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90 pacifying protection affirmations to always feel secure

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Want to protect yourself and your family from negative energies and feelings? It’s time to Recite these protection affirmations daily!

There are weak moments of fear and insecurity in life when you feel as if the world for you has come to a standstill! The world is so uncertain that we always worry about the wellness and safety of our family.

We all want to feel truly secure in life, don’t we? To move through our days feeling confident and protected rather than anxious and overwhelmed. Anything could happen in the world, but that doesn’t mean it has to wreck your inner peace. That’s why this post is here!

In times when you feel insecure or unsure, protection affirmations give you strength and help you feel safe. They can change your mindset from a negative to a more positive approach toward your life. You feel calmer, more peaceful, and more pacified!

This is why, I’m offering 90 pacifying statements that you can use throughout the day—or anytime you need a reminder of safety and security within yourself. Keep reading if you’d like some guidance for creating a strong sense of serenity whenever life throws anything your way.

What are affirmations?

An affirmation is any sentence or even a word that describes your highest goals as if they have already happened or are happening right now.

This shifts your focus from ‘has not happened yet’ to ‘ is happening,’ reminding you to constantly move towards improvement.

How do you make affirmations powerful?

Affirmations can prove to be a very powerful tool in improving your life if used correctly.

This helps to reconnect your subconscious mind and open yourself up to believing that anything is possible and that you can face any challenge with immense optimism.

The key is to make them as personal and specific as possible, just as if you are talking to yourself. You may write your own affirmations as what you write yourself comes from deep within, or choose them from the ones below either. It is just like you are talking kindly and warmly to yourself!

Finally, always say or write affirmations in the present tense as if whatever you wish is happening! Repeating the affirmations daily, at least twice a day(morning and before going to bed), affect your everyday language and thought patterns.

Clearing your mind of distractions

Before reciting the affirmations, it is very important to clear your mind of any disturbances or distractions.

Meditation is the answer!

Meditation is the best way you can adopt to relax your mind.

Choose a calm place where you can sit for some time, away from any interference!

Listen to some calming music or vibrations to soothe your nerves. Take a few deep breaths, breathing in the calmness and breathing out your worries and tensions.

Let the negativity move out of your thoughts and positivity move in!

Start reciting aloud or listen to the protection affirmations…as you feel comfortable.

90 strongest protection affirmations

protection affirmations

1. I am safe and secure in all aspects of life.

2. My surrounding is safe for me to flourish and thrive.

3. I am surrounded by people who love me and protect me from any harm that may come my way.

4. I have the ability to choose how I react to any situation, and I trust that the judgments I make are in my best interest.

5. My inner strength allows me to recognize possible threats before they occur and take the right action to protect myself and my family.

6. My strong intuition allows me to know potential dangers or risks before they become visible to others.

7. The divine energy within me empowers me with an extra layer of protection when needed to remain safe in any situation.

8. I have abundant love and support from friends and family who always look out for my best interests and ensure that I stay safe at all times.

9. I have enough resources to give me the intrepidity and confidence to protect myself from any harm or danger.

10. Whenever there is a risk of any danger, I know how to immediately minimize any potential impact on myself or those around me.

Let me give you some more protection affirmations!

11. I trust in the universe’s protection over me.

12. My inner wisdom guides me in recognizing looming threats, and I can take timely protective measures.

13. With faith in myself, I am continuously learning new methods of protecting myself from negative influences.

14. Nothing can break my spirit, as high energy always protects me.

15. No matter what life throws at me, I believe that all obstructions can be overcome with courage, resilience, and strength built deep within my soul.

16. My conscious awareness brings clarity in tough times, enabling quick, actionable steps n in moments of crisis or distress.

17. My mind, body, and soul are healthy.

18. My positive thinking gives me an invisible shield surrounding me & my family.

19. The high energy deflects any bad vibes away before they come close to me.

20. My faith reminds me that divine guidance will always lead me home safely wherever I go.

21. The universe always provides a path out of difficult situations unharmed and unscathed.

Want some Spiritual protection affirmations?

Surrender yourself to the will of the Divine.

protection affirmations

22. The knowledge gained from past experiences makes it easier for me to identify patterns that can help improve safety precautions for the future.

23. I am surrounded by an impenetrable bubble of divine protection that protects me from any harm or danger.

24. I am guarded by the Angels who lovingly protect me from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harm.

25. I visualize myself as a radiant being encased in a brilliant white light of protection that shields me from all forms of negativity and ill will.

26. My guardian angels watch over my thoughts, words, and actions.

27. I receive only positive energies into my being and nothing else.

28. Through the grace of God above, I am blessed with unconditional love and protection against jealousy or hatred.

29. The benevolent forces of the universe guard me against nasty people who wish to harm me or take advantage of me in any way.

30. The spiritual guardianship illuminates dark corners within me so no harmful energy can penetrate through me anymore.

31. I choose only those relationships which promise strength and not weaknesses.

32. No negative force shall ever be able to thwart me from realizing my highest aspirations in life.

A set of powerful Affirmations to block negative energy

protection affirmations

33. I am powerful, capable, and strong and can easily overcome any negative energy that comes my way.

34. I choose to focus on the positive and fill my life with abundant joy, love, and light.

35. I have faith in myself and know that I have the ability to create a happy and successful life for myself.

36. My inner strength is unshakeable and helps me stay grounded even when faced with difficult situations or negative energy from others.

37. I am confident in my ability to move forward.

38. Despite any negativity that comes my way, I make positive changes in my life.

39. Every day, I take steps towards achieving success and living a life of fulfillment.

40. I am free from any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that try to creep in.

41. Even when faced with seemingly impossible obstacles, I remain firm in my commitment to creating a better future for myself and everyone around me.

43. Nothing can prevent me from achieving my goals.

44. I will be victorious over any negativity because of my faith in myself!

45. Difficult times or challenging situations make me more self-confident.

46. No external force can stand against me or bring me down!

47. With each passing day, I continue growing stronger as a person, which allows me to push aside any doubts or worries.

48. No matter what happens around me – good or bad – nothing can dampen the strength of my spirit when it comes to staying true to who I am as an individual!

49. I have faith that the divine light will always break through at times when this world is full of darkness because it’s within us all!

50. I trust in myself wholeheartedly, so regardless of where life takes me next, whatever lies ahead won’t overshadow the beauty already within me.

51. Nothing can stop me from being purposeful here on this earth!

52. No amount of negativity can affect my worthiness as a human being!

53. Every single day brings new opportunities for growth that enable me to live at peace with myself.

54. Even if the world outside isn’t perfect – inside, there’s still harmony & balance waiting for ME!

55. No negative energy can enter my aura or affect my spirit in any way.

Energy protection affirmations: let’s safeguard your being!

protection affirmations

Every night as you sleep, bless yourself with energetic protection affirmations, providing an extra layer of defense against anything trying to enter into your dreamscape without permission.

56. I am surrounded by protective, loving energy that shields me from anything negative or draining.

57. I am constantly surrounded by the divine light of protection that guides me and keeps me safe from all forms of harm.

58. My higher self always provides me with an impenetrable shield of protection against all energies that seek to harm or drain my energy.

59. I instantly recognize the negative or draining energy and surround myself with a bubble of bright white protective light that repels it away from my aura field.

60. I shield myself with unconditional love so that any toxic energies cannot penetrate my aura field.

61. No matter what kind of situation arises, I know I am protected and safe under divine protection.

62. My higher self always ensures I am safe and secure.

63. The universe sends out protective energies to guard me in all situations at all times.

64. This universe’s most powerful force, i.e., LOVE, is on my side!

65. The infinite strength of love radiates through my entire being whenever needed for protection against anything unhelpful or harmful!

66. The power of source energy creates a vast forcefield around me daily, blocking out any negative or draining energies.

67. Each new day fills my body and soul with renewed power, granting extra protection throughout the day ahead.

68. My cosmic vibrations of peace create a wall of defense when walking through challenging environments.

69. I have abundant faith and courage within me, no outside force can disrupt this balance.

70. Immeasurable power runs through every cell of my body like a lightning rod for energy protection.

71. No matter what comes towards me, the invincible power deflects it back where it came from tenfold!

a few Family protection affirmations 😉

My family has access to all kinds of tangible (financial) and intangible (emotional support) resources.

affirmations for protection

Repeating family protection affirmations help protect you and your family against whatever life throws at you as you move forward side-by-side as a team seeking peace and harmony through solidarity.

72. My family and I are safe, secure, and protected from all harm.

73. My family and I are comforted by a deep sense of safety in our homes and out in the world.

74. Our family is connected by an unbreakable and unshakeable bond of trust, love, and support for one another that nothing can destroy.

75. All members of my family have the capacity to make decisions that are in our best collective interests.

76. We protect each other from negative influences or experiences outside our homes.

77. Our family is surrounded by an invisible wall of protection that keeps us safe from danger and misfortune no matter where we go or what we do.

78. We explore the world around us without fear because I know that our unconditional love keeps us together no matter what happens.

79. We honor each other’s unique perspectives.

80. We actively seek to learn from one another as we navigate through life together with grace and understanding.

81. No external force can ever sway us away from our commitment to protecting one another through thick and thin.

82. Our bond is stronger than any obstacle life throws at us!

83. We support and empower each other in the journey through life.

84. We stand with each other when it gets hard or uncertain times to arise unexpectedly!

85. No external influence can ever overpower the power within my family!

86. We are a beacon of light in dark times—and this light will never flicker out!

87. The values I instill in my children allow them to make informed decisions.

88. My children learn important lessons about responsibility towards their choices in life.

89. My family is full of unconditional love, providing abundant strength and resilience during tough times.

90.No problem is too big for us to handle together!

How have affirmations changed my life?

protection affirmations

Affirmations have been a great game-changer in my life, and I’m sure many of you can relate!

Initially, I was very negative in my thoughts. I worried…taking a lot of stress about my children and husband, but reciting protection affirmations has given me tremendous confidence and continues illuminating my path.

Instead of worrying about anything, try saying something like, “No matter how difficult things may seem, I trust that all will turn out to be okay.”

This type of thought encourages strength instead fear in moments when you feel vulnerable and gives you hope even during the toughest time!

partying thoughts on protection affirmations

With gratitude towards divine grace, protection affirmations always keep faith alive in you, allowing it to render a protective cape upon you and your family that is impervious to even the most potent energies intended for causing destruction or distress.

Protection affirmations are like a spiritual security system working around the clock to keep you and your loved ones safe from any ill-intended outside forces.

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