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How To Thank The Universe For The Manifestation:6 dynamic ways

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Ever thought of how to thank the universe for the manifestation? Learn the dynamic ways here!

We have all received gifts from our friends and family and have happened to thank them in endless ways for them. You might have also received help from a friend or a stranger, and in return, you might have thanked them differently. 

You might be thinking, why am I talking about these things here? So, the answer is you have received endless gifts and continue to receive so much from the Universe throughout your life. You might have manifested thousands of things and have seen them come true right in front of your eyes.

So have you ever thought of thanking the Mother Universe for those gifts?  

The law of the Universe states, “give to receive.” So for that, you must offer gratitude to the Mother Universe to receive countless blessings and abundance multiplied. 

You might have manifested certain things, and you received those things very easily through manifestation.

But often, we forget to thank the universe for its blessings. So it becomes really important to thank the universe!

When it comes to your friends and family, you thank them verbally or even give them something in return at times, but how can you thank Mother Universe for the abundance it has been offering you for years? 

Well, to know ‘how to thank the universe,’ keep reading…

1. Maintain a gratitude journal

If you had gone through my other articles, you would have noticed me talking about manifestation journals. So if you can have a unique journal for manifestation, can’t you have a unique journal for gratitude? 

Sure you can. So what are you exactly supposed to do in this gratitude journal? 

A gratitude journal is an effortless way to talk to the mother universe. All you have to do is write “Thank you, mother universe” for everything you have ever got and your happiness. 

Whether you have used a manifestation technique to manifest that particular thing or not doesn’t matter. It is possible that you might have thought a lot about a sure thing, and the mother Universe might have granted you that wish. So you don’t know which things in your life are a gift from the mother universe. So you can thank the mother universe for absolutely anything and everything. 

Let’s suppose you always wanted a pet. You never manifested it, but suddenly your parents got what you wanted. You can thank mother universe for that pet because you might have thought about it so much, or you might have, at some point, the best for it and mother Universe granted to you. 

So are you just supposed to thank the mother universe for the positive things in your life? At some point in our life, we have lost some other people and later on realize that losing them was for good. 

So you can thank the mother Universe if she has removed somebody else from your life and if she has eradicated any negativity that existed in your life. 

So all you have to do is get a book for yourself and start thanking the mother universe regularly. You can write sentences like “Thank you, mother universe, for the job I have,” or “Thank you, mother universe, for removing XYZ from my life,” or “Thank you, mother universe, for fulfilling all of my wishes and everything.” 

2. Meditating 

Another way to thank the universe for everything you have in your life is by meditating regularly. 

I know it’s not easy to meditate, especially if you’re a beginner. So while meditating, rather than thinking about all other things, you think about thanking the universe, and you’ll benefit significantly from it.

Just think of the same thought over and over again while meditating. Keep thinking that you are just thanking the universe. It’s called mindfulness meditation.

3. Use your actions 

Pay it forward and express your gratitude to the universe by doing so. Do so with a grateful heart. Gratitude is a potent feeling that can make someone’s day and even alter their life. Additionally, it is one of the easiest feelings to express. A simple thought, a smile, or even a kind word can make someone feel valued and loved. The best part is that gratitude spreads like wildfire; Others also feel grateful when we express our gratitude.

Our actions are one of the best ways to express gratitude. When we show kindness to others, it not only makes them feel better but also makes us feel better. Kind acts are a great way to bring happiness to others and generate positive energy. Do something nice for someone else every day for a few minutes. Make it a point to do it every day. Because “to receive, you must first give” is one of the universe’s fundamental laws, your actions will eventually be repaid numerous times.

4. Live your life to the fullest 

Every day is the best opportunity to demonstrate to the universe that you are grateful for everything it has given you. It allows you to be more present in your day-to-day activities and demonstrates your appreciation for the gift of being here. Positive thinking and emotions will go a long way toward achieving this objective; it is a simple fact. Try to stay positive in all situations.

5. Write a letter to the Universe 

Write a letter to the universe where you express gratitude to the Universe for all the abundance that has entered your life. This can be placed under your pillow at night for later disposal in preparation for your following letter.

You can write a letter to the universe like any other letter. If you don’t feel like keeping this letter under your pillow, you can burn it or bury it under a healthy tree. 

Burying it under a healthy tree or burning it is an excellent way to express gratitude, as it’ll come in direct contact with nature.

6. Utilize your existing skill set to express gratitude to the Universe 

A lot of us use our existing skill set. I tend to sing an upbeat song to the Cosmos each morning because I’m a reasonable singer—or at least I like to think I am! Just doing this, which only takes a few minutes, makes me feel good and gets me ready for the day. 

You can use your skills to teach a few needy people something new. For example, if you know to make things using resin art, teach them to the needy ones, or you can take dance classes.

7. Speak to the Universe

Yes, speak aloud to the universe. Tell the universe how grateful you are for everything. If you see around, there are so many things. You can begin thanking for the beautiful body, from head to toe, and the list is never-ending! Also, thank the universe for the people who are suitable to you and for removing the negative people from your life.

Speaking aloud to the universe triggers high vibrations in you and the universe.

8. Connect with the universe

Sit with nature. Try to connect with nature. Utter the words of thankfulness by saying affirmations, like, I am grateful for the brain so that I can think well, for the eyes so that I can see the beautiful nature, ears to hear the sounds, etc. Also, thank the universe for the beautiful nature, the stars, the trees, the mountains, the animals, everything. All these things are necessary for life, aren’t they?

9. Say gratitude affirmations

As I always say, affirmations are the best way to show gratitude. Christmas is coming Be thankful for the present moment. Affirm daily for the little joyful moments. The little but precious things in your life are there so you can focus better on other aspects of life!

Some examples of gratitude affirmations are given as under. Still, you can create the affirmations yourself because who else can better thank the universe with so much feeling and happiness than yourself for the joyful moments showered upon you by the universe? Christmas is also coming. It is the best time to make grateful Christmas Affirmations and new year’s resolutions so that you can move ahead to get the life of your dreams.

  • I am grateful for the beautiful life of my dreams.
  • Thank you, the Universe, for removing those who are not good for me.
  • Thank you, the Universe, for all the positive people around me, who stand by me, always.
  • ‘Everything around me is so perfect. Thank you, beloved Mother Universe.
  • I am grateful for the beautiful day when I learn something new and meet new people who give me great experiences.

10. Thank before you receive

Yes, why not? Why not thank the universe before your manifestation comes true? Though most people are unaware of this, it is true. Gratitude, before you receive, is a mighty force in the universe. It shows the incredible faith you have in the universe.

Well, this thought comes from my personal experience. I use this practice and have received so much from the universe. It is like, ‘you create what you think. Speak the glow-up affirmations daily. Do this and see the miracles happening!

Final thoughts on How To Thank The Universe For The Manifestation

The gifts of the universe are abundant. When you thank the universe for the same, it provides you with even more. Expressing gratitude means that you are more open to receiving it. This is per the law of attraction. You attract what you think. Expressing gratitude strengthens your connection with the cosmos.

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