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Time to lace up those ambitious sneakers and tackle ‘Goals for the Week’ with style!

Setting goals is as easy as drinking water! But adhering to a routine and achieving these goals may not be as easy as you think!

You start with lots of enthusiasm and bang. But as the excitement fizzes out and you get busy with life, your goals eventually start taking the backseat.

If this sounds like you, here’s a quick solution. Start small with weekly goals instead of taking the plunge and going for quarterly or yearly goals. Weekly goals are much easier to adhere to and complete. Coz’ you just need to stay committed for seven days, and that’s it!

If weekly goals sound like your thing and you are ready to know more about them, simply scroll down and get all the details!

What is a weekly goal or intention?

Weekly goals are smaller goals or targets you try to accomplish within a week. Instead of committing to far-fetching goals, you get to focus on bite-sized chunks, which seem much more achievable and realistic.

Short-term weekly goals keep you focused. Following a routine for a mere seven days seems doable. This keeps your frustration level low. And thus, you complete your weekly goals without much hue-and-cry. 

Benefits of setting weekly goals

1. Minimal procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons your long-term goals remain unaccomplished. But staying committed is not a big deal when it comes to weekly goals.

You can keep procrastination at bay easily, knowing that it will last just seven days.

No procrastination=Target accomplishment

2. Improved self-confidence

Weekly goals are achievable because of their short-term nature. Also, it gets much easier to track your progress.

You stay motivated and active all the while.  This gives a major boost to your self-confidence.

3. Razor focused approach

goals for the week

Short-term goals for the week offer clarity of thoughts and vision. You tend to stay focused on your goal without any distractions. You can willingly take time out to work on your goals.

Since the action plans need to be followed for just seven days, achieving milestones gets really quick and easy. Also, you can measure your progress comfortably.

4. Better time management

Your mind and brain work synchronously when you know you have just seven days to achieve a target. You tend to get more productive. This, in turn, helps you make the most out of your available time.

You will be amazed to see how effortlessly the tasks are completed when you are razor-focused on your weekly goals.

5. Higher goal accomplishment rate

goals for the week

Short-term goals, specifically the weekly ones, tend to get accomplished easily as compared to long-term goals. You may give up on a half-yearly goal because of a lack of motivation and time. However, we rarely give up on our weekly goals since it’s just a matter of 7 days.

30 Weekly Goals for a Better You!

  1. Catch up to 8 hours of sleep daily.
  2. Cut down on your sugar intake.
  3. Hit the gym at least three days a week.
  4. Unplug 1 hour before hitting the bed.
  5. Drink 4-5 glasses of water every day.
  6. Video call your parents thrice a week.
  7. Plan a date night/lunch with your partner.
  8. Dedicate an evening entirely to yourself.
  9. Meditate for 15 minutes daily.
  10. Declutter your room on a lazy Sunday.
  11. Read one page from your favorite book every day.
  12. Practice affirmations twice a day- once in the morning and once at night.
  13. Give your wardrobe a makeover.
  14. Get your phone and laptop decluttered.
  15.  Wake up every day at 6 am in the morning.
goals for the week
  1. Upskill for 180 minutes on weekends.
  2. Develop a strategy for your side hustle.
  3. Say NO to online shopping for a week.
  4. Eat clean throughout the week.
  5. Deep clean your kitchen/bathroom.
  6. Explore your city, one location at a time.
  7. Enjoy a game night with your friends.
  8. Pamper your skin before calling it a day.
  9. Plan a day with zero expenses.
  10. Survive on not more than 1 cup of coffee.
  11. Start documenting yourself on camera while doing random everyday stuff.
  12. Avoid social media for 24 hours in a week.
  13. Walk 8000 steps daily for the next seven days.
  14. Save $100 every day.
  15. Eat leafy veggies and green salad once a day.

How to Set Weekly Goals Conveniently?

1. Take time out to introspect.

goals for the week

Sit with yourself and think about your life. Assess your daily life and try to understand what’s working and what’s not working. Check on a level of 1 to 10 how satisfied you are with your life. 

Try to comprehend the issues that you need to resolve. 

2. Create SMART weekly goals.

Now that you know about the things that need your focus, it’s time to decide upon your goal. 

Unhappy with your sleeping schedule? Create a weekly goal around regaining your sleep cycle. 

Ordering junk food way too much? Have a weekly goal at a place that requires you to have healthy meals for the next seven days.

Spending too much money on season-end sales? Make it a point to create a weekly budget and stick to it no matter what.

3. Block your calendar accordingly.

Writing down your weekly goals on your to-do planner is a complete waste of time and energy.

Instead, block your calendar for the same, just like you block your calendar for a client meeting. 

Having your weekly goals scheduled ensures that you stay committed and stick to them irrespective of your busy schedule.

4. Set reminders for these goals.

Reminders are important to steer clear of distractions and procrastination. Life happens, and there can be multiple hurdles on your way to goal accomplishment. 

Reminders keep you focused and help you stay committed.

5. Pat your back when you accomplish a goal.

goals for the week

Weekly goals are achievable. So, when you complete a weekly target, don’t forget to celebrate your achievement.

This will keep you motivated throughout the week.

Wrapping Up – Goals For The Week

Plan your weekly goals in a way that keeps you mentally, physically, and financially happy and sane. It’s always about creating a better life with the resources available to you. Setting goals and achieving them turns you into a better, healthier, and financially safer human being. 

If you are bad with New Year resolutions or long-term goals, then weekly goals are your best shots. 

This blog post consists of some of the best weekly goal ideas. Take hints from them and get started with your own set of weekly goals. Take charge of your life, be a better version of yourself super soon, and be an inspiration for others!

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