how to know if someone is thinking about you

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Have you ever been sitting around, minding your own business, when suddenly someone pops into your mind out of the blue? Weird, right? But what if I told you that sometimes, just sometimes, this could be a cosmic nudge letting you know that you’re on someone else’s mind too!

Intrigued? You should be! Today, we’re sharing the 20 telltale signs that someone is thinking about you. Grab your favorite snack, get comfy, and JUST prepare to be amazed!

A Hawaiian philosophy goes by the saying; Energy flows where the attention goes. Well, someone can think about you when they want you, or maybe you are their favorite person.

All we need to do to speak with our bodies is comprehend the signals they regularly generate. I hope you get more insights into reading psychic indicators that let you know when someone is thinking about you.

Signs someone is thinking about you

1. Sudden Emotional Shifts

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

Feeling an unexpected wave of joy or sadness? Sometimes, you are happy, enjoying yourself with your friends, and indulging in what you want or enjoy the most, and you suddenly find yourself in excruciating pain and anguish.

Before you blame it on mood swings or the moon’s phase, consider the possibility that someone’s thoughts about you are just that powerful!

2. dream visits

You may be aware that your brain actually never sleeps and that it imitates both the thoughts you expected and the thoughts with which you were preoccupied throughout the day.

If someone pops up in your dream, especially repeatedly, they might as well be renting space in your head—courtesy of their thoughts about you.

You could write down your dreams in a dream journal. Jot down the incident as soon as you wake up to prevent it from fading from your recollection. After a few days, you can spot patterns and comprehend how they are experiencing. It may also give you an insight into your current life.

3. You Stumble Upon a White Feather

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

An emotional emblem is a white feather. It’s conceivable that your particular someone has been thinking of you if you stumble across a white feather.

A white feather is also a sign that your angel is watching you and wants to see you succeed. The one who wants and loves you is nothing less than an angel in your life, right?

4. Getting goosebumps for no reason?

A physical reaction that shows you are in someone’s thoughts is having goosebumps.  It might be the cosmic equivalent of someone walking over your grave, or it could mean someone’s thinking about you intensely.

If you suddenly experience goosebumps, you are certainly in someone else’s thoughts, and their energy may be moving toward you.

5. A Butterfly Graces You

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

It is well-recognized that butterflies have a bond to the afterlife. In many cultures, they are regarded as energy carriers and are receptive to good energy.

If a butterfly lands on you, it’s not just a happenstance; it might indicate a live telepathic link. It can be a psychic sign that suggests someone is considering you and thinking about you deeply!

6. your cheeks are flushing!

One could consider a cheek flush to be a subliminal psychic indication. Without a fever or when you are not in a complex social position, if your cheeks flush, someone is criticizing you. It can also mean that someone is slandering and spreading rumors about you.

7. Sneezing randomly? Maybe it’s You!

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

Okay, forget about allergies or that pesky cold! In many cultures, an unexpected sneeze could mean someone is thinking about you. Yes, really! Isn’t that something to “Achoo!” about?

Sneezes that come on quickly and consecutively without warning indicate that many people cling to you. They can also indicate that they are thinking about you and miss you dearly.

8. You might feel stressed

Beware of the stress developing in your subconscious mind if you start to choke, cough or experience difficulties gulping down food in the middle of eating!

It might feel weird, but it can indicate that someone is worried about you and that stress is passing to you. Amazing!!

9. Hiccups Out of Nowhere

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

Just chilling and suddenly hiccupping like there’s no tomorrow? It might not be that soda you guzzled down too fast. Someone could be gossiping or thinking intensely about you!

It might not be the most scientific method, but hey, it’s fun to think about, right? 🤧😂Well, here’s some advice: immediately drink enough water if you find someone or have hiccups.

10. You Sense Their Energy

Call it psychic, call it whatever you want, but sometimes you can just feel their mood swings. Any past contact you encounter could indicate that an individual is thinking about you fondly. This contact is typically felt when a person genuinely connects to you and expects your love.

How soothing is it when you have no one by your side and still feel someone hugging you from the back, caressing your hair, and kissing your cheeks?

11. Eye Twitching: A Wink from the Universe?

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

Someone might have thought of you if their eye twitched or itched suddenly. The unrestrained movement of the eye is a result of that energy. (However, you can ignore this as an indication if you have a specific eye condition or allergy!)

It may seem strange, but you can tell if someone has positive or negative thoughts about you based on which eye twitches or itches. This applies to both men and women.

For example, if a man notices a twitch in their right eye, they can be sure that the other person is thinking well of them; yet, if it is their left eye, they can be sure that the other person is thinking nothing but bad about them.

12. Accidental Meetings? Nope, Synchronicity!

When someone reaches out to you when you are in danger or crisis, it could be a sign of a strong bond. You might even bump into them in the most random places!

If the universe suddenly turns your world into a small town where every road leads to them, it’s a pretty good sign they’re manifesting you into their path.

13. You feel their pain!

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

Heard my old granny saying once, if one partner is in pain, they eventually sense it and come to the rescue if they truly love someone.

There may be a solid psychic connection while you are suffering, and they also feel your suffering. They care about you so profoundly that they go through every emotion you do.

14. The Sudden Urge to Reach Out

Ever had that random urge to send them a message or give them a call out of the blue? It’s like your hearts are playing tag, and it’s your turn. Chances are, they’re thinking about you and sending subconscious signals to get in touch.

Someone tries to communicate with you when they think of you frequently. You might be able to notice the signals pretty clearly if you are sensitive enough.

15. Their Name starts Popping Up Everywhere you look!!

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

There’s a chance the person’s name will pop up in unexpected places like newspapers, magazines, or billboards. You see it in ads, overhear it in strangers’ conversations, and it seems like the world is playing a personalized ad campaign tailored just for you.

Trust it might be irritating when you have just been through a breakup, and your ex’s name appears again and again, or people call out their friend’s name with the same initial. Coincidence? I think!

16. Thinking mindlessly about each other

Both offline and online conversations have you saying, “That was what I was wondering about, too!” immediately. Does this sound familiar? You both simultaneously think the same thing.

It is also called telepathy when you mindlessly think about each other. You believe that there might be a metaphysical relationship between connected souls. 

17. this person is the first to attract your eye!

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

This person is the first to attract your eye when you enter a crowded room. Instantly locking eyes, you sense a close connection and are content to be together.

It is clear evidence that the two of you were intended to be together. Look for signs like these and mind your footsteps in public, or you’ll twist your ankle!!

18. You Catch Yourself Smiling for No Reason

You’re just going about your day, and suddenly, you find yourself smiling like you’ve just won the lottery, but all you’re doing is folding laundry. Perhaps someone is considering you and attempting to connect with you subconsciously.

If they’re thinking about you, the positive vibes are so strong they travel through the cosmos just to make your day brighter!

19. Your Ears Are Burning

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

No, not literally. But if your ears start feeling warm, old wives say it means someone’s either talking or thinking fondly about you. Left for love, right for spite. Which one will it be?

20. You Find a Random Coin

Find a coin on the street? Pick it up! It’s said to be a sign that someone is missing you. Plus, who doesn’t love free money?

21. Drawn towards them NATURALLY!

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

The last in-the-list and my favorite one is when you are naturally drawn to the guy cuddling up in your fantasies and imagination. I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why?” A deep connection or natural magnetic energy that draws you together could be the cause. You are developing a strong relationship by being serious about one another.

Wrapping up How To Know If Someone Is Thinking About You

Finding out someone’s been thinking about you can be a little tickling mystery, enveloped in a warm, fuzzy feeling. While some signs may lean towards the side of fun superstitions, they encourage us to stay connected with our intuition and the subtle energies around us.

Who’s been on your mind lately and can’t seem to get you out of theirs? Pay attention; the universe has its playful ways of nudging us.

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