powerful words to use wile manifestation

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Are you looking for powerful words to use during manifestation to make them come live faster? Guess, we’ve got the complete guide!

Manifestation- you might have heard this word recently in many celebrity interviews and have seen many videos about it on TikTok and Instagram. This is one of the most in-trend terms and can help you attract anything you want. If you have heard something about manifestation, you might know that manifestation works on the concept of energies and affirmations that we send out in the universe.

Does that mean that whatever we speak or write gets transferred into the universe? If this is true, then whatever we write or speak, be it positive or negative, moves into the universe, isn’t it?

The power of words

Words are potent tools, and using them correctly can help you achieve anything in life. They have the power with the help of which you can create your dream into reality. In other words, you can say that by using powerful and assertive words, you can manifest your desired reality.

But what are these so-called powerful words? This blog post will explore some of the most powerful words to use when manifesting your intentions. By using these words, you will make your manifestation stronger and quicker. This will increase your chances of success and help you achieve your goals faster.

Which powerful Words to use during Manifestations? 

Now that you are clear with the basics related to manifestations let’s spring on to the seven words you should use in your affirmations to strengthen your manifestation. 

1. I Am 

The words ‘I am’ say a lot in themselves. When you are manifesting, you should own and believe every wish you wish for. Manifestation is all about trust and faith; the easiest way to show that trust to the universe is by holding your affirmation. You must speak aloud glow-up affirmations daily to boost up your confidence.

When affirmations start with ‘I am…’ it simply means that you believe in that affirmation wholeheartedly. When you manifest, you should always write your wishes in the present tense as if you already have that thing in your life (learn how to write manifestations correctly here). So when you start your sentences and affirmations from these two words, you own your wish; you show the mother universe that you believe in her fully and that even if your desire hasn’t come alive yet, you think that it will come soon.

Some examples of ‘I am’ affirmations are- 

  • I am attracting abundance.
  • I am the topper in every examination,.… Etc 

2. Thank You, Universe 

The other rule of manifestation is always being grateful to the universe. Always thank the universe for your manifestation. So when your affirmations have these words ‘Thank You, Universe,’ it simply implies that you trust the universe with full faith.

I know the wish hasn’t come true yet, but you thank the universe before even receiving it. You know, this makes your manifestation ten times more powerful. So if you are manifesting something and using these words in your affirmations, you are automatically making your manifestation much more potent than it already is! 

Some examples of using ‘Thank You Universe’ in your affirmations are- 

  • Thank you, the universe, for my love life. 
  • Thank you, the universe, for the job I have.
  • Thank you, the universe, for curing me completely. 

3. Grateful 

In the last point, I have already explained the importance of thanking the universe. Just like the words ‘Thank You, Universe,’ ‘Grateful’ is another word that can help you make your affirmations more powerful. 

It is just a synonym for ‘Thank You Universe’ and can be employed and used in your affirmations in numerous forms. Examples of using this word in your affirmations are: 

  • I am grateful that my family is very supportive.
  • I am grateful to have a desired job now. 
  • Finally, Finally, Finally, I am grateful that I am free from any health issues.

4. I Attract 

Manifestation is a way of attracting the desired life into reality. You start shifting your dreams into reality by using the words ‘I attract’ in your affirmation. 

Our base motive is to attract a dream life into reality, and what other way is better than using the actual words of our intention in our manifestation? 

Examples of using this term in your manifestation are- 

  • I attract abundance in my life. 
  • I attract the love of my life.
  • I attract perfect health.

5. I Have 

Just like ‘I am’ the affirmations starting from ‘I have’ also indicate that you own your affirmations. The difference is you can use ‘I have’ affirmations when you are manifesting something materialistic. 

Using this phrase in your affirmation indicates that you believe that you already have that thing with you and that you trust that the mother universe will grant that thing to you.  

Some examples of I have affirmations are- 

  • I have the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max. 
  • I have the ideal relationship ever. 

6. Let Go

What if you don’t want something in your life and you feel that using a negative word is the only way to manifest that thing? Well, in that case, instead of using the words like no, never, etc., you may use the words ‘let go’.

Use the word ‘let go’ in your affirmations if you want something out of your life. Using the word ‘let go’ is much better than using any negative words. 

Some examples of using this word in your affirmations are-

  • I’ll let go of the XYZ person of my life.
  • I let go of all the negativities from my life.
  • I’ll let go of the XYZ health problem I am facing. 

7. Effortlessly 

And the last word to attract anything in your life is ‘effortless.’ During manifestation, we may have thoughts that tend to make us believe that whatever we manifest is challenging to get. In that case, mentioning the word ‘effortlessly’ in your affirmations can easily indicate that you believe in the universe and accept that you don’t have to struggle to make your manifestations come true. 

Using the word ‘effortlessly’ in your manifestation helps your subconscious to believe that getting anything is not that difficult for you and that you can get anything without any struggle or extra effort. 

Some examples of using the word ‘effortlessly’ in your affirmation are-

  • I effortlessly attract abundance in my life. 
  • I effortlessly attract a positive tribe into my life.
  • I effortlessly attract luck and balance in my life. 

Now that you’re aware of the seven words you should use, let me familiarize you with the words that shouldn’t be used in your affirmations. 

words not to use while manifestation

Do you know that manifestation can be tricky if you don’t know how to form your affirmations? This can also be a long process if you don’t use appropriate words in your manifestations. Therefore, let me explain which words you should not use while manifesting.

1. Negative words or negations

Since manifestation is based on positive energy,and you can manifest anything with a positive attitude like, manifesting a car, or weight loss or even a text from someone. On the other hand, using negative words in your affirmation will send out negative energy. Even if you manifest a positive thing using these words, your manifestation can get delayed, or you might face some blockages. So you should avoid using negative words.

Avoid using words like not, don’t, can’t, haven’t, never, impossible, etc. For example, instead of saying, “I’m not good at math,” say, “I am a competent math learner. Say, if I am manifesting that I should never have a shortage of money, I’ll use the affirmation that says ‘I have continuous money flow’ instead of ‘I am never short of money’ because the prior sentence is more positive and hence more powerful. Instead of thinking, “My life is worthless,” think, “My life is worthy.”

Some other words that you must take care of while using in your manifestations are:

2. Don’t

You should not use the word ‘don’t’ in your manifestations. Because if you use the word don’t in your manifestation, it ultimately indicates opposing energy. Instead of telling the universe what you don’t want in your life, you should let the universe know what you actually want in your life.

3. Maybe 

The word ‘maybe’ clearly indicates a sense of doubt. When you use maybe in a sentence, it indicates that you are not 100% sure if the universe will fulfill your manifestation or not.

It also indicates that you are okay if you don’t get that thing! This sense of doubt makes your manifestation literally useless. The universe won’t grant you if you are in the sense of suspiciousness about wanting it. 

4. Need 

If you read the word ‘need’ you will clearly & directly get desperate energy from the word itself. The word need or want shows lack or absence of something. And as I always say in my articles, you don’t have to be desperate and thence, send low energy into the universe if you have to attract something into your life. It is essential to be confident and sure about your desire but not desperate. So avoid using the word ‘need’ in your affirmations. 

5. Probably 

The word ‘probably’ again indicates a sense of doubt and uncertainty. If you want something in your life, you should never be skeptical about it. You should not use the word ‘probably’ in your affirmations and ask, ‘I probably want this thing to happen by probably this date.’ Just be sure and direct about your affirmations!!

6. Never 

The word ‘never’ is such a negative word. This word ‘never’ sends out negative vibes in the universe. Instead of letting the universe know what you never want to happen, is it not more appropriate to let the universe know what you want to happen? Right! The clearer and more positive your affirmation is, the more powerful your manifestation!

7. Someday 

When you’re manifesting something and want it to happen by a particular time, you have to manifest and mention that time period in your affirmation. Suppose you mention the word ‘someday’ in your manifestation, it clearly shows that you expect your manifestation to happen someday but that ‘someday’ will never come as you haven’t mentioned the exact period. You have to mention the exact time when you want your manifestation to come true. 

8. Can’t

Remove the word can’t from your dictionary when you manifest anything and replace it with the word can. Instead of letting the universe know what can’t happen in your life and why you can’t do something, it is better to mention what you can do, what can happen, and what you want in your life.

Do words make a difference while maifesting? 

Importance Of Using Correct Words during Manifestation 

The words and formation of affirmations play an important role in your manifestations. Whatever you are delivering into the universe comes to reality via your manifestations. So you must be precise and careful while using the words while forming affirmations if you want your manifestation to be powerful and if you want your dreams to come into reality quickly.

Your manifestation should be as precise and direct as possible, so proper wordplay is necessary for that. Whatever you affirm will come to life if you use the correct words in your affirmations and your wish is manifested as you desire. 

Final thoughts on powerful words to use during manifestation

At times when you are manifesting something negative, for example, if you want someone out of your life or if you want something to never happen in your life, you have to be very careful while forming your affirmations. You have to ensure it is in the most positive way possible. I have tried to help you with these tricky concepts through this article. I hope these words help you out in your future manifestations.

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