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Gear up for the Sunday Reset Routine to turn your Sunday into a vibe that’ll make even Monday jealous!

You know those Sundays when you wake up, glance around your messy room, and sigh harder than a marathon runner at the finish line? Yeah, me too!

Umm, weren’t Sundays meant to be for resting, relaxing, and preparing for the upcoming week?

Sunday is 100% for rejuvenating but also for managing your house and life that you don’t prioritize on the weekdays. That is where the Sunday reset routine comes in!

What is a Sunday Reset Routine?

The Sunday Reset Routine is all about dedicating your Sunday to cleaning up, organizing, planning, and truly setting the stage for the week ahead.

It’s about creating a calm and structured environment to ensure you start your Monday feeling refreshed, focused, and ready to conquer the week like a boss!

How to Divide Your Sunday Reset Routine?

1. Chores

sunday reset routine

First, let’s tackle those chores. Love, ’em or hate ’em, you gotta do them!

So, dedicate a specific time, say morning or early afternoon, to clean and declutter your space. I’ll give you a few ideas later, but the first phase of your sunday reset should be focused on doing your chores.

You’ll quickly notice how a clean environment can affect your mental state positively. Just remember – blast your favorite tunes and make cleaning fun!

2. Planning

Now that you’ve created a clean and organized space, it’s time to plan your week. Grab your planner, calendar, or any organizing tool you prefer, and start laying out your goals, appointments, and tasks for the week ahead.

Break them down into smaller, manageable chunks to avoid feeling overwhelmed. In no time, you’ll feel like a true productivity guru!

3. Relaxing

sunday reset routine

Let’s not forget what Sunday truly is for – relaxation!! Ensure you schedule some “me time” in your Sunday Reset Routine. Pick an activity you truly enjoy – watch a movie, read a book, meditate, or take a walk in the park.

Embrace the moment and let your mind and body recharge for the week ahead.

Now, let me give you the perfect Sunday reset routine by adding all three aspects!

Now of course, you don’t have to do ALL the things listed here. But just add your top most priorities and things you love to do and rock your sunday checklist like that!

Phase 1 – Chores, chores, chores

1. Wake up Slowly and a Little Late

sunday reset routine

Forget alarm clocks! Hit that snooze button and give yourself some extra Zs. Starting your day refreshed will boost your energy for the week ahead, and let’s be real — who doesn’t love a few extra minutes of beauty sleep?

2. Start Your Day with a Morning Gratitude Shuffle

Get your positive vibes by throwing a mini dance party and thinking of three things you’re grateful for. Not only will this get your blood pumping, but it’ll also set the tone for a feel-good day and week ahead!

3. Make Lemon Water to Chug All Day

Jumpstart your metabolism and stay hydrated by sippin’ on some lemon water throughout the day. This detoxifying drink helps your skin glow, and honestly, it tastes like sunshine in a glass!

4. Clear Out and Clean the Fridge

Sunday Reset Routine

Ready for a clutter-free life? Take control of your fridge by tossing expired items and giving those shelves a good scrub. Trust me — your future meal-prepping self will thank you!

5. Stock up on Groceries and Healthy Snacks

No hangry vibes this week! Fill up your pantry with delicious and nutritious foods to keep your energy levels up and keep those cravings at bay. Plus, you’ll save time (and money) by not splurging on last-minute takeout!

6. Vacuum the Most Visited Areas of Your House

Show those dust bunnies who’s boss! Vacuuming the most frequented areas of your home will freshen up your space, making it cozy and inviting for the week ahead. Pro tip: use a vacuum with a sweet-smelling scent booster for an extra burst of freshness!

7. Change the Bedding & Make Beds

sunday reset routine

Few things beat the feeling of slipping into fresh, crisply-made beds. Treat yourself and swap out your bedding for a comfy night’s sleep that’ll have you waking up like a boss on Monday!

8. Put All the Dirty Laundry for Washing

Freshen up your wardrobe by tackling that laundry pile head-on! Sorting and washing your clothes will cut down on those frantic morning searches for that one particular shirt (you know, the one).

9. Tidy Up Your Rooms & Living Area

Create a zen space by decluttering your rooms and living areas for maximum relaxation throughout the week. A clean home equals a calm mindset, and we all know that’s #goals!

10. Water the Plants

sunday reset routine

Give your green friends some TLC and quench their thirst with some H2O. Not only will this keep your plants alive and thriving, but it’s also a great reminder to practice self-care throughout the week.

Phase 2 – Sunday planning & plotting

Pour yourself a glass of wine and let the sunday get started 😍 Now I have sooooo manyyyy self-care sunday ideas for ya’ll, but let’s start with the simplest one for now. (Do check out the list though!)

1. Plan Your Outfits for the Week

Sunday Reset Routine

Tired of spending precious minutes deciding what to wear? On Sundays, plan out your outfits for the entire week! Mix and match your wardrobe to create stylish combos that have you lookin’ fresher than a mint on the daily.

2. Pay up those bills!

Adulting alert! Sit down on Sundays and clear those pending bills. Trust us; it’s way less painful than a surprise bill smackdown later in the week.

3. Sort your emails out

Don’t let your inbox be a haunting ground. Sort out important emails and hit ‘reply’ like it’s nobody’s business.

4. Write your weekly to-do lists

Sunday Reset Routine

Set weekly goals and break them into bite-sized tasks. You’ll be conquering that list like a boss in no time! Get your priorities straight, declutter that mental chaos and say ‘peace out’ to stress!

5. Plan the meal and start Preppin’

Start Sunday with some yummy meal-preppin’ action, and you’ll thank yourself later when all you gotta do is heat, eat, and repeat!

6. Remember Those Birthdays and Anniversaries!

No more last-minute gift and card shopping! Schedule reminders for special occasions and be that friend who everyone loves.

7. book all the appointments you need to

sunday reset routine

Doctor’s check-up? Salon day? Book those appointments to avoid battling for those coveted spots later in the week!

Phase 3 – Sunday reset relaxation

1. Book a Deep Tissue Massage

Sunday Reset Routine

Ain’t nothing better than a deep tissue massage to melt away the tension from the week. Go ahead and pamper yourself ’cause you deserve it. Scheduled to perfection, it’ll have you saying adios to the knots in no time!

2. Draw Yourself the Ultimate Bubble Bath

Light some candles, grab your favorite bath bombs, and jam to your fav tunes as you sink into a DIY spa sesh. Release your inner mermaid (or merman) and submerge into marble clouds of relaxation.

3. Take Your Fine Self Out for a Solo Date

What’s better than treating yourself to your favorite cafe or catching that movie you’ve been dying to watch – solo? It’s all about you, boo. Indulge in some quality Me-Time without any distractions.

4. Amp Up Your Skincare and Haircare Game

sunday reset routine

It’s time to treat yo’ face and hair like the royalty they are. Slap on a nourishing mask and practice your best do on the lush locks. Look in the mirror, and remind yourself of the total snack you are.

5. Cozy Up with a Good Book

Find your fave reading spot and snuggle up with a cuppa! Escape into a literary paradise and let the pages whisk you away to adventures unknown. Cozy-cool blanket fort, anyone?

6. Grab a Pen and Practice Journaling and Gratitude

Time to get those thoughts flowin’ and gratitude glowin’. Jot down your feels about the week, and don’t forget to list what you’re grateful for. A thank-you-a-day keeps the bad vibes at bay.

7. Meditate for a Zen-filled 10 Minutes

sunday reset routine

Ever wonder what inner peace feels like? Well, meditation has got you covered! Set a timer and dedicate 10 minutes to clearing your mind. Pretty soon, you’ll be floatin’ on cloud nine.

8. Get Your Groove on with an At-home Dance Party

Crank up the tunes and transform your living room into your personal dance floor! Bust some moves like nobody’s watching (because they aren’t). Shimmy, shake, and twirl into the new week feeling fly!

Wrapping up – sunday reset routine

There you have it, gorgeous! Your life-changing Sunday reset routine to survive and thrive as we embark on another unpredictable week.

By focusing on decluttering (both physically and mentally), goal-setting, self-care, and a smidge of planning, you’ll feel poised to take on the world, no matter what it throws at you.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make this Sunday the start of something fabulous!

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