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Don’t let that Netflix call lure you back into your oh-so-tempting rut!

Got a case of the ‘I need a break’ blues? Do you also take shelter under the same ol’ Netflix binge and Pinterest scrolling game when you finally get some precious me time?

Sometimes you just need a break from the hustle and the most common me time ideas, amirite? Oh, babe, I gotchu!

You know what they say – “Variety is the spice of life.” So, let’s spice up that me time with some brand-new, wicked cool ideas that are just the perfect way to hit refresh on your alone time and get pumped for some serious chillin’!

Who’s ready to check ’em out!

What is considered me time?

Think of me time as your personal oasis, a sanctuary where you can escape the daily grind and focus on your own thoughts, feelings, and well-being. It’s an opportunity to unwind, reflect, and do something that you genuinely enjoy.

Whether that’s curling up with a book, indulging in a luxurious bubble bath, or even trying new hobbies, the point is to have a blast while giving yourself the break you deserve.

What is one good way to have me time?

One good way to have me time is to do something that you truly enjoy, whether it’s reading a book, taking a relaxing bath, or going for a walk in nature.

It’s important to prioritize taking care of yourself and doing things that make you happy in order to maintain a healthy mindset and avoid burnout.

Now, lemme give you some fun me time ideas, k?

1. Extreme Hammock Chillin’

That’s right – take your hammock game to the next level! Find a beautiful spot between two towering trees, string up your hammock, and let the good vibes roll. Feeling adventurous? Opt for an aerial hammock and literally hang out with the birds.

2. Nighttime Under the Stars

Why not turn your stargazing sesh into a full-blown “me-time” party? Set up a cozy spot in your backyard or a nearby park with fluffy blankets, popping string lights, and some relaxing tunes. Become one with the universe – or just snap cool Insta stories.

3. A DIY Spa Day Extravaganza

Transform your bathroom into a spa-worthy oasis! Light some candles, get those essential oils diffusing, and indulge in your fave face masks. Bonus points if you whip up your own homemade treatments out of your pantry. Hello, avocado facial!

4. Explore Your Inner Picasso

Get your creative juices flowing and play around with different art styles. Buy some acrylic or watercolor paints and let your imagination go wild. No need to be a pro – just have fun and channel your inner Frida Kahlo or Bob Ross.

5. Up Your Culinary Game

Spend some time learning new recipes or perfecting your existing sills. Cook up a storm, experiment with flavors, and have fun with it. Bonus: you’ll end up with some delicious dishes you can feast on! Nom nom nom.

6. Cinematic Marathon

Pick a random theme (think: foreign films, indie flicks, or 90s classics) and binge-watch to your heart’s content. Oh, and don’t forget those mandatory snacks: popcorn, ice cream, and your favorite pick-me-up drink.

7. DIY Soap-Making

Transform your bathroom into a tiny artisan soap shop by trying your hand at soap-making! Pick your favorite scents and colors, and make your bathtime even more special with customized soaps.

8. Laughter Yoga

Oh, what’s better than a laughter shot for the rushing endorphins! It’s a blend of yoga, breathing exercises, and lots of laughter. Not only is it a healthy way to unwind but the best way to make yourself feel lighter and happier!

9. Mindful Meditation Retreat

Give your mind a break with some well-deserved mindfulness practice. Find guided meditations online or try a meditation app to help you tune into your inner zen master. Take it up a notch with some aromatherapy and mood lighting. ✨

10. Throwback Dance Party

You know what I’m talking about – pump up the volume on your fave tunes from back in the day and bust a move (or two, or three)! No one’s watching, so go wild and relive your awesome dance floor memories.

11. Get artsy and zen with some Zentangle doodling

Zen-what? Zentangle! It’s this super cool way of doodling that’s part creative expression, part mindfulness. Even if you’re not the artsy type, you’ll have an epic time trying out different patterns and designs while also destressing. Win-win!

12. Learn some wicked card tricks

Impress your friends (and yourself!) by learning a few dope card tricks. There are loads of tutorials online, and you’ll have a blast practicing them during your me-time. Plus, the next time you have a get-together, you can show off your new skills. Hey there, magic master!

14. Retail Therapy Done Right

Hit up the mall or shop online to snag something nice for yourself! You don’t need to spend a fortune—find a cute accessory or bargain goodie that’ll put a smile on your face.

13. Create your very own custom mocktail

Ever thought about concocting your own drink? Spend your me-time experimenting with different fruit juices, sodas, and garnishes! Once you perfect your recipe, you’ll be the talk of the town for your ah-mazing custom mocktail.

16. Runway at Home

Feeling stylish? Organize a fashion show in your own living room! Mix and match your wardrobe, experiment with makeup looks, and strut your stuff while blasting your favorite tunes. Move over, Vogue, we’ve got a new model in town!

15. Unplug and Chill

Detox from the digital world for an hour (or more!). Turn off your phone, power down the laptop, and clear your mind. Snag a good book, meditate, or just watch the clouds drift by—whatever helps you unwind.

18. Master the art of Origami

Go old school with some traditional Japanese origami! The internet is a goldmine of tutorials for all skill levels, and it’s super satisfying to turn a simple piece of paper into a beautiful masterpiece.

17. Sharpen your brain with some mental gymnastics

Forget about regular old crossword puzzles or sudoku. Instead, why not dive into some brain-teasing, mind-bending puzzles and riddles? You’ll have plenty of fun while also giving your neurons a good workout.

19. Take a Scenic Drive

Find that perfect road (you know which one I’m talking about) and let your car take you on an adventure. Bask in the beautiful scenery and let your stress vanish with each turn.

21. Plan a Paint and Sip Night

Grab your fave bevvy (I’m suggesting wine but as you wish), some paint, and a canvas or paper. Let your creativity flow and enjoy a chill night in while sipping on your favorite drink.

20. DIY a vision board for your future goals

What better way to spend your alone time than creating a dope vision board filled with your dreams and aspirations? Grab some magazines, scissors, and glue, and start manifesting your ideal future! It’s not only fun but also really motivating.

23. Dive into Your Own Personal Book and Brew Club

Pick a new book, make a cozy spot, and sip on a hot cuppa while getting lost in the pages. Fairy lights and fuzzy blankets are a must-have! Brew it up and book it down; it’s the perfect solo book club!

22. Take Yourself Out on a Solo Date

Why wait for someone else? Dress up, and go out for dinner or a movie! Crawl through a bookstore, go shopping, or even go on a long drive. Treat yourself to a solo night out because, hey, you deserve it!

24. Indoor Gardening

Bring nature into your home with indoor gardening! Fairy gardens, succulent arrangements, or even planting your own little herb garden—there are endless ways to get your green thumb on. Plus, who wouldn’t vibe with plants as roomies?

25. Sharpen Your Chef Skills with New Recipes

Put on that apron and whip up a dish you’ve never made before. Challenge accepted! Mastering new recipes will turn you into a culinary genius in no time. Or even better, choose a mystery ingredient and create a recipe around it.

26. Binge on Brain Candy with TED Talks

Why not learn something new? Enter the rabbit hole of fascinating topics with TED Talks. So many interesting conversations await!

27. Get Outdoorsy with a Scenic Hike

Nature’s calling, you better answer! Find a beautiful trail nearby and get lost amongst the trees. Nothing beats the peace of a solo walk through nature. Don’t you agree?

29. Serenade Yourself with Karaoke Sesh

Everybody got a jam. Even you! Toss those inhibitions out and belt your heart out to your favorite tunes. You’d be surprised at how therapeutic it can be.

28. Do some rock painting

Why stick to plain canvases when you could be painting on rocks? This twist on traditional painting is not only super fun but eco-friendly, too. Just grab some rocks from your backyard, get some funky paint colors, and unleash your inner Picasso!

30. Make a Passion Project

Choose something you’ve always wanted to learn or do, then give it a whirl! Whether it’s learning to sew or starting a blog, your me time is extra rewarding when you’re on a passion pursuit.

31. Explore Your Neighborhood

Become a tourist in your own ‘hood! Check out local parks, visit a small business you’ve never been to, or discover a hidden gem. You might just find your new fave spot!

How do I schedule my time for myself?

Making time for yourself can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you’re juggling work, family, and other commitments. But never fear, I have a few tips to help you sneak in that much-needed me time:

  1. Prioritize yourself: Sounds simple enough, but it’s often easier said than done. Remember that your well-being is just as important as anything else in your life. So don’t feel guilty about putting aside time for yourself – it’s essential for your mental and emotional health!
  2. Get intentional with your calendar: Schedule your me time just like you would any other event. Treat it like an appointment that cannot be canceled, and, most importantly, stick to it.
  3. Keep it manageable: Start with small increments – even just 15 minutes a day can make a world of difference. But of course, the longer, the better!
  4. It’s okay to say no: Don’t be afraid to set boundaries and decline invitations when you need to. Protect your me time fiercely – you deserve it!

Wrapping up these crazy good me time ideas

And there you have it, beautiful – 31 fresh and fab me time ideas to help you step up your chill game. You’re now totally equipped with all the inspo you need to ditch the mundane and take some much needed time for yourself.

So why not try out some of these spiced-up me time activities and feel your stress melting away? And hey, don’t forget to share this blog post with your besties – after all, sharing is caring! Happy relaxing, babes! 😘

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