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Ready for a weekend that’s all about YOU? Check out our self-care weekend ideas for some serious R&R and rejuvenation!

Life of late has got extremely hectic.

It feels like I am waking up only to switch off the alarm, get ready for work in a frenzy, complete everyday tasks at the workplace like a robot, and then return home like a zombie. By the time I reach home, I feel so exhausted that all I want to do is curl up on my bed and watch my favorite Netflix web series to unwind. 

Most of the time, I order food to avoid cooking and washing. And then, finally, I call it a day at around 2 am, only to wake up tired the next day. And the vicious cycle goes on and on until the weekend.

By the time weekend comes, I am so exhausted that I do NOTHING! (Except for I move just a little bit so that no one thinks of me as dead 🥲)

If this sounds like you, babe, know that we are screwed! 

This is NOT how life is supposed to go on!

We are functioning like under-charged robots and running after illusive dreams.

And to fuel our energy, we spend our weekends clinging to our beds.

Just look at yourself! Your hair and skin are damaged. Your love handles, flabby arms, and stomach bulges are screaming for your attention. The continuous fatigue that you feel 24/7 indicates your sedentary and unfit lifestyle.

If this continues for long, your physical and mental health will go for a toss. 

I did not want the same to happen to me. So, one fine day I decided to plan self-care weekends. And thankfully, after putting in genuine efforts, things turned out pretty smooth.

Now that I have been indulging in self-care weekends for over three months, I feel much more energetic, happy, and lively. My skin and hair have never looked healthier. Also, life seems pretty good. Like, I’m ready and powerful to take up anything in the world. (No, I’m not even exaggerating!!) 

That’s all we want at the end of the day, isn’t it? 

If you want to experience the same, darling, stay with me and explore more details about self-care weekends and a cool to-do list to rewind.

Why Should You Have a Self-Care Weekend?

The hustle culture that is so trending and influencing millennials and Gen Z to keep pushing their limits without taking a rest has started impacting their health- both physically and mentally. Life no longer feels meaningful, and there is so much dissatisfaction, grudges, anger, and frustration. 

But darling, we are forgetting that we are not in a virtual survival royal battle game. We are meant to live our lives, not just exist.

And that’s where self-care weekends step in as saviors. 

Here are a few advantages of indulging in self-care weekends. Have a look!

  • Boosted energy
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Increased motivation
  • Better sleep quality
  • Minimal chances of falling ill.
  • Lower chances of feeling burnout
  • Less vulnerability against mental diseases
  • Improved concentration
  • Higher productivity
  • Fitter and healthier body

How to Make Your Self-care Weekends More Fruitful: Activities You Must Try! 

1. Begin with decluttering your space

Bub, start with decluttering your place. I know this may sound weird and tiring. But a clutter-free space has this nice, soothing effect on your mind. You will feel relaxed at the end of it.

Start with decluttering your work desk. Then move on to your wardrobe.

I would suggest you clear your emails, unwanted contacts, screenshots, and other digital files as well.

2. Soak in some vitamin D

Thanks to the pandemic – you can do everything from the comfort of your home. Study, work or work out, watch movies, play games, and meet people virtually. 

But this has somehow reduced the time we once used to spend out in fresh air and natural sunlight.

So, make it a point to soak in some vitamin D on self-care weekends. You can go to the terrace early in the morning or enjoy the lazy sunlight on your balcony itself. 

Just ensure that you have put on enough sunscreen to protect yourself from sunspots, wrinkles, and tanning.

Talking of vitamin D, you can also check out summer self-care ideas.

3. Invest your time in elaborate skin and hair care routine

Mind it, I said elaborate! I know how difficult it is to care for your skin and hair on the weekdays. Although you should follow a daily AM and PM skin and hair care routine, sometimes things get overwhelming.

To compensate for the same, utilize your weekends.

Know your skin and hair goals and spend time pampering yourself. 

You can indulge in activities like applying a face mask and hair treatments, oil massage, facial exercises, body scrubbing, and so much more. 

Try for just three months straight, and you will see stunning results yourself.

4. Recite positive affirmations

Take time out and read positive affirmations. You can also recite them while sitting at peace with yourself.

The power of positivity goes a long way in making your life simpler and keeps you happy and grateful. You know, when it comes to affirmations, I don’t mess up! 

5. Take care of your balcony garden

Ever tried watering your plants on your balcony or vertical garden? Feels so therapeutic, right?

So this weekend, go sit with your plants. Trim the branches. Take out the dried leaves. Change the soil. Sprinkle fertilizers. Give them a nice shower. 

You can even try some DIY paintings on your flower pots to make them look more beautiful and appealing.

6. Listen to podcasts

Just think of how much negative stuff you get to hear throughout the week from your neighbors, colleagues, and other acquaintances. 

The weekend is the time to feed your soul with positivity and motivation.

So, listen to some inspirational, personal growth podcasts every weekend. This will fill your heart with encouragement, optimism, and determination.

And the world will not seem that bad a place after all!

7. Take time out for a long-lost hobby

Did you love to play guitar in college?

Were you fond of skating?

Were you a skilled painter in your school days?

If yes, then babe, it is time you start exploring your hobby once again.

Start taking time out for one of your favorite hobbies every weekend. Catch up where you left off. If needed, practice and get back at it.

Dear, you do not have to sacrifice your favorite things in life to become successful.

8. Enjoy a spa day

Book a spa and unwind in style, lady!

I know it may feel like splurging unnecessarily. But, babe, you are working your a$$ off every day. And what is the use of all this money if you cannot enjoy something you really love?

Pamper yourself with a cozy, relaxing, and rejuvenating spa day. This will leave you with a happy smile lingering on your face for the next week.

9. Join a meditation or yoga class

It is immensely important to keep yourself calm and controlled amidst so much chaos going on around you.

Meditation and yoga work wonders when it comes to healing yourself internally.

And not to forget that natural glow that you get after meditating or practicing yoga regularly!

Weekends are great for spending a couple of hours on yoga, meditation, or both. But more than that, I LOVE to diffuse essential oils in the living room, LOL. I think that’s my kinda self-care idea.

10. Cook or bake for yourself and your loved ones

Cooking or baking can be an immensely therapeutic activity, especially so if you survive on canned or frozen food for the rest of the week. 

Whether or not you know how to cook, go watch some recipes on YouTube. Cook up a storm in the kitchen. Prepare a dish or even meal for yourself and your loved ones. 

This will not just make your tummy happy but will also give you a sense of accomplishment. And you will eventually learn to cook really well. 

I believe each one of us should know how to cook since it is a survival skill.

11. Organize your space

You can try organizing your desk, kitchen shelf, cupboards, wardrobe or bookshelves. The neat and clean, organized look gives you this inner satisfaction. Also, you can easily access things for the rest of the week without feeling frustrated or getting late.

12. Enjoy a relaxing, long bath

I totally understand why you are always in a rush while taking a shower. It gets almost impossible to bathe in peace when you know that you have lectures and meetings to attend in just 2 hours.

So, on weekends, make it a point to make your bathing time a luxurious experience. Use aromatic candles near your bathtub. Add fancy and aromatic bath bombs to DIY bubble bath. I won’t mind if you can add a rubber ducky to it as well! You can treat yourself with essential oils like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and so on. 

Soak your body for as long as you want in the lukewarm water. This will rejuvenate your mind and body and help de-stress your chaotic mind. 

13. Try your hands on an adult coloring book

I’m sure you’ll be like whatttttt? But trust me, it’s one of my favorites, and I think the best way to enjoy self-care weekends. Gift yourself a coloring book and a set of crayons. Sit down, coloring the pictures and patterns. Let your creative juices ooze out. 

Coloring can be an extremely soothing activity that helps you keep anxiety and panic attacks at bay.

Once you have colored the picture, you will feel a sense of self-sufficiency and positivity.

14. Get yourself some fresh flowers

Why do you need a guy to pamper you with flowers?

This weekend, get ready, step out, and go to the nearest florist. Get yourself your favorite flowers and click some amazing selfies. Come back home and deck up your flower vases with these flowers. Smell them. Soak in their beauty with your naked eyes. 

15. Practice some stretches

Use your Wi-Fi connection for something productive, LOL. Watch a couple of videos on stretching exercises.

Then put on your activewear and be all sassy and sexy to work out in style.

Weekends are best to get into the workout mode.

Practice stretching exercises to improve your stamina as well as flexibility.

16. Catch up with your loved ones

When was the last time you called your family members back home?

Do you remember when you and your bestie laughed like crazy over a call?

Did you and your BF go out on a romantic date night lately?

Work is important, but you should not prioritize it completely over your personal life.

So, set aside quality time for your loved ones on weekends.

You will come back much happier with a bright smile on your face and lots of warm memories in your heart. 

17. Go on a solo date

You do not need a man always to take you out on dates. 

Self-care weekends can be quite fun when you go out on solo dates more often. Shop till you drop, eat out whatever you feel like, click lots of selfies, and enjoy a movie. At the end of the day, the sense of accomplishment you experience after a solo date is simply unparalleled.

Here are some of the coolest solo date ideas, you just cannot miss!

18. Opt for social media detox

This is literally the best thing you can do! Leave aside your phone, tablet, and laptop for at least 3 hours every weekend. This social media detox is so much important for you. 

You already consume much content and information daily for entertainment and work purposes. 

To not feel too overwhelmed, make sure you practice social media detox every weekend.

19. Take that much-coveted afternoon nap

Catch up on your sleep that you have missed throughout the week. Take a power nap in the afternoon without feeling guilty about it. You will feel super fresh once you wake up. 

20. Practice journaling 

Get yourself a pretty journal and pour your heart out in it. Do not think of grammar and spelling. Write down whatever comes to your mind to declutter your thoughts. Journalling not only helps you get your thoughts to align but also guides you and gives you answers to your daily life questions. (Yep, it is kinda magic!)

21. Sit with yourself quietly

You need to prioritize your time. Darling, make sure you take time out to sit with yourself. Grab a cup of coffee or smoothie. Feel the peace around you. Listen to the natural sounds, like the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, the pitter-patter of raindrops, etc. Breathe in and out. Pausing and taking time out is necessary. 

22. Read a book you simply love

Get yourself a few good books. This can be a mix of fictional, non-fictional, and self-help books. Basically, anything that you love to read!

Reading is such a good habit that will bring you a host of benefits. Apart from keeping yourself entertained, you are actually feeding your mind with knowledge. And if you’ve no idea where to start, here are some of the most fabulous books for women in their 20s.

23. Look at old photographs and get all nostalgic 

Bring out your old albums. This can be related to your childhood memories, college diaries, work trips and so on. Imagine how many pictures we click to capture those moments! But we rarely go through these photographs again because of lack of time.

This weekend revisit your oldest memories through these photographs, get nostalgic, and go down memory lane once again.

24. Arrange your capsule wardrobe

Babe! I know how hard it gets to decide what to wear every day. So, why not utilize your weekend to keep your wardrobe sorted? Arranging your capsule wardrobe every weekend will also help you ace your fashion game.

You will get plenty of time to mix and match different outfits to find out what works for you the best!

25. Create your dream vision board

Having a vision board makes your life much easier! Do not forget to DIY a dream vision board where you enlist and pin everything you want from life. Be it your dream trip, your ideal job, your perfect partner, or money matters, design a pretty, aesthetic dream board this weekend. 

Behold it, sit in front of it, and cherish it every weekend. This will help you manifest your dreams and desires more easily.

26. Go for a short trip

Pack your bags and go out on a short trip on a long weekend. Yes, travel therapy can bring solace to your mind. It is a great way to recharge your draining battery and pump up your productivity. You get to relax, create many memories, and explore new places, people, and food. And once you are back, you are all set to take on life head-on.

27. Have a dance party in your living room

Dance all your blues away and feel that instant adrenaline rush! Put that fancy music system to some use, and switch on the disco lights. Take the volume too high and get into the trance. 

Dance to the beats of your favorite music, get your hair down, and forget all the stress. 

28. Make yourself a fancy cocktail and sip it on your balcony

Try your hands on making a fancy cocktail of your choice. Take the help of YouTube videos if you want. The process itself is so much fun.

Once you are done, grab your cocktail and go to your balcony. Sip in the fresh cocktail while you enjoy the serene view outside. 

A fool-proof mind rejuvenation hack it is!

29. Cook a gourmet meal and pretend you’re on a cooking show

If you are passionate about cooking, then you should definitely try this out.

Make all the necessary arrangements. And start preparing a lavish, gourmet meal in your own kitchen. 

Do not worry about stains and messes. 

Pretend as if you are participating in a cooking show and work on your presentation. Serve and garnish the food with lots of love.

At the end of the day, you will just relish every dish that you have made with so much passion.

30. Write letters to your future self or loved ones

In this era of video calls and texting, resort to writing old-school letters this weekend. 

Either write a letter to your future self and fix a date in the future when you will open it.

Or, pour your heart out on letters for your loved ones. Slip these letters into their mailboxes and surprise them with this old-school gesture of yours. You know it is also one of the things to do before 30? Yep, it’s so cool!

31. Paint your nails in funky, outrageous colors

This may sound funny, but I would urge you to try it once!

Trust me, the funky nail colors will bring a dash of color to your monotonous life. You will feel super charged up and confident.

A few swipes of rainbow on your nails, and you are ready to take on the world!

32. Have a karaoke night and sing your heart out

If you are a bathroom singer, then you are definitely gonna love this self-care idea!

Just organize a karaoke night and invite your loved ones. 

Eat. Sing. Have fun. Repeat.

Singing your heart out without giving a damn about your voice will make you feel free. And you will create lots of memories as well!

33. Listen to music of your choice

I know you listen to music every day while commuting to your workplace, working out, meeting deadlines, and so on. But on weekends, pace yourself down.

Listen to music that caters to your interest. Create your own playlist. Listen to songs on the loop. Feel the lyrics. Dance to the rhythm of the beats. Romanticize your life and relate your favorite music to your life situations. 

34. Deep clean at least one part of your place

Deep cleaning can be immensely gratifying. Try it once, and you will understand its significance.

Take up any one corner of your house and clean it off completely. Remove every speck of dirt and dust. Once you see the place shining, you will experience this sense of peace that you won’t find anywhere else.

35. Go for a therapeutic massage

Book a complete body massage session at your favorite massage center. Your body deserves this treat. The masseurs are experienced enough to massage your tensed muscles and bring you much-needed relief.

Getting a full body massage can heal your physical exhaustion as well as help you unwind.

36. Pamper yourself with a facial treatment

Who does not love facial treatments? It unclogs your blocked pores, exfoliates your skin, removes tan, increases the elasticity of your skin and brings out that natural glow on your face. You can book an at-home facial session if you are feeling too tired to step out.

37. Watch your favorite movies

Instead of binge-watching movies and web series every night, plan a movie marathon on self-care weekends. Get hold of tubs of ice creams, popcorn and soft drinks. Fix your schedule and enjoy movies at a stretch. 

Tips on Planning Your Self-care Weekends Right!

Oh, My My!

Now that you are all set to plan your self-care weekends, I wanna share some sure-fire tips and tricks to make your self-care weekends fail-proof.

There will be lots of obstacles, and trust me, I am saying this from a place of experience. 

Whatever worked for me (and what did not), I am sharing it all with you here!

Go make the most out of your self-care weekend plans!

1. Have a plan handy

Without clearly charted-out goals in place, you will never be able to decide what to do on self-care weekends. So, go set your targets accordingly.

2. Set boundaries

Never let anyone ruin your self-care weekends. Prioritize self-care as much as you prioritize your professional commitments. Learn to say “No” to anyone who is hindering your self-care plans.

3. Block your calendar

Block your calendars for self-care weekends at the beginning of every month. This will give you a clear view of what to expect from the entire month. This way, you can plan your personal and professional life without compromising on your self-care weekends.

4. Find yourself a responsible accountability partner

Well! I found this pretty useful. It gets much easier to get into the mood of self-care when you have an accountability partner pushing you and reminding you of all the stuff to be done on weekends.

Final Thoughts on Self-Care Weekends

Start caring for yourself, bub. No one can do that for you the way you deserve it.

You deserve every ounce of it!

It is high time you start showering yourself with the love and care your soul and body have been craving for so long.

Hope this article helps you plan your self-care weekends seamlessly. 

Do let me know in the comments how it’s going!

Until next time!


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