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Get Ready to Kick off Those Lazy Vibes With the Ultimate Morning Routine for Weekends Now!

After a week-long rush of work and errands, we all look forward to weekends. Weekend mornings, especially, are something that we cherish a lot.

Slow mornings, lazy weekend vibes, and that ultimate blissful feeling of having no rush to step out for work or studies keep us happy and warm from within.

But what if I say there’s much more to weekend mornings than just sleeping in till late?
With a morning ritual in place, you can make the most out of your precious weekends.

Wanna know more about how to create a weekend morning routine?  Hold tight and scroll down the blog post!

Here’s a Perfect Morning Routine for Weekends!

1. Set an alarm that allows you to sleep in late

morning routine for weekends

Sleeping in can be tempting on weekends. Catch up on that beauty sleep, but remember, too much snoozing can mess up your sleep cycle.

It is a pure waste of time. So, set an alarm at an unusual hour, at least 2 hours later than your weekday alarm.

Give your body the much-needed rest it deserves. This will remove the sense of urgency, and your whole day will be relaxing and peaceful.

2. Water is the way to go!

The first thing that I do after waking up is to hydrate myself. Make it a point to prepare a bottle of water at your bedside. It’ll wake up your insides quickly and help flush out toxins.

It should preferably be at room temperature, no less, no more! Sip in water slowly; don’t chug in! Drink at least two glasses of water slowly as you enjoy the slow vibes.

3. Soak in the morning sunshine

morning routine for weekends

Go out on the terrace or balcony. A backyard or lawn will do, too! Enjoy the warm sunshine and fresh air outside. Witness the beauty of nature and enjoy the view.

Stay there for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Your body will be actually happy to soak in lots of Vitamin D, which will make you strong and healthy.

4. Read a few pages from your favorite book

While you are out there in the sun, try reading a few pages from your favorite book. You can read any book that uplifts your mood and cheers you up.

5. Get Your Zen On

morning routine for weekends

Now, this may sound like a drill. But trust me, you will fall in love with the process every time you do it. Meditation soothes you from within. 

Sit down, take deep breaths, and let your mind chill out for a moment. It declutters your mind. It helps you mentally and physically, and you ace towards a more productive day.

And meditating on Sunday mornings can be extra soothing, as you know that there’s no rush of work ahead.

6. Feed Yo’ Soul with a Tasty and Nutritious Breakfast

I know you literally gulp your food down with a cup of coffee while you are on your way to work. And I kinda do the same whenever I am running late for college.

But my weekend breakfasts are always special. And so should be yours! Make it a point to have a delicious and healthy breakfast on weekends.

If needed, make the preparations for the day before. Relish your first meal of the day and eat slowly as you experience the flavors hitting your tastebuds!

7. Surf social media for 30 to 45 minutes

morning routine for weekends

Instead of doom scrolling throughout the day, allocate 30 to 45 minutes for social media scrolling on weekends. 

This social media detox will keep you entertained, happy, and updated with all the latest memes, trends, and gossip. And you can stalk your ex (just kidding!).

Once these 45 minutes are over, put aside your phone and focus on spending your weekend more productively.

8. Hit the gym or work out at home

Unlike weekdays, you can actually afford to spend some extra time on your weekend workout routine. Put on your favorite activewear. 

Get ready to ace it and hit the gym. You can even work out at home by following detailed workout videos on YouTube.

9. Enjoy a cozy bath

morning routine for weekends

Bathing can be fun! I know this sounds unbelievable, given that you spend just 10 minutes every day in the cold shower!

The morning rush to get ready and reach your workplace right on time robs you of the joy of bathing. So, make your weekend showers extra special.

Deck up your bathtub and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath while sipping in your favorite wine and listening to soothing music. What is self-love if not pampering yourself?

P.S. Scented candles can escalate your mood in no time! Remember, weekend bathing shenanigans should always be extra special! 

10. Invest your time in your favorite hobby

Weekends are perfect for dedicating time to the things you love. Whether you’re a bookworm, fitness fanatic, or amateur painter, dive into your favorite hobby and let your creativity run wild. Not only is it fun, but it also helps you destress and unwind from the busy week.

A good weekend routine allows room for nurturing your hobbies, too, with whom you lost touch a long while ago!

11. Set a goal or two for the day

morning routine for weekends

Every weekend must have an agenda. Otherwise, your weekends will seem wasted.

You can have goals such as going out shopping, catching up with old friends, surprising family, going out on a dinner/movie date with your man, enjoying a spa day, etc.

So, make sure you set your weekend goals first thing in the morning so that these days go smoothly and hassle-free. 

12. Weekend Review & Planning

Put on your planning cap and lock in your game plan for the weekend. Reflect on your wins and lessons from the past week and set killer goals for the next. 

Don’t forget to schedule the most important things and some downtime, too – weekends are for chillin’, after all!  

13. Treat Your Skin: Pamper Yourself with a DIY At-Home Facial 

A good skincare routine makes you look good and feel good! End your morning routine on a high note with a luxurious DIY facial.

Whip up some homemade face masks or try out that new skincare product you’ve been eyeing. Your skin will love the TLC, and you’ll feel refreshed and ready for anything the weekend throws your way!

5 Mistakes to Avoid If You Wish to Have a Seamless Morning Routine for Weekends!

1. Sleeping all-day

morning routine for weekends

While this seems like a lucrative opportunity, sleeping will leave you tired. Also, the rest of your day will go wasted.

Weekends are not meant just for sleeping. You can sleep in, relax, rejuvenate, and do many different things if planned properly.

2. Staying in through your entire weekend

Some of us prefer to stay indoors because we are so tired of traveling daily throughout the week.

You say NO to all the party invites, dates, movies, and get-together plans. You cannot give up on new experiences in life!

Enjoy that morning stroll with your bestie. Get ready for that dinner date, dress up, and put on some makeup because you want to!

Dance like crazy with your friends! Go out on a solo date with yourself, visit a cafe, and indulge in retail therapy! These experiences make you feel alive and kicking.

3. Eating junk throughout the day


Did you have a pizza the first thing in the morning? 

Babe, you need to be careful! Starting your day with junk food can ruin your entire day. Bloating, acidity, and lethargy can make your weekends less enjoyable.

4. Not preparing for your weekends in advance

I always make necessary preparations for my weekends well in advance. Whether planning a small weekend getaway or staying in to enjoy the weekend, I make the to-do list well in advance!

This saves a lot of time and confusion. You wake up with a clear mind and don’t have to spend your morning deciding where to go and what to eat.

5. Being too hard on yourself

morning routine for weekends

Hustling has become the new normal. There will be people around who will judge you for taking it slow on weekends. They will want you to be on your toes, even on weekends.

I’d say- ignore them!

You do you!

If you want to upskill on weekends, that’s your call. If you wish to relax, that’s your choice. But don’t be too hard on yourself when you wake up a little late on weekends.

Final Thoughts on Having a Morning Routine for Weekends

Ever since I have charted out a morning routine for weekends, my life has changed 180 degrees.

Earlier, I used to go with the flow. But now I get excited about weekends and look forward to them. I know I have so much to enjoy and experience on weekends. I feel even more refreshed for the next week! 

So there you have it – an insanely perfect morning routine to improve your weekends! Give these tips a go and watch as your weekends transform into fabulous mini-vacays. 


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