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manifest love

Are you struggling to find the love of your life? Here’s how to attract and manifest love & get what you want!

Love is the purest form of emotion someone could ever have for you. It makes you believe that you are a perfect soul who deserves a chance for the beautiful heart you carry. It makes you able to unleash the real you within. It heals your past trauma, makes you confident, and gives a sigh of relief to your empty heart.

There is a person, just right there, who would be at your side no matter what! Love supports you with a shoulder on your melancholy days when your coffee doesn’t feel good, and your playlist makes your heart cry.

There is nobody who wouldn’t want love in their life. Yeah, I agree! Even though Love can sometimes hurt you and give you the most challenging time.

You can undoubtedly end up with a counselor, but guess what? With time we eventually overcome our real trauma and pains to find new love, to make things better this time, learning from our mistakes in previous relationships. 

The idea that you may “consciously build your reality through beliefs or pattern acts” is known as manifestation, and manifestation is quite a valuable technique to achieve what you want, including love.

But is it genuinely possible to display a romantic interest? It isn’t easy.

Here are some suggestions for attracting love or a new spouse, as well as some valuable daily reminders.

Steps to manifest the love of your life

1. understand the true meaning of manifestation

Before manifesting the love of your life, you need to understand the very process of manifestation. Manifestation of love is not the process of pressing the switch to open the doors of bringing the ideal partner into your life.

Manifestation will not help unless the real you within makes you feel comfortable and content with your life, even without someone around to make you feel loved. When desperation leaves your heart, and you stop believing that you need someone else to make you happy and attract the ultimate positivity in your life, that is when the manifestation of love will happen.

If you manifest with positive and right intentions, you can even manifest a text from someone or manifest it for someone else.

2. Set your intentions precisely

Always remember it all starts with an intention to get what you deserve. You must picture what you want in your ideal partner while manifesting love. Try to chalk down the qualities and level of attractiveness, financial stability, and the preferable job you imagine for your partner. Try to chalk down every minute detail that you would want to have in him/her.

Apart from the physical attributes, as far as I think, you must also manifest your love spiritually. You do not need him/her to be only handsome and appealing, but you must also consider the other side of the coin. He should be the one who respects you, your ideology, and your family and stand by your side through all odds!

How would all these things matter if he doesn’t treat you or your family and friends with esteem and love as you do? What if he is violent or narcissistic and wants things to happen according to his wish? After all, this relation of the souls would go a long way if it aligns appropriately!

Create a complete personality design that you desire for your partner. It will help you to find the preferable taste. You might struggle to find the preferred partner because, in your mind, you aren’t very sure of what kind of partner you want. Have a belief that the qualities of a partner you desire for him exist, and you will undoubtedly attract him through your manifestation

3. Get the “Why” of manifesting love

Yes, you heard that right! First, get the “why” of manifesting love- crystal clear in your mind. I advise that you consider why you are adding each trait, particularly when it comes to more ephemeral qualities, like, “I need him to have grey eyes and dark hair, ripped muscle, and be taller than me.”

However, why do you need them? Do you do it because it will benefit you or because you want him to appear a specific way and are doing it to feed your ego? Are you looking for this in your partner for him to satisfy a need you have or make others feel jealous, or make them feel low?

4. Avoid using negative connotations

Avoid using negative connotations for your to-be partner. Instead, use a positive outlook to write for your partner while manifesting. Make use of positive and powerful words to write your manifestations.

Rather than writing, ‘He should not be a playboy’; write – ‘He should be a loyal and compassionate man with a big heart!’ or despite writing, “He should not be violent or furious,” you should manifest “He should be serene and coolheaded.”The use of negative words shifts the focus more toward negativity.

The use of correct words helps you to manifest anything very fast.

5. review the manifestation list

Don’t be fickle-minded and concentrate only on the traits. You should review the manifestation list daily, or at the absolute least, frequently. Recall it. Because there are times we meet the person we are looking for, and we are so taken by the attention that we lose sight of what we seek. So the list aids in our refocusing.

6. now it is time to manifest!

One aspect of manifesting the love you deserve in your life is making a list of the qualities you expect the person to possess to be the love of your life. While there is another aspect of manifesting love which is making you believe in the complete process of manifesting the relationship. After all, manifesting-love also means manifesting your dream life, the life you both will have!

Imagine how you would be with that person when you manifest your relationship. Are you able to grow? Do you love yourself when you are in a relationship with this new person? How would you want to spend your time? How much difference would it make in your life when you enter a relationship?

7. visualize your relationship

manifest love

Make sure that your gut instincts tell you whether this is the person that you want to be with. Allow yourself to get excited about that person in your life. Then, try to find out if the vibration of that person you are manifesting matches your vibe.

Also, try to visualize where you see yourself with that person after a few years. Play the movie about how your relationship would progress, how your first date would feel, and all the integrities of your relationship with the person you are manifesting to be with. Believe one day, both of you will share your life. 

8. work on self-grooming

Here is the most critical task while manifesting the person you love and working towards your goal like any other. Always remember that nothing works in isolation until you put effort into it to achieve the desired result, let it be any of your exams or your love life!

When manifesting love, you need to groom yourself and work on your skill development, such as learning to interact with any person, so they are interested in knowing you more. You also have to work on your looks and flirting skills.

When you are done aligning your actions to your goals, there is a possibility you might find the ideal partner there just waiting for you, and this is a very crucial time for you to identify and not ignore the signs.

When you keep telling the universe to send the person with the desired qualities, the universe also tries to give its best to fulfill your dreams.

9. Inculcate all the qualities within yourself

A word of caution here for the better manifestation of the love of your life! Try instilling the qualities within yourself that you desire your partner to have.

Being on your list of desires is the last and, maybe, most challenging phase. So give yourself whatever you want from this person.

This is how you might attract someone with the qualities you want by being a magnet. Your relationship with yourself is arguably the most crucial one you will ever have. That idea is being used in this situation. Once you can offer yourself the things you want love could give you, you will attract the love you deserve.

You need to be the kind of person you want to attract! Love yourself, and appreciate your family and friends. The more you encircle yourself with loving relationships, the more you entice romantic love.

10. Align your vibrations

manifest love

You will attract others in a big way when you vibrate at the frequency of love. You want to receive love, and you need to give love. This is what the law of attraction states… you get what you give! So fall in love with yourself first.

The most fascinating and advantageous thing you can do to attract love is just to walk around feeling like you’re already in this ideal relationship—you already have the love you want because this is an assurance way to attract it.

techniques to manifest love

Manifestation has a lot to do with imbibing the feeling within yourself that you are ready to welcome a new person in your life. Many psychics will devise many rituals for you to follow to fetch the ideal partner successfully in your life. Still, I can implant you with some pro tricks, along with the practices, so you can sustain the grueling process of manifesting your love.

1. write your intentions

You can do prompt writing (here’s a great art prompt generator) of your emotions by releasing your negative thoughts and energy and energizing your soul with the confidence and positivity that is needed for you to sustain the process. This means that you can try journaling or writing a love letter to yourself and even try writing a love story putting your elements of surprises!

Write your manifestations correctly. Be clear about what you want. Start writing in the present tense as if you are already with the love of your life and leading a happy life with him.

Start writing by thanking the universe that you are with that person. You are enjoying the date with him or attending some party, and you both are enjoying life.

Write what your relationship would be like after, say, six months from now. Write about the beautiful connection of love and care you both are nurturing. Write your love story as you want it to happen! Put your dreams on a blank page as you want them. You are the author of your book!

2. say positive affirmations

manifest love

You can try telling out positive affirmations to yourself, such as 

  1. I am worthy of true selfless love.
  2. With my beauty and charm, my man won’t be able to resist me.
  3. I deserve to be treated like a queen.
  4. I am opening my heart for true love.
  5. Love comes easily to me from everyone I meet.
  6. The universe is protecting my heart and keeping it safe for the right person.
  7. I trust the universe to bring me, my dream guy, soon.
  8. He loves me like I am the last woman on this planet. 
  9. He loves giving me gifts. He is compassionate. And he adores me for who I am.
  10. I love him so much, and he reciprocates my feelings 10x more.

3. moon water manifestation

For a long time, the moon has been used as a symbolic representation of lovers and for attracting different forms of energy in the manifestation process. The cycle of the moon plays a significant role in the process of your manifestation.

You can start your manifestation on the full moon day, and it might be that you come across the right person by the time the New Moon brightens the night sky!

The full moon is one of the most potent portals to manifest love into your life. For this, you need a bottle of moon water. Are you wondering how to make the moon water? It’s simple! You need a glass bottle filled with water. Keep it in the full moon for the whole night. 

The following day it is all set for manifestation. Every time you fill your regular bottle of water, make sure to pour a spoonful of this moon water into that bottle, and every time you drink water, you have to visualize yourself with the love of your life. This moon water manifestation technique can work miracles if you believe in it. 

The pro tip here is that you can meditate with this moon water on the full moon before leaving it there. So before leaving your bottle on the terrace, you can sit there for a while, meditate in that moonlight, visualize your desires getting true while holding that bottle in your hand, and then leave that bottle there. 

4. 369 manifestation

The 369 manifestation technique is an effective manifestation technique that has been used for years by many experts. I have tried this technique in my life, too, to attract various things in my life, and I am sure it would work wonders in manifesting love too!

All you have to do is form an affirmation(some affirmations are given above), or you may create one yourself and write it three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening every day for at least a week.

5. 333 manifestation

The 333 manifestation is just like the 5×55 manifestations but a shortened version. 

In this technique, you have to write the affirmation 33 times, and I have to do this technique for three days every day. You have to write your affirmation using a red pen, and just like the 555 manifestation technique, you have to do it simultaneously every day. 

6. The whisper method

manifest love

You must try this method if you know the person you want to manifest. This is a simple yet quite effective method. In this method, imagine and visualize yourself going to that person and whispering what you want him to do or say in his ear!

Doesn’t this seem attractive? Imagine going to that person and speaking whatever you want him to do or saying three times, like, “Call Harry and tell her that you love her. ”

The pro tip is that you must say your name (as I have used here, ‘Harry’), and, secondly, you must write beforehand whatever your manifestation is so that you can repeat the exact words.

After you do the practice, imagine yourself kissing that person on his forehead and returning. Do this method daily at the same time when you feel comfortable. Repeat this method until your manifestation comes alive or something better appears!

7. make a vision board

manifest love-vision board

Do you know a vision board can also be used to manifest love? A vision board is a fantastic tool that can be used to manifest love. It is a reminder that continuously tells you about your love goals.

You can put pictures of things or life you wish to have with the person you love, like traveling together on a date, getting engaged, etc. Then, write some beautiful love affirmations that will keep you passionate.

It clarifies what you want from your partner and reveals your true self regarding love and relationships. Seeing the vision board daily fills you with joy and yearning and keeps the spirit of finding true love alive. You can learn to make a perfect vision board here.

the final step to manifest love

After manifesting and attracting love, you should always thank the universe for you manifestation. You can even thank before your manifestation comes live. Gratitude is a powerful force in the universe.

After manifesting love, let it go. This doesn’t mean to forget it altogether, but it means you have immense faith in the universe. Keep your energy and belief focused. Have a positive mindset so that you get what you want.

Some visible signs your love manifestation is coming true

When you manifest love with so much fervor and joy, the universe also works on it and gives you signs that your manifestation is coming soon.

1. You frequently come across references to their name, birthday, or other details in the environment. This demonstrates that the energy has been activated and is entering the Earthly world.

2. You fall in love with a new acquaintance right away.

3. You experience an attraction to someone. You can’t stop thinking about them; perhaps you’re even getting dreams or déjà vu about them.

4. You keep noticing specific angelic numbers. For instance, 222 is frequently seen as a sign to create a lasting relationship or to strive hard. If you see 33, it means getting ready for the new love and relationship.

5. Remember, it’s only an emotion. For the most intuitive like myself, who can predict events before they occur, you could start to feel like something is changing.

Patience is the key to success.

Even if you have used every manifestation technique known to man, there is no way to forecast timing when it comes to love. If you believe that having the perfect posture or being in the appropriate place inevitably ensures that you’ll attract the right person and he’ll be your soulmate, it might go too far.

final thoughts on how to manifest love

Manifesting love begins with self-love. When you love and respect yourself, you will naturally attract healthy, loving relationships into your life.

Instead of concentrating on the time you meet someone, be optimistic that soon you will get the love you want and deserve! You can’t accept what’s in front of you; you must believe that you deserve better.

You are in control of your destiny. Ensure that it is not deterred by the intensely satisfying feelings of falling in love.

We all need that companion, that friend, that soulmate who is always there for us. Remember, manifesting love is a journey, and it may not happen overnight.

So trust the process and have patience. Manifesting love is not about trying to control another person or force them to love you. It’s about creating a positive energy and mindset that naturally attracts love into your life.

And when you have found that genuine connection, you could use this couples devotional to grow together immensely!

Happy manifesting, love! xo

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