things to write when bored

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Stuck in a boring black hole? Fear not! This list of ‘Things to Write When Bored’ is the magic potion you need.

If you are in the habit of writing, you are in for great experiences!

Whether you want to etch a memory for life or heal your pained soul, wish to build your brand and authority, or improve your communicative skills, writing is the best habit you can ever inculcate.

But sometimes your mind is full of thoughts, but you fall short of words! Writer’s block is real. On those days, no matter how hard you try, words will simply refuse to pour on paper (or screen) out of your mind. 

Say goodbye to dull days when monotony and boredom get the better of you and prevent you from writing, and hello to a whole new world of fun, excitement, and, of course, words!

Now, let’s begin with all the Things to Write When Bored, shall we?

For adolescents

things to write when bored
  1. Loved that movie? Write a detailed review of it. Don’t worry about the formats and other technicalities. You will learn that eventually.
  2. Had a fight with your bestie? Feeling terrible? Pour out your thoughts in your journal. Spill out anything that is hurting you so much.
  3. Went to a historical museum with your classmates? Jot down your point of interest.
  4. Visited a cafe recently with your friends? Share an honest review of the same.
  5. Missing that childhood trip you made with your parents in your summer holidays? Write down your fondest memories from that family trip. 
  6. Scored poor marks in a Mathematics test? Feeling scared to let your parents know? Write down your feelings!
  7. Do you remember feeling so embarrassed because of someone else’s fault? Did you try to justify yourself hard only to fail badly? Write it down now!
  1. What would your perfect day look like, from sunrise to sunset?
  2. Describe the moment when you knew you’ve found your best friend.
  3. Like that cute guy/girl next door? Describe those “butterflies-in-the-stomach” moments you feel when you watch them walking across the road.
  4. What if you were the creator of the Barbie movie? Write about how it should be ended.
  5. What does your ideal birthday look like?
  6. Try expressing all your feelings through your words about the worst breakup you ever had! It will bring you much-needed relief and closure.
  7. Jot down the best gift you have ever received on your birthdays from your loved ones. Mention how you will cherish them all your life.
  8. Write down about your first date experience- ambiance, food, dance, laughter, and so on.
things to write when bored
  1. Ever wonder what your furry friend is thinking? Let the animal lover in you run wild and write from your pet’s perspective, recounting its daily adventures!
  2. Select a song that you adore! Write a story describing the scenery, emotions, and atmosphere the music evokes.
  3. If you could trade lives with any famous person for a day, who would it be? What would you do? How would their daily routine differ from yours?
  4. Give emojis some depth by writing their secret backstories! Investigate their daily lives and interactions when we’re not using them.
  5. What advice and insights would you share with your younger self? Write a heartfelt letter about the lessons you’ve learned, preparing your past self for all the challenges and triumphs they’re yet to face.
  6. Experience the ultimate college road trip, either solo or with friends, and create an awe-inspiring travelogue, featuring all the wacky, unexpected encounters!
  7. Extraterrestrial beings have just landed on Earth, and they’re here to throw the most fantastic party of all time. Describe the out-of-this-world event and the colorful characters you meet.
  1. List five activities you want to experience, places you want to visit, or personal achievements you aim to reach before you turn (Your Age + 10) years old.
  2. Capture your wildest dreams and aspirations by creating a bucket list specifically for your college years.
  3. Let your imagination roam free by penning a tale about experiencing a day on campus in an alternate reality. Are your professors aliens? Are cats in charge of the cafeteria? Anything is possible!
  4. What if you could talk to animals – what would your conversation with your favorite animal be like?
  5. Turn ramen noodles into a culinary masterpiece! Document your creative cooking (or uncooking) endeavors and share easy, budget-friendly, gourmet recipes that will have your classmates drooling.
  6. Let your imagination run wild as you narrate a thrilling adventure starring your beloved pet. Write about their heroic feats, fears, and how they ultimately save the day.

For homemakers

things to write when bored
  1. Next time you are clueless about what to write, eliminate this negative baggage. Express why, how, and what you feel about your life. 
  2. Your baby just took her first-ever step! And you are on cloud nine! Write about this life moment in your journal.
  3. Had an argument with your partner? Miss those days when the two of you lived a carefree life? Vent out your feelings on paper.  
  4. Craving a vacation so bad? Try writing about your dream vacation and be as much vivid and specific as possible.
  5. What’s that one household chore you absolutely hate doing? Pour out your emotions!
  6. Write down about that one hobby you were so fond of in your childhood days.
  7. Laughter is the best medicine! Compile a list of your favorite memes and why they never fail to make you laugh.
  8. Write about the delicious adventures you’d embark upon, tasting exotic dishes, or attempting crazy combinations. Foodgasms guaranteed!
  9. What if your household objects suddenly sprung to life and formed their little civilization? Describe their new society and the interactions between each lovable object.
  10. A positive twist on writer’s block! Each week, jot down 3-5 aspects of your life you’re grateful for. An attitude of gratitude awaits!
things to write when bored
  1. Has your favorite sitcom’s finale left you with a disapproving frown? Take charge and rewrite the ending to give it a spin only you could imagine.
  2. What if plants could communicate, share their deepest thoughts, and experience life in their unique way?
  3. Craft a story where your protagonist embarks on an epic quest to find Earth’s most serene, peaceful spot!
  4. If you could invite any three people from history to a dinner party, who would they be, and why?
  5. Pick an inanimate object in your house and give it feelings, thoughts, and dreams. Tell their story and reveal their innermost desires.
  6. Write about a character that receives a fortune cookie with a mysteriously accurate and life-changing message inside. Detail the events that follow this eerie prediction.
  7. Imagine a parallel universe where everything aligns perfectly with your hopes and dreams. Describe this alternate reality, acknowledge the differences, and uncover the lessons you can learn from it.

More Wacky ideas to kick your boredom to the curb!

For professionals

things to write when bored
  1. Fed up with the monotony of the 9 to 5 routine? Write down a soulful journal enlisting your daily routine, frustrations, uncertainties, etc. 
  2. Got that much-awaited job promotion? It’s time to celebrate, buddy!
  3. Design a unique board game that co-workers or friends can play during their breaks. Develop the rules, game pieces, and themes that make your game an exciting new pastime everyone will love!
  4. Got a job! And what’s better than expressing your happiness and elation through written words?
  5. Write about those moments of joy after getting a promotion! Share how it feels after reaching here. 
  6. Had a day off? Write how you felt on your day off and how the break has helped you unwind and rejuvenate.
  7. Is your dream startup going to crash land even after working so hard? Just slow down and introspect. Write what went wrong.
  8. So you work from home, and you are finally at peace with your work-life balance. Express your gratitude and write down how peaceful it feels. 
things to write when bored
  1. You just hate office politics. The toxic work environment suffocates you. So, when you feel overwhelmed and bored next time, dump your thoughts onto a piece of paper.
  2. What’s that one career mistake that cost you your precious time and money? Write about it now.
  3. If you had a brilliant idea for a business, what kind of business would it be? The sky’s the limit!
  4. Assign your colleagues superpowers based on their personalities and work habits. Watch as the mundane office becomes a vibrant world where your co-workers use their newly discovered powers for better or for worse.
  5. Design a unique board game that co-workers or friends can play during their breaks. Develop the rules, game pieces, and themes that make your game an exciting new pastime everyone will love!

For adults in general

things to write when bored

Adulting is hard. And so is life. You will feel stuck, hopeless, and irritated on so many days. 

  1. On a day when you are almost bored to death, write about your adulting experiences.
  2. What would you change if you had a chance to go back to school/college?
  3. Write about what you would do if you weren’t afraid of failure. What daring dreams would you chase, and how would your life change as a result?
  4. You will be moving out of your rental apartment tomorrow, which seems so difficult now. Pour out the overwhelming emotions in your diary.
  5. Take a trip down memory lane and rediscover those music tunes that made you dance, cry, and laugh.
  6. Imagine yourself as a time traveler making a pit stop in any era – past, present, or future. Write a letter or email detailing your experience, what you’ve observed, and how much you’ve learned.
  7. Write down about the confusion of choosing between your family and your self-development.
  8. You just got back home from a rejuvenating road trip. Now is the time to etch those memories so that you cherish them in your 80s.
  9. Your best friend is back in town after a decade! Write it all down- the goosebumps, the plans, the gifts, and all these years of wait finally coming to an end. 
  10. You recently had a fight with your mom/dad over call. And now you are feeling very bad about it. So, go get your journal and dump everything that is going on in your head. Write apologies, too. 
things to write when bored
  1. Start writing content for your LinkedIn profile. Write about whatever you are good at, your experiences, social proofs you have, services, etc. 
  2. Remember that night you sneaked out of the hostel with your BF? Had a lot of fun! Write down everything about that crazy, hazy night!
  3. Write about your favorite food that boosts your mood in no time and warms your heart.
  4. Go down memory lane as far as you can and write about your earliest childhood memory.
  5. Write about your nightmare last night, which kept you awake until dawn. This will bring more clarity and a sense of closure.
  6. Do you have a pet? Write how much you love it and let your feelings pour out on the pages.
  7. Write about that guy whom you meet every day while on your way to work but has never got the opportunity to interact with.
  8. What’s that one thing that you are dead scared of? Use your fear to ideate and write about your biggest fear.
things to write when bored
  1. Express your thoughts and emotions about the time when you had to make a difficult decision.
  2. Jot down your feelings about the time when you managed to overcome one of your biggest fears.
  3. Go on and write down about a feat that you thought you would never be able to accomplish.
  4. Throw your favorite fictional characters from multiple universes into a blender to create hilarious, unexpected interactions. What would happen if Ron Swanson and Captain Jack Sparrow became roommates?
  5. Unleash your inner foodie as you craft delectable dishes that dazzle the senses in a wacky restaurant with a quirky menu and unique dining themes.
  6. Select a pivotal event in history and give it a fun twist like Napoleon’s defeat being caused by an explosion of kittens.
  7. Who was your first crush? Who did you end up with? What were some cute moments you’ll always cherish? Go back and see how beautiful some days were!
  8. Capture the weird, hilarious, and heartwarming moments you witness in daily life. Take a trip to a local park, coffee shop, or shopping center and observe the quirky habits of humans.
  9. Channel your inner Martha Stewart and craft a comprehensive guide to surviving college life. For those unforgettable years, include DIY tips on dorm decor, study hacks, and essential life skills.

Why Should You Write More Often?

While some people write every day, others write only when they have something going on in their minds. I know some people who write for money, while others write to seek mental solace. Writing is the ultimate superpower, and knowing how to express yourself in written words is definitely a skill worth investing your time in. 

Here are the top benefits of writing:

  • Declutters your mind.
  • Enables you to communicate effectively.
  • Makes you more expressive.
  • Helps you preserve memories for life.
  • Helps you build a solid personal brand.
  • Helps you make money.
  • Helps you in the process of self-discovery.

Now that you know the advantages of writing make sure you go through the below-mentioned ideas to fight your boredom and writer’s block.

Wrapping up – Things to Write When Bored

Writing is a skill that will always stay with you. Whether you are a born writer or have learned it through consistent practice, this habit of writing will never disappoint you. 

And it feels so amazing to revisit your write-ups after a specific time. They feel like “letters to self” as they revive your memories and take you down memory lane.

Next time you feel bored and are clueless about what to do- start writing! The prompts I have shared here will never let you face writer’s block again. 

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