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Have You Wished For Something, But It Hasn’t Come To Fruition? Learn how to manifest on paper & Get Results Faster than Ever Before! 

Eventually, knowingly or unknowingly, we all are manifesting! You want something and see that picture of your dreams or affirm it by saying it continuously with confidence. What are you doing? You are manifesting!

From visualizing vivid pictures of your dreams to affirmations that infuse your thoughts with so much confidence or writing them on paper that raise your confidence and belief, manifestation methods are like a magical bridge between what you want and what you achieve.

Although I use nearly all the techniques to manifest my desires, I am kinda obsessed with manifesting on paper. Manifesting on paper is not superior to other ways, but it is a very enjoyable way of manifesting, and the way it engages your imagination and enhances clarity is amazing!

12 Methods to Manifest on Paper That Actually Work

1. Journaling

manifest on paper

Journaling means writing down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a notebook or a manifestation journal. It is a great way of manifesting anything- good health, money, love, a dream vacation, a new job, recovery from an illness, JUST anything!

Relax and think about what you want in your life. Write down your wishes, feelings, goals, etc.; just write freely whatever comes to the forefront of your mind in your manifesting journal. No strict rules for journaling!

Just whatever makes you feel joyous and abundant. I always feel thankful for the lovely, caring kids and husband who make a great family. I feel grateful for the job that I love to do.

2. Scripting

Just be the director of your own life story! Umm…write down your dreams, goals, and desires in your own words and in full detail, as if you’re writing a story. I mean, as if you are scripting your future.

Pen down your imagination where you’ve already achieved what you desire! Bring your desire to life on paper. This way, you clearly signal to the universe what you’re calling into your life.

For example, “I am healthy, both inside and out. I am strong, full of positive thoughts and energy, and disease-free. I nourish my body with healthy foods that fuel and keep me young.

I JUST love to exercise regularly; that brings me SO much joy and keeps me fit! Thank you so much, the Universe, for my great health and well-being.”

3. Writing A Letter To The Universe

manifest on paper

The universe has SO much to give! Yes, it can give you all that you wish for, everything and anything!

But my friend, writing a letter to the universe is not just about putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. It’s about tapping into the universe’s energy and manifesting your deepest desires.

So, to get started, sit down calmly and connect by addressing the universe as your friend. Greet the Universe, and date the letter as you would do when writing a letter to your friend. You may write, ‘Dear Universe… ‘.

Keep it casual and playful. Feel as if the universe is your friend, your guide. Be specific. Write down exactly what you want in as much detail as possible. Pour out your heart as you do in front of your buddy. Don’t hold back; let your imagination run wild! 

One way that has always worked for me is starting your letter by writing, ‘Remember when…’; though it seems as if you are writing in the past tense, you usually write a letter after you have achieved all that you wanted, right? 

In the end, remember to thank the universe for your desire in advance. Most importantly, it shows that you trust the universe that it will deliver your desire at the right time. Be open to receiving your desire in whatever form.

4. Affirmations

manifest on paper

Your words and thoughts have the power to change your present as well as your future. If you repeatedly say positive words, your behavior and mindset will change to a positive one, and if you keep saying negative words, the mindset also becomes the same.

Affirmations are the positive words, phrases, or sentences you write or say aloud to reinforce your thoughts into positive ones.

Write a single or multiple affirmations that you feel best resonate with you and reflect your desire in your journal.

5. 369 Method

manifest on paper

It is an easy, enjoyable, and the most powerful manifestation method.If you focus your thoughts on what you want in life with love, faith, and emotion – you can create it! You have the power to manifest your desires!

By focusing on the frequencies of 3-6-9, you can attract the things you want in life more easily. To start with, you need to choose a specific desire that you want to manifest, like” I am SO happy that my blog has hit 10,000 views a month.” Or ” I have cleared my semesters with an ‘A’ grade.”

Write down this desire three times in the morning, then six times in the afternoon, and nine times before going to bed on a piece of paper, or you can have a separate notebook or a journal for manifestation.

When you write your intention in the pattern of 3-6-9, you are enhancing your concentration on what you have to achieve. It makes you more committed to your goal.

6. 3×33 Manifestaion Technique

Create more impactful written content by using the 3×33 manifestation technique. It involves writing out your message thirty-three times daily for three consecutive days.

Choose an affirmation and write it on a piece of paper, in a notebook, or in a journal. You can keep a separate notebook for manifestations.

Try to write a short but powerful affirmation that can explain what you want to attract in your life. Be focused and aligned while writing your intention.

Repeating the same idea for three days, you try reprograming your subconscious mind, and the desire gets fixed!

7. 5×55 Manifestation Method


5×55 manifestation method is same as 3×33, just more impactful! Write down your manifestation fifty-five times daily for five days in a row.

You can manifest anything using this method. Make sure your manifestation is for your and others’ good! When you write any manifestation by hand, it engages your subconscious mind and reinforces your intention well.

It amplifies your energy and the power of manifestation. If you want to know more about this method, read my article 5×55 manifestation technique.

8. Pillow Method


Manifest your deepest desires by using this incredibly powerful pillow manifestation technique. It is an easy yet powerful way of manifesting, for which you need paper, a pen, and alignment of thoughts.

Choose an affirmation, say, “I am happy and grateful to get promoted to a higher rank,” or, “I feel so excited to drive my new car.”

Write your desire on paper before going to bed, fold it inwards (towards you), and keep it under the pillow. While writing, be focused and happy; these positive feelings send a powerful message to the universe and set the stage for success.

Before dozing off, focus on the details of what you want to bring into reality. I mean, visualize and feel the happiness of your dream coming true! It’s a simple manifestation practice that can give you pleasant surprises!

9. 2-Cup Manifestation Method

manifest on paper

Quite an effective method to affirm your wish! Know what? Water is an amplifier of energy. It increases your vibration and energy manifolds. I have manifested so much, big and small, using this technique. 

For this technique, you need to have an empty glass and another glass full of water, two paper strips; on one, you write your current reality, i.e., your present situation, and on the other one, you write your desired reality, i.e., what you want.

Paste the paper strip of current reality on the filled glass of water and the paper strip of desired reality on the empty glass. With full intention and much focus, visualize your future reality coming true and pour the water from the filled glass into the empty one.

Drink the water, feeling grateful to the universe for fulfilling your wish. I have a complete and detailed post on the 2-cup method of manifestation; if you would love to read about the technique in more detail, you can click here!

You can do this technique daily for as long as you get the desired results.

10. Manifestation Box

manifest on paper

This is such a cute method of manifesting! I JUST love this method. It is so simple, fun, and easy! All you have to do is to take any box, decorate it or keep it plain, your wish! Set your intention, what you want, and what you feel passionate about.

What can you put in the box? Anything that resonates with your dream! It is not like you have to put many things at a time. Write a letter to the universe about your dream and put it in the manifestation box.

You can write an affirmation or a quote about your intention and put it there. Apart from this, you can also put pictures or models of what you want. Say you wish to manifest a dream home or a car; put a picture cut-out or a small model of a house or a car.

Keep filling your manifestation box regularly; I would rather call it a dream box, though not necessarily daily. Do put in something related to your wish with full faith in the universe until your manifestation becomes a reality.

11. Vision Board

manifest on paper

A vision board is yet another fun method of manifesting. It’s like creating a visual representation of your aspirations that you can hang up in your room or office space for daily motivation.

Simply take a board and write down your intentions and desires on it. You may also write down your positive affirmations, mantras, or quotes on a paper related to your goals that you find connecting with your vision and pin them on the vision board.

Grab some colorful pens, markers, or paint, and add handwritten notes or words reinforcing your vision. Paste beautiful pictures that you find resonating with your dreams.

To make your vision board more appealing, you may read ‘How to make a powerful vision board.’ Writing these words physically onto the board adds a powerful element of manifestation to your vision board.

12. Grabovoi Codes


If you’re unfamiliar with Grabovoi codes, they are number sequences that can aid healing, manifestation, and spiritual growth. Every number has its own vibration, and combining the energy of different numbers can manifest a new job, a loving relationship, better health, or anything else quickly.

You can write it down or memorize it. Say if you are manifesting financial abundance, you can write the grabovoi code on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet or write them in a corner while writing your manifestation or gratitude journal.

That being said, here is an extensive post on grabovoi codes and how to use them.

Pro Tip: Always write your manifestation in PRESENT TENSE, say, ‘I am living in a grand luxurious house,’ or ‘ I am spending my best time vacating in London.’ Secondly, avoid negative self-talk or negative words like ‘not,’ ‘never,’ etc. Focus on positivity and not on negative thoughts.

Before you start writing your manifestation

  1. Whatever technique you follow to write your manifestation, your mind should be fresh and relaxed before you begin. Find a quiet place and environment where you can sit calmly. For me, the best time is early morning or before bed, or you can sit down to manifest when the children and husband are out to work! You can meditate for 5- 6 minutes. Take some deep breaths and listen to calming music.
  2. Be clear about exactly what you want; when you write these thoughts, your mind can process them better.
  3. Writing your manifestations on paper engages your imagination. As you write, visualize and immerse yourself in the experience. See if you have already received what you want. You feel those expressions of happiness on your face, making you all the more creative and connected!

After you have finished writing your manifestation

  1. After you finish writing, always write ‘Thank You, Universe’ as an ending phrase. Close your eyes and be grateful for everything you have – family, friends, dream job, business, eyes to see the world, fingers that are working, the air you’re breathing smoothly, every smallest thing around me, serving me in one way or another! Express gratitude in the most genuine way you can.
  2. Finally, let go of your manifestation. This way, you are showing your trust and unshaken faith in the universe. Release all the negativity, limiting beliefs, or attachments. Surrender yourself to the universe. Keep a positive mindset. The universe always has a better plan for you. It knows the perfect timing for your manifestation to unfold!
  3. After manifesting, do not think your work is over. Rather this is the start of working towards your goal. The universe helps those who make an effort for themselves. You must put in die-hard efforts toward your desire. Move out of your comfort zone; you may encounter setbacks, but do not lose hope, become all the more determined and keep working towards your motive!
  4. Stay patient. It may feel tiring sometimes when you manifest on paper, but it is ok. To get something, you need to be patient. Let the universe do its part!

Why manifest on paper?

 A Written word actually activates the power of the Law of Attraction. According to Abraham Hicks’ 17- seconds rule, which says it only takes 17 seconds to shift your thoughts from negative to positive.

Your vibe changes when you write and repeat; the thought sticks better in the subconscious. When you write down your goals and visualize yourself achieving them, you actually send a clear signal to the universe that you’re ready to receive what you desire.

Writing keeps you focused and motivated. It’s all too easy to get caught up in life’s hustle and bustle and forget what’s really important to us. You are clearer in your thoughts and better understand what you truly want.

Moreover, you can strategize your plan of action well. You can set goals that are achievable and time-bound!

Final Thoughts On How To Manifest On Paper

Whether it’s the practice of scripting, 369, 3×33, or 5×55 manifestation technique, or any other technique where you pen your ideal lives onto paper or moment, each method offers an amazingly unique portal to connect with the universe.

With unwavering belief, focused intention, and dedicated action, these methods push you to use your full potential, turning your dreams into realities that sometimes you are awe-struck at your transformation.

Keep harnessing the power of words. Keep manifesting!

Do not forget to share your experiences in the comments box.

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