Things That Make Me Happy

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If you’re anything like me, you know that when life gives you lemons, you make? That’s what I’m all about – turning those sour moments into sweet memories and always looking for the little things that make our hearts sing and put a spring in our step.

You know, the small stuff that makes life a whole lot more FUN! So, if you’re down to explore some happy vibes, buckle up and get ready to dive into the ultimate list of 70 things that make me—and, let’s be real, probably you too—so stinkin’ happy!

I hope you found at least a few things that made you think, “HECK YEAH, that makes me happy too! I wanna do that again.”

So, here are all the things that never fail to put a smile on my face!

  1. Puppy cuddles 🐶 – Seriously, who doesn’t love snuggling with a cute, fluffy puppy? Instant mood booster!
  2. Pizza party 🍕 – Because you can’t be sad while eating a cheesy, delicious slice of pizza!
  3. Dancing in the rain ☔️ – Letting loose and dancing in the rain like no one’s watching? Yes, please!
  4. Binge-watching my fave shows 📺 – Nothing beats a cozy Netflix marathon with my go-to shows.
  5. Long road trips 🚗 – Blasting my favorite tunes and hitting the open road? Adventure, here I come!
  6. Popping bubble wrap 😆 – So satisfying and strangely stress-relieving.
  7. Impromptu photoshoots 📸 – Strike a pose and let your inner model shine!
  8. Finding money in old jeans 💸 – Finding cash you didn’t know you had feels like winning the lottery!
  9. Sipping on iced coffee ☕️ – The perfect pick-me-up for those sunny days.
  10. Late-night snacks 🌙 – Nothing better than a cheeky midnight snack to satisfy your cravings.
  1. Making someone laugh 😂 – Knowing that you made someone’s day a little brighter is pure joy.
  2. Seeing your plants grow 🌱 – It’s like watching your babies flourish, am I right?
  3. Sunsets 🌅 – Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Good job, you made it through the day!”
  4. Spontaneous dance parties 💃 – Just shaking it out and letting the music take over.
  5. Freshly washed sheets 🛏️ – Mmmm, that smell and feeling of sliding into clean sheets is pure bliss.
  6. Warm hugs 🤗 – Sometimes, a hug is worth a thousand words.
  7. Hearing your favorite song on the radio 🎶 – When your jam comes on, you can’t help but sing along!
  8. Laughing so hard you can’t breathe 🤣 – When a joke leaves you in stitches, you know it’s a good one.
  9. Going on a shopping spree 💳 – Retail therapy at its finest.
  10. Surprise gifts 🎁 – When someone gives you a thoughtful gift just because, it’s hard not to smile.
  1. Meeting old friends 👯 – Reconnecting and reliving old memories is a surefire way to feel happy.
  2. Stargazing on a clear night 🌌 – The universe is a magical, mysterious place that’ll make you feel alive.
  3. Fun workouts 🏋️ – Breaking a sweat while having a blast is the best way to stay healthy.
  4. Baking yummy treats 🧁 – Hello, fresh cookies and the amazing smell they bring!
  5. Playing with kids 👶 – Their innocence and joy light up a room.
  6. Beach days 🏖️ – Feeling the sun on your skin and hearing the crashing waves? Pure paradise.
  7. Getting lost in a good book 📖 – Losing yourself in a fictional world is an escape from reality we all need sometimes.
  8. Taking naps 😴 – The ultimate self-care and relaxation time.
  9. Solving a difficult puzzle 🧩 – The satisfaction of finally figuring it out is unbeatable.
  10. Getting a compliment 💕 – Knowing that someone noticed and appreciated something about you feels amazing.
  1. Trying new foods 🍜 – Exploring different flavors and cuisines is always an adventure.
  2. Hiking in nature 🏞️ – Disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with nature is refreshing.
  3. Finding the perfect outfit 👗 – When you feel confident and stylish, it’s hard not to be happy.
  4. Creating something with your hands 🎨 – Whether it’s drawing, painting, or crafting, creating something from scratch is a satisfying feeling.
  5. Having a good hair day 💇 – When your hair looks amazing, you feel unstoppable.
  6. Accomplishing a goal 🎯 – No matter how big or small, achieving something you’ve been working towards is a great feeling.
  7. Receiving a handwritten letter ✉️ – In the digital age, getting a heartfelt letter is rare and extra special.
  8. Cooking a delicious meal 🍽️ – Food is the way to anyone’s heart, especially when you made it yourself!
  9. Wearing freshly washed clothes 👚 – That clean laundry scent never gets old.
  10. Watching cute animal videos 🐱 – They never fail to make me smile and lift my spirits.
  1. Planning a vacation ✈️ – The anticipation and excitement of traveling is half the fun!
  2. Taking a hot bath 🛁 – Soaking in warm water with candles and bubbles? Yes, please.
  3. Gardening 🌷 – Getting your hands dirty and watching your plants grow is incredibly satisfying.
  4. Being kind to a stranger 🤝 – A small act of kindness can go a long way for both you and the other person.
  5. Receiving good news 🎉 – Whether it’s a work promotion or just hearing that your favorite show got renewed, good news always brings happiness.
  6. Watching a feel-good movie 🎬 – Sometimes, all you need is a heartwarming movie to lift your spirits.
  7. Singing in the shower 🚿 – It’s like having your own personal concert and no one can judge you!
  8. Getting dressed up for a special occasion 👗 – Looking and feeling your best on a special night out is an instant mood booster.
  9. Dressing up for Halloween 🎃 – Who doesn’t love an excuse to wear a fun costume and eat candy?
  10. Receiving a surprise visit from a loved one 🏠 – There’s nothing better than being surprised by someone you love.
  1. Taking a day off work/school 🌴 – Sometimes, you just need a break from the daily grind to recharge and relax.
  2. Watching a beautiful sunset/sunrise 🌅 – Nature’s artwork never fails to amaze and inspire.
  3. Seeing someone you care about succeed 👏 – Their success becomes your happiness too.
  4. Watching a live performance or concert 🎤 – The energy and excitement of being in the audience is unbeatable.
  5. Enjoying a lazy day in bed 🛌 – Sometimes, you just need some time to relax and do absolutely nothing.
  6. Finishing a challenging task or project ✅ – The sense of accomplishment and relief that comes with completing something difficult is hard to beat.
  7. Flipping Through Old Photo Albums 🎞️ – Taking a trip down memory lane brings a warm, nostalgic feeling.
  8. The smell of fresh coffee ☕ – Java brewing in the morning is like whiff-magic.
  9. Scented candles🕯️ – Transforming your home into a cozy, fragrant haven.
  10. Farmer’s markets 🍓 – All the fresh produce, handmade goods, and friendly faces.
  1. Pajama breakfast 🥞 – When you get to roll out of bed, throw on a robe, and feast at your fave brunch spot.
  2. Board game nights 🎲 – Friendly competition and a guaranteed good time.
  3. Karaoke 🎤 – Time to unleash that inner superstar!
  4. Bubble baths 🛁 – Light some candles and let the relaxation begin.
  5. Ice cream sundaes 🍨 – You bet I’m going all out with toppings.
  6. High-Key Makeover Sesh 💄- Wanna feel fabulous? Time for a mini-makeover – YouTube tutorials, here we come!
  7. Diving into a Bucket of Chicken 🍗 – Who could resist the finger-lickin’ goodness? Foodies, unite!
  8. Treasure-Hunting at Thrift Shops 👗 – You never know what quirky gems you’ll find lurking on those dusty shelves.
  9. Whip up a signature cocktail 🍷 – Mix up some fun and concoct your very own delicious bevvie.
  10. Scenic bike ride 🛴 – Pedal your way through charming streets and soak up the scenery.
  1. Swinging on a Swing Set 🥰 – This simple, carefree activity brings me back to my youthful days and fills me with happy memories.
  2. Blowing Bubbles 🐽 – Something about watching colorful, soapy spheres floating into the sky fills my heart with joy.
  3. Watching Fireflies 😮 – Observing this little light show performed by nature’s tiny creatures never fails to amaze me.
  4. Sharing a Hilarious Meme 👻 – Laughing over a funny meme with friends gives me a well-needed break from reality.

Let’s share the Things That Make you happy!

Whew! That was quite a rollicking ride, wasn’t it? We just blazed through 70 things that make me happy, and I’m sure some of these brought a smile to your face too. So, now what? Well, peeps, it’s time for you to hop on the happiness bandwagon and create your own list! 📝

Don’t just stop at 10 or 20 – challenge yourself, go wild, and see how many you can find! And, if you’re feeling generous, share it with your friends and spread the love! ❤️

Remember, happiness is contagious, and as they say, sharing is caring! Until next time, stay happy, stay groovy, and enjoy the good vibes!

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So, what are those Things That Make you Happy?

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