write manifestations correctly

How to write manifestations correctly: 8 tips to treasure

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You know, you need to write manifestations correctly to bring them to life? So why wait, Here’s how you can do that!

Though you don’t need to be an astrologer or an LOA guru, not even an author or a gifted writer, to craft the perfect manifestation text, but you want to express your desire to the universe adequately.

Who else can better express that feeling of want for you except ‘you’? So, try to write your manifestations yourself. But they must be written correctly so that you can express your desire to the universe in the best way.

write manifestations correctly

All you need is a pen, paper (or a word doc!), and the desire to draw what you want into your life. 

Writing your goals down is a simple way to stay motivated. If you can master the habit of creating them and writing them down, you’ll train your brain to be goal-oriented and give yourself the motivation to move toward success.

What Exactly are Manifestations?

Manifestations are the process of using your thoughts, words, and emotions to create a desired result in your life. It is believed that, through harnessing the power of your subconscious mind, you can manifest whatever you desire – whether that be money, relationships, career advancement, or personal growth.

By believing and affirming what you want in life, focusing on gratitude, and being mindful of how you spend your time and energy, you can use manifestation principles to create positive change in your life.

Some Examples of Manifestations:

  • I have everything within to achieve success.
  • I am open to being the best version of myself.
  • I accept love and greatness into my life.
  • I open my mind and soul to creativity.
  • I welcome positive energy in my life.
  • I release all of my insecurities.
  • I have a right to fulfill my dreams.
  • I am capable of self-love.

So now that we’ve covered what manifestations are, how do we use them?

How do you Manifest?

Everyone manifests differently. There are many techniques like the bay leaf ritual, the infamous 369 methods, or creating vision boards, but the easiest of them all is through writing them down on a piece of paper with the most positive words, 100% belief, and will to make that sh*t happen.

Why Should you Write Down Your Manifestations anyway?

Writing down your manifestations allows you to take ownership of your desires and encourages you to be more mindful and intentional with your words, thoughts, and actions. It also serves as an important reminder of what it is that you are striving for and helps keep you motivated when things get tough.

Writing down intentions will help clarify the steps you need to take to make the changes you desire in life. Additionally, it is a great way to track progress and measure success along the journey.

So, How do you Write Manifestations so it comes true?

1. Choose Where & How to Write your Manifestations

Pick a medium and template that works for you – paper or digital. It could be a special notebook, journal, or even the notes app on your phone – the choice is all yours!

I would probably choose pen and paper as a phone can be a major distraction, and when you jot things down, it sticks in your mind better than any digital medium. But if you do not have access to it, there’s no rule about not using it as well! 😉

2. Set The mood right

write manifestations correctly

For most people, manifesting is their “me” time. It’s a little slice of their day that they carve out for themselves, away from the hustle and bustle of their regular routines.

This little “breather” is essential since it allows you to reenergize and recenter yourself while clearing your mind. As a result, you’re more prepared to channel positive energy while taking the necessary actions to make your manifestations come true

So, set the mood, ensure your environment is calm, and eliminate distractions as you write. A popular addition to manifestation spaces are candles, plants, and gems.

Incense can also be used to purify the room’s air and energies while infusing a soothing aroma that can help tap into your inner power and positivity. 

3. now make sure your mind is stable & filled with positive thoughts

write manifestations correctly

Getting into the zone isn’t just for physical athletes! Mental athletes also need to get into their zone. However, it’s best to meditate to manifest and write manifestations effectively. You can do this by sitting calmly for 5-10 minutes and distracting yourself from any haste.

  • Take some deep, long breaths, then breathe at your own pace.
  • Don’t try to force it, speed it up, or slow it down!
  • Feel grounded, connected to the Earth, and at peace. Then breathe in, breathing your roots back up.

4. Start with “I.”

write manifestations correctly

Sometimes, it can seem selfish to constantly use the word “I” while writing. However, when creating manifestations, it’s perfectly acceptable – expected even!

When speaking good things into the world, you want to let it know who you’re talking about and where all that goodness should be delivered to – you! I mean, you do attract what you are!

5. Write in the Present Tense

Manifestations are about speaking your dream scenario into the world so that it becomes a reality. That considered, it’s best to write as if you have already achieved your goal. 

For instance, if you want to manifest a house, instead of writing it like, ‘I want a big house’ or ‘I wish I had a big house,’ write it like – ‘I am so thankful and grateful to live in this beautiful, huge house. I am enjoying every inch of it. I love it, and this is everything I have ever wanted.’

6. Be Clear and Concise

A commonly asked question regarding writing manifestations is, “How long should my manifestations be?” But that’s a bit like asking, “How long is a piece of string?” Just as there are no limits to what you can manifest, the length of your manifestations can be limitless too! 

Since repetition is part of manifestation, you don’t want it to be too long. So, while you could write a manifestation paragraph, it’s best to keep it to a sentence. 

How long should the manifestation be? I believe ten words are the best length for a manifestation that’s easy to repeat and write and sounds good. 

Some people in the spiritual community also argue that the universe prefers simplicity. As in, it’s easier for the world to understand what you want and give it to you if you speak clearly and concisely.

7. Be realistic about your vision

Write down your goals, your dreams, and your ambitions. It’s a simple practice, or so it sounds simple practice!!

You have to be specific and clear about what you need. It should not be something that seems impossible to happen. Like, if you manifest to top the exams when you have not studied throughout the year.

Or, you cannot manifest 100K followers in 1 month when you have just started your youtube channel today. It is not realistic. It is not something you can believe 100% blindly.

So if it is just not convincing to yourself, how could you expect the higher power or your subconscious mind to accept it?

So start by writing and believing step by step. For instance, I am so super thankful that I now have 200 followers on Instagram. It’s just been a month, and I’m already thriving. And then maybe you can manifest 600 in the next month and then 1200 and so on.

You get the point, right?

8. Add Context and purpose

While it’s best to keep the primary manifestation straightforward, simple, and concise, including a little side note about your motivation for writing the manifestation is always a good idea. Say, instead of just writing out your goals, write down how you’ll feel when you achieve those goals. 

So, instead of just writing down what you want, include why you want it.

For example, instead of just:

“I live in a large house.” 

“I want a car.”


“I live in a large house with big windows and a large garden to enjoy the breeze and nature every morning. It is east-facing, near the market, and has all the amenities that I ever dreamt of.”

“I am driving a brand new, black Mercedes with a sunroof. It has a gorgeous beige interior and a dazzling sound system that screams luxury.”

Think of it as though you’re explaining your desires to the universe, giving it all the juicy deets you want to see in person.

Now, how do you put your hard work to good use?

1. Repeat what you want- make it a ritual

Reaffirm what you desire and speak it into reality. You can write your manifestations however many times you want in a day, but I suggest writing them daily rather than desperately writing them just once.

Or, if you are unclear about it, you could choose a written manifestation method like 5×55 or 3×33, or even 369 to simplify it.

A large part of making your manifestations a reality is being consistent. While it’s okay to miss a day of writing your manifestations, it’s still crucial that you keep the faith, positivity, and growth mindset that will help you to attract the fruits of your desires into your life. 

How do you Make Writing your Manifestations a Ritual?

For me, it’s as simple as sitting down, grabbing a pen, opening my journal, and getting started! I repeat that same routine every day at the same time, so it has become a ritual – simple as!

But I will also admit that it feels like a ritual in more ways than one. This is a relaxing time and a lovely reminder that anything is possible, helping me to take on the rest of my day with positivity and newfound strength!

2. Make your effort

Writing it down doesn’t mean your work is over. I really wish it was that easy!

You have to work in that direction too!

Let us say you have manifested good grades in your exams. But that doesn’t mean you are free to chill just because you’ve written it down. You will have to study for it too.

Manifestation helps guarantee that you get the rewards for your hard work. It is not magic. It is tricking your mind into giving you what you’ve longed for, worked hard for because you freakin’ deserve it.

3. Let it go

You might be thinking if I’m talking crazy! This tip is pretty straightforward, and surprisingly it is very effective. You make your manifestations and write them down. You believe it in, and then you forget about it. Easy peasy!

Writing them desperately every other day or performing every other manifestation technique under the roof doesn’t guarantee that it’ll happen. In fact, the universe returns back your craving energies in the form of more wait.

Don’t think about it all the time, like, ‘Will my manifestation come true?’ or ‘When will ‘so and so’ thing happen?’ Don’t be clingy. You have told the universe about what you want. Now let the universe play its part, and you get busy playing yours (a.k.a. the hard work)! Give it some time; things will fall into place at the right time!! So just let it go!

This helps you to remove yourself from the outcome while making manifestation fun. As a result, your energy toward manifestation improves, usually leading to better results, making your manifestation process faster! With time you will be able to manifest anything fast.

You might be surprised how many manifestations have come true after a few months or a year. Just make sure to fill the journal with enough short-term and long-term goals to see some progress.

What Not to do When you Write your Manifestations

1. Never Say ‘Never’: Words to Avoid While Manifesting

write manifestations correctly

You must never use some words while writing your manifestation down. For instance, don’t wish, had, not, etc.

So instead of writing manifestations like

  • I am never short of money.

Write them like

  • I have a continuous flow of money.

I have a whole article about words to avoid when manifesting, so you’re free to check that out!

And according to the Law of Attraction, you attract the thoughts you think toward you. So if you say positive words, you attract positivity, and if you say negative words or have negative thoughts, you will attract negativity…it is as simple!

I know that manifestation can be daunting. You will use your immense power and influential energy to contact the universe. You have the potential to alter your life and essentially become a magnet for great things – of course, and you don’t want to get things wrong. 

Neither did I when I first started manifesting. I was almost too scared to ask for anything at all! I was paralyzed. That’s until I had a “lightbulb” moment that sounded slightly like … 

“What does my dream future look like?”

It was easy and oh-so clear. All I had to do was envision my ideal of a perfect life. Then, all that was left to do was write!

Final Thoughts On How To Write Manifestations

Creating and writing your manifestations consistently can help you achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of. I hope it works wonderfully for you, and I wish you the best of luck in your manifestation journey – sending good vibes your way!

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