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Ever passed by someone and thought how awesome it would be to have them in your life? You can even manifest your crush with these tips!

Ok! So it’s the new year already, and you are still single! You must have started thinking that love isn’t meant for you. 

Have you ever met someone and a thought passed your mind, “Oh Gosh! I really like this person!” Imagine the feeling of meeting someone and you are thinking of that person all the time. 

There is no such feeling as crushing hard on someone. Trust me; I married my childhood crush last year. 

Have you ever thought about what your world would be if you could manifest your crush and, in return, make them like you? What if you had the superpower to make someone fall in love with you? How amazing does it sound? 

Well, you can use the law of attraction to do so. You have worked pretty hard in your career, and you wish to share your life with someone now. Don’t worry; you are not alone. 

This new year may be the perfect time to begin your journey. I am here to help you with some tips and tricks on manifesting your crush. 

Unfolding How Manifestation Works

Manifesting is drawing someone or something like a person, event, or object into existence.

Manifestation aims to make the person or thing that you wish to become real by becoming conscious of the person or things and creating the power and energy for bringing them into being. 

While you focus on your objectives and live as per your values, you are creating the raw material for one coinciding event.

You are asking for persons or objects to be created by aiming at who, when, and what you require or must exist. 

Manifestation is quite an active process that needs your action and attention. The more you stay focused on what you desire, the easier and quicker it is to bring it into being!

How Can I Manifest My Crush Easily?

You can surely manifest your crush with the law of attraction. Not only this, but you can also manifest love or manifest that particular person to dream about you! Several manifestation techniques will help you get what you wish to have. Below, I have put light on those. 


How to Manifest Your Crush

1. Open Mind=New Possibilities

Yes, that might sound cliché, but if you are negative regarding every opportunity that passes by you, you may let someone worthwhile go. 

Remember, the key to manifesting your crush is positivity. 

When you can focus on positive thoughts and love, you can attract people and have positive possibilities in your life.

The only way to be in a relationship of your choice is to remain positive and believe in yourself. 

Always remember that love is the purest form of emotion in your heart. So, that needs to be genuine. Positive affirmations can help you stay positive. 

To keep an open mind, make space for every new perspective in your life.

When the reason to manifest your crush is endorsed by negative energy like jealousy and loneliness, you will attract negative experiences only! 

But when the reason to manifest is backed by positive energy like true love, joy, and happiness, you will manifest a loving relationship. 

2. Be Clear With Yourself

Being clear on what you wish to have is the next and vital step towards manifesting your crush. You cannot expect to manifest your crush when you are unaware of what you wish. 

Your beliefs and thoughts are like magnets that will send out energy, and as per the Law of Attraction, you will attract experiences matching your energy. 

So, if you wish to manifest any loving relationship, first, you will need absolute clarity over what you wish to manifest and why you wish to manifest it.

Manifesting is everything about the intention that backs your desires. 

Give thought to what characteristics or qualities you are looking for in your partner. How tall should your crush be? Or what color of hair he/she should have? 

The clearer you are regarding what you wish, the easier it is for the universe to deliver that. 

I am not asking you to throw your opinions away; instead, you must give your ‘ideal partner checklist’ a wiggle room!

3. Don’t just give in just because all the others are!

Situationships, fast-forwarding, sober-dating, explore-dating- there are endless relationship traits. 

Before you jump onto some urban dictionary bandwagon, I suggest you take some time to consider your real motivations. Feel the proper connection first; just don’t beat about the bush!

Ask yourself whether hopping onto the recent trend is a new way of avoiding the dreaded FOMO. 

I understand the holiday season can be challenging, and to avoid being alone, stopping oneself from latching the most convenient option is hard. You must remember that this new relationship trend will fade. 

4. Rest, Recover, Repeat

The lone way of finding someone new is to first move on from the people who are holding you back. Be gentle with yourself, take it slow, and allow yourself to heal from your past experiences. 

Until you are ready to let someone special into your life, Let go of your baggage first when you are looking for someone new. 

New adventures need you to pack light. 

5. Make Use Of Powerful Thoughts

Your thoughts do have power. Most people do not realize that you can manifest someone only by thinking about the person with enough conviction. When your thoughts are precise, clear, and pure, your desires are fulfilled automatically. 

Your thoughts will help you tap into the law of attraction that states that you get what you focus on most. 

Mark my words; your thoughts will determine the types of people you meet and the opportunities that come your way!

You should learn to use the power as it is essential to manifest your crush.

6. Write Your Love Story


You must be thinking how mad I am to ask you to write something that has not happened yet. But trust me, it works!

This technique is scripting or writing a story as it has already happened. 

Ok, let me make it clear. Write a story about yourself as well as your dream scenario.

You need not limit yourself to just one story, rather, imagine yourself being in a life with your dream person. 

Ask yourself some questions like-

What will you both be doing in your free time?

Or what exciting adventures are you going to do together? 

You must pay attention to the scenario’s details and make it pretty close to reality as possible. 

When you get up the following day, you will feel like you are in the reality you have wished for. 

7. Visualize How It Feels To Be With Your Special Someone


The next step to manifesting your crush is imagining how great it feels when you are with that person. 

Whatever focus or energy you put into the Universe, the Universe will return them to you. You ought to vibrate at the energetic frequency of your love to attract love toward yourself. 

The best way of feeling to be in love is through visualization. It allows you to feel the high vibrational energy of being in love at the present moment. 

Find a quiet place where no one will disturb you. After closing your eyes, to calm your body and mind, take a few deep breaths before you begin the visualization process. 

Visualize what you wish and how great it feels. Visualize the happy time that you both have spent together.

Visualize that person’s face and personality, or anything you will feel you are just with your crush.

You are spending time with him/her and experiencing the same feeling as if the person is with you. 

As per the law of attraction, when a person feels loving, joyful, and happy, he will attract experiences that match his energies. 

8. Recite Love Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to eliminate limiting beliefs once you have visualized them. They are the positive phrases or statements used for counteracting negative thoughts.

While you use positive affirmations, it is basically about how you feel.

One thing you must always take care of is to use powerful and positive words in your affirmations and avoid the use of negative words in your affirmations.

Affirmations to manifest your crush:

Ok, come on. Repeat after me-

  1. I am grateful and happy for the beautiful things in my life.
  2. I will soon meet my crush.
  3. The universe is bringing me a great person, perfect.
  4. I deserve happiness and love.
  5. I am ready to receive love.
  6. I am prepared to feel love to its fullest.
  7. I can recognize love the moment I see it.
  8. I am ready for commitment.
  9. I am perfect the way I am.
  10. I am worthy of love.

Affirmations work best when you truly believe what you wish to say. Just don’t say it for the sake of saying it. Imagine how you would feel when you followed through with the affirmations. 

9. Take positive actions


Just thinking isn’t enough. Your next task is to take positive actions daily to make your crush a reality, not someone who is only in your thoughts. 

You need to do something active daily toward manifesting the one you wish to have in your life.

It can be anything, such as participating in social events or attending parties where you can meet new people. 

If you wish to meet someone in a particular location, go there regularly. 

If you wish to meet someone who enjoys similar activities, you need to start participating in those. It will help you meet people with similar interests, and your crush will become a reality in your life much faster. 

10. Time is a myth

From my personal experiences, I have seen many people finding their true love at 12 years of age over a shared school tiffin, while some may find love at 64 at a sweet shop.

All experiences, be they good or bad, come with little lessons. 

The timeline of finding love is irrelevant. 

So, I suggest not being in a hurry to find your crush forever! Instead, take your time and enjoy and trust the process. 

11. Let Go

Take a step back and let the universe ahead of you guide you. Detach yourself from the results and trust the process.

The higher power will always have your best interests at heart. It is easier to say than done, but the outcomes are worth it. 

When you let go of expectations, you are permitting the universe to lead the path to your crush.

You must stay patient and calm and trust that the Universe will have your back. Even though your crush is not appearing as fast as you imagined or expected but it will come to you at the right time. 

Yes, slow but steady will win the race in the 21st century, too!

Many people are seen to give up the idea of manifesting their crush soon.

Have faith in yourself that it will happen because as you stop believing, the universe will stop delivering. 

The longer you practice the art of visualization and stay positive, the faster the universe will help you manifest him/her to you because you are aligned with the universe. 

How long does it take to manifest your crush?

From a few days, it can take a few months to manifest your crush. You cannot put the limits of time on the universe. The time will depend on how well you stay aligned with the universe that soon you will be with your crush. 

What not to do while manifesting your crush?

Negativity in any form can block the relationship from manifestation. Negative thoughts exist in the mind, maybe due to unhappy past experiences, but you must give your heart another chance to fly high!

The majority of your thought will depend on the belief that you can manifest your dream crush no matter what! 

If you are limited by negative thoughts, that is what you will receive back! So drop all the ifs and buts. Think upbeat and positive things will happen!

How do you manifest your crush if they already are in a relationship?

You can manifest your crush even if they are in a relationship because if your feelings for the other person are genuine and authentic, you will achieve that. Still, It is also important to consider the feelings and well-being of others.

It is important to respect their current relationship. Instead of focusing on a specific person, it may be more beneficial to focus on manifesting a healthy and fulfilling relationship for yourself.

Can you manifest your crush even if you are sleeping?

Manifestation involves visualizing and focusing on a desired outcome, and you may use visualization techniques while you sleep to reinforce your manifestation efforts.

Visualize yourself with your crush before sleeping. Sense the joy as if you are already with them! Stay positive always. You may repeat love affirmations, too!

Whatever we remember or visualize before retiring goes to the subconscious mind, which is active even when sleeping. So it leaves a long-lasting impression there.

Can you manifest your crush even if you have no contact?

Oh, so you guys are in no contact now! Fret not! You can absolutely manifest to get a text back from them or even be together. Given that you genuinely feel that you and your ex are meant to be together. Because if you guys are not meant to be, there’s no way the universe can make that happen. Remember how I say everything has its divine timing?!

Can you manifest your crush even if they do not know you?

How does it matter if your crush knows you or not? When you love something so much with all your heart, even the universe helps you to achieve that.

Eventually, you will see all the things falling into the right place. When you have left everything to the universe, do not worry about how things will get together!

How to manifest your crush to ask you out?

Anything is achievable with just a bit of intention and faith. Visualize your ideal outcome with your crush.

Get out of your comfort zone and put yourself in situations where you may encounter this person — if you can’t physically meet up, consider connecting via social media or video chat.

Take advantage of moments when you are close to this person, as your energies may merge and create a stronger connection.

Stay confident and optimistic – letting your true intentions shine through! It will help manifest the desired outcome of having this person ask you out!

How to manifest your crush to talk to you?

To manifest your crush talking to you, it’s important to focus on building a solid sense of self-worth and developing self-love, increasing your chances of manifesting a relationship or interaction with your crush. So, it’s important to focus on what you can control, which is yourself and your actions.

Some Powerful Techniques To Manifest Your Crush

The Pillow Method


This method involves writing an affirmation or scripting like a letter on a piece of paper, folding it, and keeping it under the pillow for a specific number of days, say a week.

Write the minutest detail about your crush. Write it in the present tense. Write as if you both are together, having dinner together, sunbathing together…enjoying every bit of life in your letter.

Try this technique before sleeping, so it is the last thing on your mind. This way, it gets incorporated into your subconscious better.

Let go of your manifestation, and the universe does its magic!

This is one of the easiest and simplest methods to manifest your crush.

The Whisper Method


Quiet a simple yet powerful technique to manifest your crush!

See yourself walking to your crush and repeating your affirmation three times in their ear. You can write your manifestation before so you can repeat the exact words every time. Speak in a clear voice so that they can hear it and understand it correctly.

After that, move out from there. You can do this any number of times. Let go of your manifestation, and let the universe do its work!

Final Thoughts On How To Manifest Your Crush

It is always magical to be in love with someone and get love in return. Manifesting your dream crush with the law of attraction, in general, needs great self-belief, visualization, and concentration.

With the start of the new year, there are many opportunities out there waiting for you. Never look back again. Here’s wishing you all the luck, love, and light in your journey ahead!

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