently earning.

Whatever your situation in life is right now, your dream car is within your reach, and whether or not you have one depends solely on your mind and the vibrations you put into the universe.

Reality is but an illusion created by our senses, and on the fundamental level, all things are but energy.

You and your mind have the most excellent control over this energy. 

So the bottom line is, yes, you can manifest your desired car, your dream car, with the help of the law of attraction.  

Concept Of The Law Of Attraction

Before we get into how you can manifest your dream car, you need to know what exactly the law of attraction is. 

The universe has so much to give. It all depends upon us how we can get that! The law of attraction is wholly based on your energy and the universe’s energies.

You can attract everything you want with the help of the law of attraction, with the help of the positive vibrations you let into the universe. 

Elders commonly say not to speak negatively; you might attract it. So if we think the other way around, it is also possible to think positively and attract the same positivity into our life. 

So if you have to send out positive energy, positive affirmations, and positive thoughts into the universe, you will attract the same positivity into your life. 

Concept Of Manifestation 

It is a way of getting desired things in your life with the help of some simple techniques. By getting more profound knowledge, you will understand how manifestation can work miracles in manifesting your dream life into your reality with the help of simple yet powerful techniques. 

I know how powerful manifestation techniques are because I have manifested my dream life and several other things, like weight loss, in my life with the help of manifestation. 

In this article, I will help you by letting you know 3 manifestation techniques you can use to manifest your dream or desired car. 

But before we hop on to the manifestation techniques, these steps are essential before you start any manifestation ritual. So let us learn them first. 

How to manifest a car

1. Write what you want

You should be very clear about what you want. Whatever you think emits energy. You will attract the same point from the universe because ‘like attracts like. If you are unclear, you can search well and then write it in your journal. Write about its looks, type of seats, mileage, model, color, brand, etc.

2. Visualize

Visualization makes you happier and increases your energy. Visualize your dream car standing in your garage, the feel of driving a new car, visualize riding it to work every day, the comfortable and smooth seats, its power steering, and cleaning it every once a week. Then, visualize you and your family driving smoothly to a holiday destination and see how happy it makes you.

manifest a car

Feel how happy it makes you. The more comfortable you feel, the more positive energy you attract because you attract the energy that matches your frequencies.

3. Remove negativity and limiting beliefs.

Negativity and limiting beliefs restrict your energy. They hold you back and make you more susceptible and fearful. Try to remove them from your life. Your family, friends, or society may form these.

What we see happening in the family or community or some harmful past incidents sets some perceptions in our mind that the same might happen to us. So we refrain from those things to protect ourselves from future discomfort.

But this holds us back and lowers our energy. So you must raise your vibrations, the positive energy in you, to attract more positivity around you.

4. Let it go

Don’t show desperation! Don’t cling to the thought of getting a car. You do not have to be cribbing energy. Just let it go. Please leave it to the universe. Show your faith in the universe, and let the universe guide you.

5. Believe it has happened already

This is the most challenging part and the most significant also. Because human nature is that we’ll cry for a thing until we get that. And the universe doesn’t like clinginess.

Do you think the universe will help you if you don’t believe in its power?

The universe manifests your vibration. So if it is happy and positive, like you already have what you need, you will surely get that.

But if you send out desperate and crying, lacking energies, you’ll always lack what you need.

6. Pass all the tests:

The universe will throw many tests your way to manifest a car. There will be a few things happening that will make you tense for your manifestation. But if you pass them all with happy, powerful, and positive energies, it’ll be a sign to the universe that you are in the zone and ready to get what you truly want.

How to raise your vibration and manifest a car

1. meditation

You know now that you must keep yourself away from the limiting beliefs and negativity around you. Raise your positive energy. The best way you can do this is through meditation.

Suppose you visit someone’s place and realize that that person isn’t happy to have you there or is more into something else; how will you feel?

OMG! It is the worst feeling ever! You feel ignored. Next time, you will think twice before visiting or trying to delay that.

The same is the case here! When trying to attract something in your life, you directly interact with the Mother Universe. If your mind is already filled with gloomy thoughts, I mean, there are so many limiting beliefs you will not be able to connect with the universe and convey your message correctly.

Instead, you will send negative vibes into the universe, and the process is delayed because of that negative energy she is getting from you whenever you try to interact with the universe. 

So before you start any manifestation technique, you have to meditate for a while to clear out your mind. 

Sit in a calm environment. Light up a candle, an incense stick or a sage (if you don’t know what it is, you could refer to this guide on how to burn sage), and play guided meditation or any relaxing frequencies available on YouTube. Close your eyes, focus on your breath and let out.

Candles, music, and guided meditation are just a way of setting up a mood around you so that you can focus more and more on meditation. You can also dim the lights around you to get more into this meditation. 

If you are a novice, your mind will often wander during meditation, But no worries! It happens to everyone. Focus on your breathing whenever you notice yourself thinking about something else. Initially, it might not be easy, and it might take some time for your mind to relax completely, but once you get used to it, you will find yourself more and more relaxed in a week or so. 

Initially, when I wasn’t that focused, I took help from guided meditation. After 8 to 10 days, you can try to stop using these guided meditations and try to meditate without any help. 

2. Cleanse Your Manifestation Tools 

Now that your mind is completely clear of all the negativities, it’s also essential to clean your manifestation tools like your manifestation journal, pen, marker, or any other things that will be used in your manifestation and the place you are going to manifest in. 

We often touch the manifestation journal, tools, and different people around us also touch our manifestation tools. While we do this, we transfer negative energy into the devices. So we need to cleanse these tools before we start manifesting anything.

Don’t worry! This isn’t as complicated as it sounds. All you have to do is light up an incense stick or a sage and move it clockwise and anti-clockwise around your journal, pen, or anything that will be used in the manifestation, over your head, and randomly in the space; you are going to manifest in. 

3. Make things easier to understand

You have to be crystal clear about your requirements and even the universe! The universe doesn’t understand complicated concepts. So when you ask the universe for anything, you must be as clear and detailed as possible to get precisely what you want. 

Let me explain this through an example. Someone in your class or your group wants history homework, but they come up to you and ask about yesterday’s lesson. But since they haven’t mentioned the subject, you will get confused, but if details are mentioned, it gets easier to understand and evaluate. Straight and direct things are easy to understand.

Similar is the concept of the universe. The clearer you are, the faster your manifestation takes place. You have to deliver your message to the universe clearly and precisely.  You have to decide the brand, the model, the color, the features, the condition, everything. 

Here are the three powerful manifestation techniques that can be used to manifest your dream car faster,

Fastest techniques to manifest a car

1. 777 Technique 

You all might have heard about 555 manifestations or the 5×55 manifestation technique. So it’s time for me to introduce you to the more advanced and powerful version of 555 manifestations. 

You need a manifestation journal and a green pen for this manifestation technique. Meditate, cleanse your environment and manifestation tools, and decide what you want. If you don’t have a manifestation journal, I recommend you get a new book and use it for your manifestation. If you have been manifesting for a while, I recommend you continue your manifestation in the same journal. 

Now let’s say that you want a white color brand-XYZ. So you have to convert this intention into an affirmation that should sound like you already have this car. So the affirmation will go like this, “I have a brand new white XYZ car” Now you have your information, and you are all set to manifest your dream car. 

Now you don’t have to write this affirmation 77 times, NO! You have to write this information seven times in the morning, seven times in the afternoon, and seven times at night for seven days in a row. You have to make sure that you are writing it at the same time every day. This means if you have started writing your affirmation at 8:30 a.m., for the following days, you have to note that at the same time in the morning. The same is the rule for the afternoon or at night. 

Whether you are manifesting for yourself or manifesting for someone else, it is essential to write the manifestations correctly. You can learn how to write the manifestations correctly here.

You must wonder if getting a car in just seven days is possible.

Yes, you are right! It is not.

You have to work hard for the car and, at the same time, continue to do this manifestation method. After doing this for seven days, take a two-day break and start doing the technique again. 

Working hard and trusting your manifestation with 100% belief, you will have your car in no time. When it comes to manifestation, there is no specific time or period when this will come true. You have to believe in it, and you have to trust the universe and also work hard for your desires. Manifestations help you in getting your wishes fulfilled sooner. 

2. Moon Water Manifestation 

You must be wondering what the moon water manifestation technique is. Without much delay, let us learn it! 

The full moon is one of the most potent portals to manifest anything in your life. The human body is also about 75% water. When we combine these two things, we get the moon water manifestation technique. 

For this, you need a bottle of moon water. Wondering how to make the moon water? It’s simple! You need a glass bottle filled with water. Keep it in the full moon for the whole night. 

The following day it is all set for manifestation. Every time you fill your regular bottle of water, make sure to pour a spoonful of this moon water into that bottle, and every time you drink water, you have to visualize yourself driving your dream car. 

This moon water manifestation technique can work miracles if you believe in it. 

You can also meditate with this moon water on the full moon before leaving it there. So if you leave your bottle on the terrace, you can sit there for a while, meditate in that moonlight, visualize your desires getting true while holding that bottle in your hand, and then leave that bottle there. 

3. Bay Leaf Manifestation 

You might have heard about bay leaf manifestation a lot if you have been in a manifestation game for a while now. This is because people pay so much money to get this manifestation performed for them.

But what if I say that you can do this technique at your home and without wasting much money? Of course, it is possible!

To manifest a car using the bay leaf manifestation technique, you need a bay leaf, a green candle, a green and black marker, and a pair of tongs. 

Before you start doing this manifestation, do not forget to meditate, cleanse your environment and the manifestation tools, including a bay leaf, markers, a candle, a pair of tongs, etc., and decide what exactly you want. 

Assuming that you manifest XYZ car and are done with the steps mentioned above(meditation, cleansing), write your name and birth date with the help of a black marker on one side of the bay leaf.

On the other side of the bay leaf, write white XYZ car with the help of a green marker on the other side. Hold that bay leaf near your heart, chakra near your heart, and close your eyes. Visualize yourself driving that car, and feel every emotion you will feel when you get your dream car. Visualize this for 5 minutes. Then, light up the green candle and burn this bay leaf with the help of a pair of tongs to avoid any burns. 

If the bay leaf doesn’t burn entirely in one go, and you have to repeat the process 2 to 3 times to get it to burn completely, it means there were some negativities in your mind. But no worries, it happens. You can do this technique every day. Gradually, you will see the bay leaf burning in one go. 

Collect these ashes in a small dish and bury them under a healthy tree or blow it off in the air. While burying it or blowing it off in the air, do not forget to say, “Thank You, Mother Universe.” After your manifestation comes alive, you must thank the universe for the manifestation.

After you manifest something, it is hard to wait. You always want to know if your manifestation is coming. Well, the universe gives you signs your manifestation is coming.

Affirmations to manifest a car

You may also recite affirmations to manifest a car. Here are a few. You may make your affirmations, also.

manifest a car
  1. I am worthy of manifesting my dream car.
  2. I am confident in taking the steps required to manifest my dream car.
  3. I am thankful for all the cars I have had in the past, and I know that the dream car for me is on its way.
  4. I am ready to welcome my dream car, knowing it will come to me in perfect timing.
  5. Every day, I am nearer and nearer to manifesting my dream car.
  6. My dream car reflects my success, and I am proud to manifest it in my life.
  7. I deserve to have my dream car, which is now on its way.
  8. My dream car symbolizes my abundance, and I am grateful for it.
  9. The Universe is helping me manifest my dream car, and I am ready to receive it.
  10. Thank you, thank you, and thank you so much, the universe, for bringing my dream car into my life!

Final thoughts on how to manifest a car

I know everyone dreams of a vehicle or a car. You have wanted it for a long. And so, you are here, reading this article. Try any of these manifestation methods. I hope you will surely get some help manifesting the car of your dreams.

Happy Manifestation, Lovelies!

How to manifest a car :3 easy and most powerful methods

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