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You know you can script manifest to make your dreams a reality. Learn the correct technique and script your dreams!

Scripting is a powerful tool to manifest if done the correct way. Read on to learn the proper technique for scripting your manifestation!

At some point in your life, there is something that you wish to have. You tried hard but failed to get it, but there you go- still longing! Now, what will exactly help you get that?

Registering negative thoughts about your mission in achieving your goal will create significant psychological disturbances. Instead, for me, Manifesting has always proven helpful. 

The law of attraction says that you can easily attract the things you want in your life by just developing a positive attitude towards it and focusing your energy on getting in. Now, that is all about having a high intensity of positivity. 

What is the need to script manifest?

manifest script

I think scripting manifest is a creative way of bringing your desires and longings into reality. Words have great power; you use this remarkable power to create what you want.

When you script your desires, you put in all your feelings and visualize them happening in your life. Moreover, Scripting makes a powerful impression on the subconscious mind, which we tend to remember for longer. You can use the 5×55 manifestation technique to script your manifestation.

You remember your goals better when they are written. Remember, when you were young, the teacher always used to say, the more you practice, the longer and the better you will remember!

You focus on your desires with positive thoughts rather than negative ones.

Since you are here reading this blog, I presume you want to know the tricks to script manifest. My idea of script manifesting is a reliable and easy method of focusing all your energy on something you wish to have, and I will tell you how I have used it in my life.

I will also offer some examples that will help you start with the script manifesting spot on!

What is Script manifesting?

manifest script

Writing down about things you wish to buy or things you intend to attract in your life, such as love, is what script manifesting talks about. I have even used script manifesting to accomplish my goal in high school. 

I know people who write about the dream life they wish to have. Some write a complete story about how they want their love life or partner to be; others even write their affirmations. You are the author of your dream life!

In high school, I was not very good at Mathematics. So, I scripted a manifest to get an ‘A’ in this subject and focused on positivity. To everyone’s surprise, I did manage to secure an A grade in the subject.

The Law of Attraction says that you can have the kind of life you want by giving birth to positive thoughts about it. I call it like breathing things into existence.

I feel the law of attraction works positively and negatively, depending on what you say yourself!

Now, I have a dream life I think to lead, and there are people around me who I love- my parents, my husband, my in-laws, and my kids.

And because I love them, I sometimes become too concerned about their safety and well-being–…I am so worried at times that I start overthinking, like what will happen to them if something bad happens to me, so many thoughts overriding in my mind! And what are the best ways to protect them and make them feel loved, and blah, blah, blah!

This negative or over-cautious thought triggers my brain circuits and leads me to stay with fear and negativity. Come on! We are human beings, and this is human nature!

While these weird, baseless negative thoughts push me towards a dark phase, boosting my positive willpower channelizes positive energy, which helps me to think better for their health and well-being.

And there I go saying- ‘Go to hell my negative thoughts, I will attract only the positive, and my loved ones are doing their best all the time! I will stay strong by their side whenever they need me.

Also, when practicing the Law of Attraction, remember not to balance yourself for any traumatic events or physical or emotional harm caused by others.

Not even any difficult circumstances count for it. Remember one thing- it is not your fault if something wrong happens- NEVER EVER!               

Have you ever believed in visualizing?

Visualizing has another alternative- and that is what we call Scripting! Script manifesting isScriptingsualizing your future and safe and secure ideal life! (Which we all dream of- Don’t we? I certainly DO!!!)              

Say you have a midnight craving for ice cream and got one from the local ice cream cart. You expected this ice cream to be tasty and yummy, but much to your dismay, it is bland and has a chalk-like consistency.

But think of what your heart desires to have- An Ice cream! And all you did was go on the street to quench your craving.

If you take it positively, cultivating good thoughts about the ice cream, you can even make yourself feel that you have the best ice cream on the planet despite its lame taste. That is the power of the law of attraction! 

Cultivating negative thoughts about the ice cream will only make your heart sad and upset. It will enhance your longing for the taste you could not have for what you paid, and I am pretty sure- the next thing you would have in concern is just thinking of the money you spend in getting it to make your mood even worse. So PLEASE DON’T SPEND YOUR ENERGY ON THESE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!

And walk down the path to find the methods of script manifesting I have on the list for you.

What are the steps to script manifest?

1. Make a start with a positive and grateful heart

manifest script

Do you know that manifesting works best and only when you are approaching it with a positive and grateful heart? Well, that is true.

Simply focusing on something with a thought that involves the word NEED makes the universe believe you are complaining about what you lack. However, this message can be toned with positivity with gratitude.

Just be thankful for whatever you have. This can be like being grateful for a beautiful house, pleasant weather, good family and friends, a healthy relationship, and the love you get from your pet.

To stop complaining about the lack, you can take this no complaining challenge!

I maintain a gratitude journal! I have a journal kept particularly for scripting because this helps to record my manifestations, and I can refer back to them whenever needed.

Get a beautiful journal with a bright and appealing cover and fine pages that you love to use it. After all, you are scripting your dream life in it! So you are attracting your dreams, right?

2. clarity of thought

You should be very clear about what your intentions are! You must be crystal clear about what you desire. Clear thoughts make scripting easier. You know, whaScriptingt, it becomes easier, and you can write more effectively. Vague and unclear thoughts cultivate negativity in mind. Before scripting, you must understand what you are going to manifest.

3. Stick to the use of only PRESENT TENSE

manifest script

The rule is to use only Present tense- no past tense, no future tense, and there you go! You will get to see the magic.

I consider it the trickiest part- because I have to tell myself a sweet lie about the present to ensure my future takes the shape of exactly what I want it to be. 

This means when you are script manifesting, you must act like you are already relishing your dreams. Write like you are living your goals.

If you want to visit Cancun in 2023, pen it down like, ‘I am on a trip to Cancun with my spouse, spending time at Chac Mool Beach.’ And it should nowhere read, ‘ I want to be on a trip to Cancun with my spouse, spending time at Chac Mool Beach.’

4. Fit in concrete details about the events you script manifest

What if I say the more detailed your script is, the more likely it will come true? Ahhh ha! There you go, there you go!

When writing about your desires, it is important to incorporate the specifics. Ask me WHY?

Because it helps you to properly focus on the things you want to run after them, not just visualize, make sure you use all your imagination to describe the events, textures, fragrances, tastes, and sounds you will be experiencing when you meet your goal. 

It could be like- My new dress smells like pure cotton that is soft and comfortable for my body. It makes me look hot and appealing!

5. Script the feelings of achieving what you dream

Think that you are in a time machine that takes you to the future where you are leading a life you dream about. What does the picture say?

You could feel like you have hit the jackpot, come a long way, and become successful with this new job, house, and car, happy parents, and a good partner who cares for you.

Write as much as you can about all these you have achieved- about your job, house, car, family, and how caring your partner is, how grateful you are to have him in your life. 

If you want, you can even write a whole book on this- trust me; there are no points for over-explanation, no judgment for right or wrong answers.

Even if you wish to write just one word to represent what you desire to have, that too counts, babe!

And if you want to take it a step ahead, keep the script under the pillow when you sleep.

6. Throw light on things you wish to have

I know it is easy to start thinking about things you do not want to have. But your goal is to avoid such negativity- they tend to play mischief with all your manifestation efforts. And you know what to do. STICK ONLY TO POSITIVE THOUGHTS.

How do you script manifest powerfully?

Are you still looking for tips to make a good script?

No worries! I am still here at your service!  

  1. When you script manifest, manifest what is achievable; say you are earning $1000 a month and want to manifest a raise; you cannot manifest making $10000 from next month onwards. You will get a raise according to your capability and skill. Move step by step. You need to put in hard work. You cannot sit idle and expect everything from the universe!!
  2. Start with how success would make a difference in your life, like how it makes you feel. (Mmmmmm…ONLY POSITIVE THOUGHTS ARE ALLOWED HERE).
  3. Always trust your script. They are the truth you want to relish. Believe in what it has. 
  4. Action speaks louder than words- and that is 100% true. Script manifesting is not magic, meaning whatever you have penned down won’t simply start to happen all by itself. You will have to work towards achieving it but with all your positive energy focused on it. 

Now say you have a crush on someone in your office but dress up like a nerd and love staying shut; it’s a bet that you will have a hard time grabbing this guy’s attention!

Stay Positive, dress modestly, speak up in a low voice, and show some interest in your gesture. Now that is going to draw some attention towards you. 

What to do after scripting manifestation?

1. take action:

Once you are done scripting your manifestation, you can take action toward your goal.

Scripting your manifestation does not mean your work is over, as you have left everything to the universe now! Must have heard the typical saying,’ God help those who help themselves.’

2. trust the process

When it comes to manifestations, it is not time-bound. Depending on the circumstances and the manifestation itself, it can come live as soon as it is done, in a few days, or may even take longer.

Scripting manifestation does work in bringing your dream life to reality. Some manifestations may take longer to come to fruition than others, depending on the complexity or difficulty of the manifestation. It is not bound by time or any other constraints.

3. let it go

Script your manifest with confidence! There is no place for ifs and buts! You must keep your vibrations high.

There is no room for limiting beliefs because if you cling to all these negative feelings, you won’t have room for positivity. The universe does not like desperate and frantic feelings. Do not feel stressed out and obsessed.

Let it go, and let the universe do its magic!!

4. gratitude

manifest script

Do not forget to thank the universe before as well as after finishing scripting. You can also create your scripting affirmation or simply put your initials with the date after writing ‘THANK YOU SO MUCH, UNIVERSE.’This makes your conviction more firm in the universe.

How many times should I script manifest? Or do I script every day?

These are the questions that my clients often ask. I, personally, script manifest once( one manifestation at a time) and just let it go.

I don’t write it again and again or read it again and again because doing this makes you tackier and adherent to the manifested thought.

It is not like you cannot make multiple manifestations; in fact, everybody does, but focusing on all of them equally becomes challenging.

Script a few manifestations at a time, depending upon you, so you can focus on them properly and keep your vibrations raised and aligned. Let your manifestation go, and then you can manifest more!

scripting manifestation example

Below is an example of a manifestation that my daughter scripted for herself. Put in each minute detail of what you wish.

script manifest

Once your manifestation turns lively, your faith in the law of attraction increases, and you get connected to scripting and manifest more.

final thoughts on how to script manifest

Pal, The law of attraction is all about positivity. Keep your focus on the goal you want to achieve. Keep your vibrations raised and aligned and script it. You will have results in your favor.

Dream big and manifest big! The universe is like a sea…a sea where there is plenty of everything you can wish for. You can get anything you desire; you deserve the life of your dreams, so go grab it!

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