manifest someone to dream about you

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What if I tell you that you can actually manifest someone to dream about you? Oh yes, you can!

Ahem Ahem!

My babe is eyeing some cutie next door, right?

So, you are head-over-heels in love with this person and are doing everything possible to grab their attention. 

You hit the bed at night, lost in your thoughts. Also, the first thought that strikes you in the morning is that of your crush. 

From dressing up head-to-toe in classy attires to joining the same tuition/workplace, from sending them cute Good Morning/Good Night texts to offering them help in work/studies, you are putting in genuine efforts to impress them. 

However, winning someone’s love can be a complicated process.

Is he still not reciprocating your feelings? Is he still unaware of your love for him? Are all your efforts going down the drain?

Then why not manifest him into your life? Even better! Why not manifest him to dream about you?

Yes, my love, it is possible!

I am sure you know the Law of Attraction and are trying your best to attract your crush into your life. If you try strategically, you can even manifest the love of your life to dream about you. Your presence in their dreams can create a romantic impression in your crush’s mind. 

Sounds like a jackpot? Indeed, it is! 

If you are here to know the real trick to manifest your crush to dream about you, your girl will help you out!

how to manifest someone to dream about you

Manifest someone to dream about you

1. Focus on the person who you wish to dream about you

Hey, pretty lady! I know you are quite desperate to gatecrash into your bae’s dream. Sobae’se’s the firshere’s you need to take- FOCUS!!!!

The most important rule of manifestation is to concentrate on your crush. You should be clear about your intentions. If you are in love with someone, make sure your pet is true and not mere attraction. 

Also, be highly specific about your choice. 

If you have even the minutest doubt regarding your crush, then stop right here. Set your mind on one person and be confident about your choice.

Next, you should know why you wish your crush to dream of you. 

The Universe wants you to have crystal-clear thinking regarding your choice. fore, thereTherefore, there should be no room for doubts, second-guessing, etc.

Your heart and mind should be aligned when you think of that particular person. Remember, manifestations work only for what you seek from the Universe wholeheartedly

2. Visualize yourself in their dreams

Manifest someone to dream about you

Visualization is the key! 

Unless you can visualize your crush dreaming about you, the manifestation process will not work.

Start visualizing a situation where your crush texts you in the morning with excitement. Imagine him gushing with surprise that he dreamt of you last night. Now focus on your feelings. Notice the small things- your heart racing, your breath going up and down, that feeling of ultimate bliss, etc. 

Now you have to keep recreating the same feelings whenever possible. Your mind does not know the difference between reality and cooked-up stories. Your mind takes it up as the truth if you can feel it. 

And the more intensely you visualize, the better you experience outcomes!

You can cut yourself out from the rest of the world whenever you get some alone time. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Imagine how you want yourself to appear in his dreams. You can run the entire story in your mind. Feel it as vividly as possible.

Your imagination should feel natural and realistic to you. You should imagine your happiness when your crush approaches you, saying he dreamt of you last night. Maintain a positive mindset and eliminate all the negativity that try to crowd your mind unnecessarily.

Visualization is one of the trickiest things that can make or break the deal for you. Once you master the art of visualization, consider yourself one step closer to the dreams of your bae!

3. Affirmations to the rescue

Next, you should try to make them think about you 24×7. Won’t it be greWon’t your thoughts simply refuse to leave their minds? 

To accomplish this feat, you must stick to affirmations. Affirmations are positive and empowering statements that keep you optimistic and poised. 

Affirmations can keep all your negative thoughts at bay. Also, recitation affirmations can keep you confident of the outcome. 

As the affirmations given here are for manifesting abundance, in the similar manner you can enlist relevant affirmations on how to manifest someone to dream about you, either in your journal or smartphone. Make sure that this list is easily accessible to you throughout the day. Your job is to repeat the affirmations as many times as possible.

Also, if you find yourself self-doubting at any moment, chant these affirmations to distract your mind Here’segative self-talk.

Feeling clueless as to what you should affirm to make him think of you all day, all night?

Here’s a cheat sheet of affirmations ready to get you into the action, lovely! 

  • I AM the center of attention in their thoughts.
  • He gets crazy thinking about me all the time.
  • He is highly obsessive about me.
  • He thinks of me all the time.
  • He loves me with all his heart.
  • He is planning his entire life with me.

Some additional affirmations that will turn you into this confident boss-babe, which will in turn help you manifest someone to dream about you!

  • I am gorgeous.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I am enough.
  • I love myself.
  • I am happy.
  • I am healthy.
  • I am sane.
  • I have a beautiful heart.
  • I am kind.

Keep repeating these affirmations day in and day out. Initially, you may find this funnycrush’ser, once you get the hang of the same, you will start enjoying the process. The more you chant these affirmations, the higher your chances of tip-toeing into your crush’s dream.

4. Dream about that special person

Babe, I understand entirely your irresistible urge to make him dream of you! But wait, dear!

Have you dreamt of your crush yet?

If yes, then consider yourself lucky. You have already won half the battle.

If not, then you have got some work to do!

When you dream of your crush, you are sending positive vibrations to this person. 

The manifestation process gets easier, and the universe sends signals to the brain and mind of your crush.
In short, dreaming of your crush triggers his thoughts, and he starts dreaming about you.

5. Have unshakeable faith in the Universe

Trust the Universe. 

In all probabilities, believe that the Universe is there to listen to and fulfill your wishes. Stop obsessing over your manifestations and focus on the immense power of the Universe. 

Have trust in the Universe that it will reciprocate your unshakable faith. Consider the Universe as a guiding power that can shape your desires into reality. 

Keep it simple and believe that the Universe conspires to help your manifestation come true.

Also, make sure that you have a deep-rooted belief about your worthiness. If you believe in yourself, no power can stop the Universe from granting your wish. 

Ask with all your heart, and the Universe- your very own genie, wilhere’st all your wishes. 

5 Basic Rules of Thumb to Strengthen Your Manifestation Game

Darling! Now that you know the strategies to compel your crush to dream about you,won’t’s what you should keep in mind.

Manifestation is a long-term process. Therefore, you need to stay patient and go by the book if you wish your desires to be manifested.

Things won’t work if you get impatient or skip any of the steps mentioned above. 

To make things easy for you, I am enlisting a few more tricks here to help you enhance your manifestation power. 

Here you go!

1. Be crystal clear with what you wish to manifest

Manifestation requires you to be 100% sure of your goals. Hence, you should focus on Whats rather than the Whys and Hows. You just dress’sn what you want. Leave the technicalities and complications to the Universe. 

Let me give you a couple of examples!

Do you want to buy a dress? Be clear about the dress’s cocompany’sgn, pattern, fabric, and length. 

Do you wish to get a job in your dream company? Be specific about your dream job profile; imagine yourself walking through the company’s doors. 

In short, if you wish to Here’sst something or someone into your life, you must narrow down your choices and focus on the ultimate goal. 

2. Write down your wish in the present tense every night

Here’s a secret hack that works oh-so-effectively in making your manifestations a super success!

If yo”want to manifest someone to d”eam about you and think of you all day and night, then you must try this hack.

Simply write your wish seven times in the present tense- “ XYZ dreams of me every night.”

Use a red pen to write this down on a piece of yellow paper. Now fold the paper inwards, I mean, towards yourself, and keep it under your pillow.

The following day, burn the paper and blow the ashes into the air with a grateful heart. 

By blowing the ashes into the air, you release your desires into the Universe.

Keep repeating this every night until your wish comes true.

3. Create a beautiful, organized, and soothing vision board

Manifest someone to dream about you

You must have already heard about vision boards. Especially in the new year, people love creating vision boards for the entire year. 

You, too, should try creating a vision board to manifest someone to dream about you

The vision board should be attractive. You can use lots of colorful sticky notes, vivid images, and fairy lights to create a vibe. You can learn Don’tke beautiful vision boards here.

The vision board should be de-cluttered. The dreamier and more focused the vision board is, the sooner your manifestation will come true. 

4. Don’t let negative thoughts hinder your manifestation game

A negative mind can never manifest things easily. 

So, first of all, let go of all your inhibitions. Then, feed your mind with positive thoughts and keep all your negativities at bay. Consider yourself worthy of all the good things in this Universe. 

Do not for even a single moment doubt yourself or the Universe. Instead, believe that you are worthy of receiving the blessings of the Universe.

Have faith that you can manifest your special someone to dream about you. 

If you believe, babe, trust me, you will receive!

5. Meditate to keep yourself calm and focused

A focused mind can concentrate better. Also, focusing saves you from negativities around. 

Start meditating so that your concentration power gets enhanced. Meditation calms your mind and allows you to be grateful for what you already have. 

After meditating for a while, you will find yourself more calm and composed. This phase can be ideal for visualization. 

Parting Thoughts On How to manifest someone to d”eam about you?

Have you of late felt that adrenaline rush when your crush texts you? I can feel you, girl! 

I can alreadycan’tine your blushing cheeks “s you read his messages- “Hey, bub! You wonbae’slieve what I dreamt of last night! It was you in my dreams. I am unsure what this means, but now I can’t stop thinking about you.”

I know you have been yearning to get your bae’s attention, which is why this manifestation! 

Now that you have gone through the entire article to get a gist of the hacks, I understand how badly you wish to meet your crush in his dreams. 

Fret not! I assure you that your wish will come true. You will see the signs you’re in the friend zone with them!

I have my fair share of experience in manifesting the life of my dreams. So, you can rely on my words and follow the manifestation hacks that I have shared. 

Initially, it may be difficult for you to concentrate and manifest your man to dream about you. But if you adhere to my strategies, it is my promise, mate; your crush will surely dream of you soon!

Sending loads of positive vibes your way!

Happy manifesting!

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How to manifest someone to dream about you?

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