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Breaking up with the love of your life is a painful experience. But you can now learn to manifest your ex back!

The pain lingers on no matter how hard you try to move on. This is especially true if the relationship is mutual and full of love. Being in a relationship for a long time makes you dependent on that person.

You get habitual of your partner. And one fine day, if someone tells you to give up on your habit, it feels so unbelievable! Your friends and family members will try to make you comfortable. But this pain that you are going through is something that only you can feel.

Others won’t really understand your situation even if they try to do so. If the agony is getting unbearable with every passing day, and it seems impossible to see a future without him, then there’s one way out of this mess! Manifestation!

Manifesting your ex back into life is possible. If you are here reading this article, you are already considering reconciling with your ex. Let me then help you with the manifestation process. But before we start, let’s first understand whether making these efforts is worth it!

Was it even a Healthy and Loving Relationship at All?

manifest ex back

It is extremely important to ask this question to yourself. Were you happy in that relationship? Did he/she love you as much as you deserve? Was he loyal to you ultimately? If everything was perfect, why did you break up at all?

Was it him who left you? Or did you ask for a break? Or maybe it was mutual? The purpose of asking these questions yourself is to understand whether you are still in love or just missing the habit of being in a relationship! 

Give yourself at least a day or two to introspect. And proceed with manifestation only if you are 100% sure about this relationship. 

Does Your Ex Also Want the Same?

See, manifesting someone into your life may seem all dreamy and magical. But using this positivity tool on someone adamant about not coming into your life is impossible.

Is your ex, too, going through the same pain as you are? Is he repenting his decision to break up with you? Does he want you back, too?

Manifestation will work only if your ex wants to return to your life. However, the Universe cannot grant your wish if he has decided not to come back together with you.

See, manifestation cannot force someone to work against his free will. So, go ahead only if you are sure he wants you back and loves you with all his heart.

Can I manifest my ex back?

You can undoubtedly manifest your ex through the law of attraction, but always understand that it is not a magic wand! You must maintain patience and a positive attitude and understand that he will return to you if he is the right person for you.

11 Tips to Manifest Ex Back in Your Life!

1. Be clear with your intentions.

manifest your ex back

You should be extremely clear and confident about your intentions. You must understand why you want him back. Do not try to control his life. Manifest your ex only if you are sure about his feelings.

You need to ensure that you are truly in love with your ex. To make it clearer in your mind, you can write down your ex’s name in your diary. Also, mention the reason why you want him back.

If the answer to your “why” is negative, like loneliness, revenge, etc., you will manifest negativity in your life. And if your “why” is influenced by positivity, such as bliss, joy, etc., then you will be blessed with positivity all around.

2. Get rid of your limiting beliefs.

manifest ex back

Do not allow any negative feelings to dictate your life. Negative thoughts only fill your mind with negativity and attract negative events or outcomes. 

For instance, thoughts like “He does not want me anymore,” “He loves someone else,” and “I am going to be a loner all my life” will act as significant barriers to your manifestation process.

So, let go of all your negative thoughts and believe in your intentions and the Universe. 

3. Affirmations to the rescue!

manifest your ex back

Use affirmations to strengthen the manifestation process. Repeating the right set of affirmations fills your mind with positive energy. Also, reciting these positive and glow-up affirmations is a counter strategy to keep negative thoughts at bay.

Whenever you doubt the outcome of your manifestation, start chanting these positive affirmations. You can also repeat them daily and before bed to maintain that positive vibe.

Affirmations are most effective when repeated regularly and with positive actions toward your goals. Here’s a list of positive affirmations to manifest your ex back in your life:

manifest your ex back
  • I am worthy of receiving all the love in this Universe.
  • My soulmate is coming to me.
  • My life is filled with romance and true love.
  • My relationship is filled with respect, love, and honesty.
  • I am worthy of love and affection.
  • I am capable of giving and receiving love.
  • I choose to surround myself with love and positivity.
  • I am open to experiencing love and joy in my life.
  • I trust in the Universe to bring me the love I desire.
  • I am deserving of love and happiness.

You can also recite rose quartz affirmations to attract love in your life. It is known for its energy of love, compassion, and soothing. I love it for its healing and calming properties, as it is believed to help with stress, anxiety, and emotional issues.

4. Visualize yourself together with your ex.

Manifest your ex back

Visualization works like magic when it comes to manifestation. The more vivid and detailed your visualization is, the better and quicker the outcome of your manifestation!

Take this as an exercise that you need to do every day. You can go to your room or any quiet place where no one will disturb you. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Now imagine yourself with your ex. Imagine that you are back together and are totally in love with each other. Make sure you feel these moments intensely as if they are happening for real!

The more intense your feelings are, the sooner you can attract your ex back into your life. You can also make a vision board to help you set your intentions and relationship with your ex.

You can put pictures that you think relate to you both, or if you have pictures of both of you, you should put them on the vision board. For example, talking to each other, going on a trip, etc. I mean, put pictures that are relatable to both of you. Put the vision board in place that is easily visible to you.

5. Don’t think about the “Hows.”

The human mind is highly analytical. Your mind will try to find logic in everything. That’s why it is obvious to go after the “Hows.” But do not commit this mistake, and let go of this rational thinking when you manifest something.

You can also recite the affirmations for letting go, calming your mind, and attracting abundance and love in your life. All you are required to do is to stay positive, maintain your composure, and have faith in the power of the Universe. Know that the Universe listens to you and grants your wishes. 

6. Don’t get too attached to the outcome.

This is perhaps the trickiest part of manifestation. You will have to stay detached from the outcome of the manifestation. Simply put, babe, you must let go of your manifestation and chill!

Do not go overboard with your expectations. Don’t get affected by whether or not your ex comes back to you. Simply maintain that optimistic vibe and enjoy the process. 

7. Have patience in the process.

manifest ex back

How long does it take to manifest your ex back? Well, you must be patient while manifesting your ex back! Being patient can be extremely helpful in manifesting your ex back into your life.

Impatience will let doubts creep into your mind. On the other hand, patience can help you stay focused. It is necessary to understand that manifesting your ex can take a long time.

There is no fixed time within which you can expect your ex back. So you must stay calm and maintain patience to witness the desired results soon.

8. Trust the Universe with your whole heart

The Universe is this HUGE wish-granting factory that listens to you and conspires accordingly to make things fall in place in your favor. It works in the most mysterious and secretive way possible. 

You should have an unshakable faith in the Universe if you wish your manifestation to be successful. Have all your trust focused on the Universe, and you will get back your ex in your life.

Techniques to manifest your ex back

Several manifestation techniques will help you get what you wish to have. Below, I have given some techniques to manifest your ex back that can really work wonders if your intentions to get your ex back are genuine!

1. Witchy pocket  

You need a white piece of paper, a red pen, and a red candle for this technique. Before you start, you must meditate to relax your mind and ensure you are in a quiet room. 

Once you’re relaxed and in a calm place, analyze your wish exactly. There are specific key points you need to consider and follow. For example, if you are on talking terms, you can directly manifest a meet, a date, and then a relationship.

But if you guys aren’t on talking terms, you must follow the steps that include communication first, then a meeting or a date, and finally, a relationship. I mean, you need to take planned steps carefully and cautiously! 

So once you analyze what you want to manifest, light up a red candle and write your wish with your and your partner’s name on that white paper with the red pen.

Now fold the paper towards you and then make both the corners of the folded piece of paper meet in the center. Seal this with the wax of the red burning candle properly. Keep this piece of paper in your Wallet till the wish is fulfilled. Once your wish is fulfilled, dispose of this piece of paper in a stream of water. 

2. Wallpaper technique  

This is another useful technique that has proved beneficial for many of my known ones. Everyone has a couple they look up to. They might be some celebrities or some characters from a web series.

So take one of their pics and a pic of you and your ex together. Make a collage of these two pics, and design it so there is a blank space beside them. Write what you want to have in these blank spaces. Keep this pic as your wallpaper until your wish is fulfilled.

3. Honey jar

As is the name, so is the technique. This is a very easy technique to manifest your ex back! Take a jar filled with honey. Take a picture of both of you and write a positive affirmation, like ‘He loves me’ or ‘We are happy together,’ etc. Dip the picture in the jar and keep it safe and private until your manifestation comes live.

What to Avoid at All Costs While Manifesting Your Ex?

manifest ex back

You must avoid certain things at all costs while manifesting your ex back.

1. Do not keep stalking your ex like a professional detective.

Darling! I know how eager you are to talk to him. But control your emotions right now. Let things happen naturally. Impulsive decisions always do more harm than good. 

So stop stalking your ex on social media. Do not comment on his social media posts. Also, stop giving him missed calls from unknown numbers. In short, maintain a “no contact” period. You will have to wait for his call or text to come first. Let him take the first initiative!

2. Try maintaining a distance from your ex as long as he does not text you back.

Stop hovering around your ex. If you both study or work in the same place, maintain a complete distance from him. Also, do not look for opportunities to be visible to him. Do not use any pretext to be around your ex. Let him miss you and come back to you. 

3. Do not force your presence on your ex.

Avoid creating situations where your ex gets to see you quite often. Take this as a cooling-off period and take a break. If you continue to be around your ex, it can misfire. Your ex may find you clingy and desperate enough. He can think that you are forcing yourself on him. 

4. Do not spend all your time thinking about your ex only.


Babe, I know how much your heart is aching right now. But you should behave like a mature adult. Because of this breakup and manifestation, you cannot simply ignore yourself, your life, and the people around you.

You need to put yourself together and behave responsibly. Focus on your studies or the work at hand. Be good to your family and friends. And most importantly, pamper and love yourself. And leave the rest to the Universe. 

5. Stop blaming yourself for the breakup.

You need to stop doing that immediately, girl! Rather, consider the breakup as a blessing in disguise. Understand that this breakup has made you realize your love for your ex. Also, take this as an opportunity to restart your connection and get rid of all the shortcomings in your relationship.

Some fAQ’S concerning how to manifest your ex back

How long does it take to manifest your ex back?

My dear friend, manifestation is no magic! It is not time-bound. It may take a few days to months, or sometimes even more, to come to life! It depends on how genuine you feel for them and how eager you are to get them back in your life!

Just be positive and patient. Do not let negative beliefs hover over you because any worries or doubts about your ex will block manifesting.

Does manifesting your ex back really work?

Yes, there are no doubts that manifesting your ex back is possible! If you love them with all your heart, the Universe will try to bring you together again and forever!

Can you manifest an ex that hates you?

Yes, you can surely manifest an ex who hates you. But you will have to keep tolerance and an optimistic mindset. Send them positive vibes first. But this is possible only if you are hopeful about your relationship with them. Recite positive affirmations, like,

  • I radiate love and positivity in all my relationships.
  • I let go of past hurt and chose to move forward with love.
  • I am grateful for the love in my life and attract more every day.

Try to understand their feelings instead of being negative and judgmental about them. If they have negative feelings for you, it is not easy to come out of those thoughts overnight.

It will take time to overcome that aggression. Give them time to rethink the relationship. You will have to manifest slowly and in a planned manner.

Do not expect big things to happen in a single go. Stay focused on what you want in the end. I mean, just do not let negative thoughts overpower the positivity!

Final thoughts on how to manifest your ex back

In a nutshell, a breakup can be a life-shattering experience for anyone. So, I request you learn from this incident and take your relationships seriously. If you are happy in a relationship with a person, never let your ego shatter your bond.

Make sure you stay sincere, loyal, and committed to your partner. And also ensure that he reciprocates the same. There is no reason to quit a relationship if everything is going well. True love, my dear, is rare. And if you are lucky enough to chance upon it, do not let it go ever!

Now that you are missing him so badly, I want you to stay calm and focus on your purpose of manifestation. Follow every hack that I have shared here and have trust in the Universe. I promise you will have him in your arms soon!

Till then, don’t forget to take care of yourself! See you soon, bub!

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