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Want to create the life you desire? Here we go on to manifest your dream life with these life-changing tips!

We remember the scenes from Dr. Strange in Multiverse trying hard to fix the nerves of his hand, which got damaged in the car accident, numerous surgeries and inserting rod after rod to get back to what he does best, surgeries – Neurosurgeon, poor fellow after all!

Jokes apart, he ends up having more than what he has ever imagined, and I guess that’s why we call it a movie, but I’m sure no one would mind getting right into the plate precisely what they have dreamt of.

We all live in this materialistic world where we have so much to be ticked off on our bucket lists. But, unfortunately, every time and every day, the list goes long, thanks to Instagram reels, posts, and social networking!

There is hardly any person who doesn’t have a thing in their head “I wish I had it…” or “I could do it…”. Among all these wishes, some come true while there remain some which don’t; what about them? Isn’t that worth dreaming of?

There is nothing that’s not worth trying until it’s evil in intentions. Suppose you desired to burn the office because your boss makes you work extra on weekends or wish your friend would come under a call just because he pissed you off; shit happens, and that is what life is! It is to decide to turn your shit into manure or smell the shit out of it.

In the sham of manifesting

People worldwide have a lot of tricks and psychotherapy phenomena to get their work done, but here, let’s talk about the most used phenomenon to achieve a goal and make your dreams come true – the law of attraction.

Now and then, you will come across motivational speakers, life coaches, and gurus talking about practicing the law of attraction to achieving your goals. But unfortunately, this particular thing has caused so much fuss that people tend to follow various techniques of practicing the law of attraction without even understanding the law’s motivation or intention and why it worked for someone and why not for you.

There is no denying that I don’t believe in the law of attraction; instead, I strongly believe in this miraculous “way of thinking,” I quote. But I would like to share what the law of attraction does for you.

Before that, let me ask,” Have you ever heard of the 369 manifestation method or the famous Nikola Tesla method?” For many, this is what makes the law of attraction work! They chalk down their goals in simpler words, initially 3 times, then 6, and finally 9 times.

Honestly, answer yourself. “Does writing on paper make your dream come true?” I mean, practically? Come on, a big “NO.” Imagine yourself the day before your exam, sitting on your oversized fat couch and writing throughout the day, “God, I’ll pass with an A grade,” and what happens the next day? With no preparation, you end up leaving the paper blank. So clearly, this is not what the law of manifestation is all about. So what is it?

Well, the law of manifestation creates a certain mindset that you’ll accept anything in your life but not failure. In this aspect, there is a person whose way of thinking motivates me the most, Luke Coutinho, and the least talked Adiyogi Sadhuguru, a person years ahead of his time. I have imbibed that the law of attraction is directly and proportionally related to positive thinking. It has to do so much with your mind, your way of living, the food you consume, the people you meet, and the content you consume. Everything is cyclic and interrelated with each other.

We will try to understand the law of attraction for manifestation through the example above of facing examination. Well, let’s all agree an examination is something that frightens us, and our heart misses a skip even for once. So by using the law of attraction, if you want to manifest good results in the examination, practically and scientifically, for this to work for you is-

  • Trying to leave no backlogs in studies and revise every day’s work on that day itself.
  •  As soon as the exam information is circulated, channel your energy, mind, body, and soul to chalk out what is left and how much, and then strategize the time to devote to each within the given time frame.
  • Leave no panic in mind and do a last-minute revision by making a synopsis of the syllabus by boring it down into a single sheet of paper.

The golden tricks to manifest your dream life

Now ask me, from where is this motivation coming? It’s straightforward. You end up fetching a top score from the manifestation of getting good marks in your exams, and that’s how exactly that law of attraction works.

But we can undoubtedly demark some pointers to keep in mind for your manifestation to turn into reality through the law of attraction.

1. Realizing the ultimate truth that whatever you are manifesting is not entirely in your hands

When do you manifest? When you have food on your plate, will you sit manifesting? Ah, I wish I had some food! Or start scribbling “Good food” using the so-called Nikola Tesla method.

Obviously, No! So, for your manifestations to work, understand the simple fact- half of it isn’t in your control and simultaneously realize that the other half is.

2. Understanding the practicality of the law

The Law of Attraction is the art of attracting positive thoughts. Manifestation will work for those who are peaceful in their mind and are not suffering from anxiety, depression, or overthinking problems.

It is the manifestation of positive thoughts to work productively towards achieving your goal, which is, in a practical sense, the law of attraction for manifesting your dream life.

3. Being spiritual isn’t a pre-condition for being able to manifest

Today, many successful people in this world have the slightest interest in religion or being spiritual but still give their best shot. So, we should always be aware that spirituality has nothing to do with manifestation.

When you start attracting positive thoughts to motivate your engine, which is the brain, to work on your life’s path, things align your way.

It has nothing to do with sitting hours in front of idols or chanting the names of God or having to believe in numerology or psychic tarot card readings.

4. Time is the truth

You cannot control what is not in your hand. What we have today is the present, and it is the ultimate truth that the actions that are done in the present time decide what will be manifested and what is not.

To manifest the dream life, the effort you put today into the current will materialize the life you want. Trust the process and keep on putting in your efforts.

5. There is no specific way or method of manifestation

Since manifestation depends on your brain’s working, there isn’t any particular way your brain functions to keep it motivated and to work towards your goal.

Many might disagree about the Tesla method, but I don’t think only scribing helps achieve the dream life you want for yourself or chanting names, either!

6. It is okay if you don’t believe in it at all

So far, I have made you understand what manifestation is and how the Law of Attraction works.

One obvious thing is that it is a way of attracting positive thoughts and motivation into your life to achieve your desired goals, but what is more important than what we are talking about here is, drawing a positive mindset and mentality of never giving up.

So does your ordinary prudent mind says that if the mind is burdened with overthinking and attracting negative thoughts, will it attract the manifestations of your goals?

The answer to it is, ‘No, it will not!’ People diagnosed with anxiety, depression, or any mental health disorder is what can make people face trouble in manifesting their desired goals through the law of attraction.

Because they would be attracting negative thoughts and their mind, which will deplete their product activity and the efforts needed to put will be lowered.

Another side of the story is the one who is busy manifesting good things will happen to them often miss out on working toward the path of the process of dreams come true.

This is because they solely depend on manifestations so much that they do not put into turning their goals into reality, and that is how their plan backfires.

Things you can do to enhance manifestations

I will tell you what; I have a list of things you can consider to boost your manifestations. Interested? Yeah! Here you go.

how to manifest your dream life

1. Transparency of goal

This is crucial because your journey will be a cakewalk if you know the path. If you are clear about your goal, you will remain motivated toward your objective. Conversely, working without a clear intention loosens your interest in pursuing the goals. The one who knows what he wants is the one who gets so.

2. Focus 

Staying focused on your work is challenging when so many other things distract you. Focus on your goals, chalk down your priorities, and devote your mind only to those things that matter the most. You may also set a time limit for the completion of your goal.

3. Visualization

Visualizing your goal helps manifestation like none. You should have a clear outcome of your success in your mind. Visualize as if you have achieved your goal. Feel happy about it. Dreams are the ones that don’t let you sleep.

4. Target small

Manifesting a big goal at first isn’t a good idea because, if not fulfilled might bring you disappointment leading to a cycle of depression and anxiety. Set a small goal, manifest and work toward it. Once achieved, use the encouragement toward manifesting a bigger purpose.

5. Relax your mind

Keep yourself calm and composed. Stop overthinking. This indeed distracts you, and you might lose focus on the target. Free your mind from the clutter, and the rest will follow!

6. Let go

Let go of certain things that have happened in the past, are still haunting you, and are toxic for you. They drain all your energy, and once you let go of those things, your brain gets space to rejuvenate. You will think more positively, and your brain will be more creative.

7. Raise the vibration

The universe is made up of energy, and energy is not stationary. It keeps flowing. So everything in the universe vibrates. The thoughts and emotions are also energy. Thinking positively creates positive vibrations and vice versa. Whatever pulses you give are eventually reflected.

If you learn to send your positive vibrations in the right direction, you can be a magnet to attract optimistic people and favorable circumstances. Raise your vibration by following the ways,

1. Exercise

As the adage goes, a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. To keep your mind fresh and activated, even if you are not a fitness freak, a light workout and yoga would greatly help. It helps to de-clutter your life and progressively enhance your mind’s health.  

2. Meditation

how to manifest your dream life

Peace of mind is of the utmost essentiality for manifestation. If your mind is constantly busy chirping, it won’t be able to focus on essential things in life; hence, sitting in a secluded place for some minutes and visualizing is an integral part of manifestation.

3. Journaling

Journaling is a great way to keep track of your progress. We often keep working hard towards our goal but can’t see any improvement; this is where journaling is of great help. It helps to identify the areas we fall short on, rectify our mistakes and work towards a better life.You can write your goals , your achievements, your daily tasks that you do towards your dream. It is a great way to keep yourself managed and inspired towards your goal.

4. Vision Board

how to manifest your dream life

When we aren’t proactive enough to remember things and tend to forget things, a vision board comes in handy. Writing your vision boldly near your study can help so that out of sight, out of mind won’t be the case.

5. Affirmation

Starting your day with affirmations is an excellent idea. It acts as fuel for your engine and brain. It sets the tone of the day. You can select and set the right intention for the day. When you speak the glow-up affirmations aloud, you listen to them, which raises your focus, and boosts confidence in what you are affirming.

8. Trust 

Good things are coming! Don’t get frustrated if you fail any attempts toward your dream. Whatever you go through prepares you for what you want with all the more strength than before. Instead, it acts as a catalyst that helps you to overcome all the obstacles in the way of your dreams.

Do not get discouraged because discouragement directs to bad decisions. So trust the process and let things fall into the right place!

9. Feel the process as present

Imagine yourself genuinely living the situation. It encourages you and motivates you. Think as if you have already got what you want, even though you have not received it yet!

Feel the same pleasure that you will feel when you will get your manifestation comes alive. This gives you peace within.

Moreover, it creates the same type of energy within you and around you. If it is cheerful and lively, it will induce positivity in you and vice-versa.

10. Gratitude 

Know what? Gratitude can change your destiny! To start thinking right, the first thought in mind should be gratitude. It creates the highest power in you. Always be thankful for what you have.

Be grateful for your health, your body, and your brain, the food you eat, and all that you can do. It helps to create a sense of completeness in mind and relinquish good experiences.

Manifestation works for me- My experience.

Ending with my own story of how manifestation has worked for me. Back then, when I was in elementary school, I had done all my preparations for the big exam day, and it went smoothly. After the exams, I was very nervous about the results, but I was pretty sure I would score well.

So I kept on manifesting my development, and guess what? I passed with flying colors, and not only that, I secured a top rank. So that’s how are the recipe of manifesting for attracting the dream life some positive thoughts, a good amount of effort, and a positive mindset.

Final thoughts on how to manifest your dream life

If you want something in life, you can have it! Yes, indeed, you can. If you have thought of an idea, you can have that too! If you are clear about it and focus on it properly, work hard on it, and put the action behind it, you can have it.

Instead of just saying, I want to be successful, I want to be rich, or writing them a hundred times in your journal or this or that…, you need to put in all the effort you can.

You need to change certain things in life to manifest your desires and dreams. If you manifest big goals, you should be positive with yourself too! One thing you must never forget is that it requires patience. Congratulate yourself when you make an achievement. Remember one thing: if you hunger to achieve whatever you want, you will achieve it, no matter how big!

how to manifest your dream life

Happy Manifesting…

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