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Ready to level up your vibe? Dive into the world of ‘Goals for Mental Health,’ and turn your self-care into a slam dunk!

There’s no shame in accepting the truth that our mental health gets ignored every single day!

We take ample precautions to maintain our physical health. We eat healthily, maintain hygiene, invest in activewear, and join fitness classes.

But what about our mental health? Is it at its best? 

There are so many factors that can affect our mental health- past traumas, work pressure, toxic relationships, stressful life situations, and so much more.

It is, therefore, important that besides having a weight loss goal, you must have a couple of mental health goals up your sleeves as well.

I am so proud of you that you are here to make your mental health your topmost priority. Your search for the best goals for mental health ends right here, right now!

So, are you ready to experience mental bliss? Say YES and scroll down to unlock mental health goals.

16 Mental Health Goals to Improve Your Mental Health

1. Promise to love yourself more deeply

goals for mental health

The first and foremost mental health goal should be to love yourself deeply. Stop being so hard on yourself and pamper yourself every now and then. 

Address your traumas and issues and work towards coming out of those issues. Appreciate yourself and pat your back, as you have come so far all on your own. Talk to your 10-year-old version and tell her that life is not unfair or brutal.

2. Start practicing mindfulness

Enjoy the present. Girl, I know you either stay traumatized by your past or keep stressing over your future. Rather, start focusing on your present and be grateful for what you have.

Start enjoying the little things you have been taking for granted for so long.

3. Take time out for a hobby that nourishes your mind

goals for mental health

Pursue a hobby that helps you unwind, rejuvenates your mind, and brings solace to your heart. Practicing a hobby nourishes your mind, gives you a breather, and helps you be yourself.

It can be something creative, such as painting or knitting, or something intense, such as dancing or playing your favorite musical instrument, or maybe something as soothing as clay modeling.

4. Get rid of your self-sabotaging behavior

Bub, just listen to all those negative words in your head. You don’t deserve these! Your pessimism is coming in the way of your success. You are feeding your subconscious mind with negative thoughts.

Set a goal to give up on this negativity. Next time any self-sabotaging thought comes up in your mind, stop right there and say “Cancel” in mind. This will immediately restrict your negative self-talk, and you can gain control over your thoughts.

5. Start selective and conscious consumption

goals for mental health

Purposeless content consumption can clutter your mind and brain and make you feel mentally exhausted. So, set a mental health goal that prevents habits like doom scrolling on social media.

Fix a time for content consumption and stick to it at any cost.

6. Seek digital detox once every week

If you wish to improve your mental health, you must start with this mental health goal at the earliest! Every week, fix a day and practice digital detox straight for 6 hours.

No smartphones, no headphones, no online games, no e-meetings- nothing digital at all. Live these 6 hours like they used to do when nothing was digital!

7. Work out, practice yoga, or simply dance

goals for mental health

These activities release happy hormones in your body, which in turn nourish your mental health. So, make it a point to exercise, practice yoga, do breathwork or simply dance to keep your mind happy and healthy.

8. Start journaling regularly

Journaling may seem like an overrated activity. But trust me, your mental health will love it! You will start loving the process once you get the hang of it.

Express your emotions without any limitation and fear of being judged. Make your pen and diary (or your laptop folder) your best friend. Journaling declutters your mind and heals you in ways you can’t even imagine!

9. Get rid of all the toxic people in your life

goals for mental health

Shut them out! That’s it!  You don’t need unnecessary drama in your life.

Toxic people always try to pull you down and hamper your confidence. So, your next goal for mental health should be to cut the ties with these negative people in your life.

10. Practice affirmations that uplift your confidence

Affirmations work magically! They fill you with confidence from within.

Start with ten affirmations and recite them first thing in the morning when you wake up. Also, chant them before hitting the bed at night.

On times when you feel stressed out or low, say the affirmations aloud or write them down in your diary. You will feel a significant shift in your mindset and body language soon.

11. Have a morning and night routine at the place

goals for mental health

Chart out a peaceful morning routine and a relaxing night routine. This may sound like a luxury, but babe, you deserve this!

Slow mornings and peaceful nights can leave you blissful and make your life worth living daily!

12. Practice stress management tactics

If you stress out at the drop of a hat, then girl, this is your sign to take a chill pill! Life does get stressful at times. But you must realize that stressing about things you can’t control will only affect your mental peace.

Start practicing destressing activities such as meditation, breath work, etc., to keep stressful thoughts at bay.

13. Start having clean meals

goals for mental health

The food you eat has a direct impact on your mental health. Too much junk food, sugar, salt, and caffeine will leave you cranky and impatient.

On the other hand, healthy meals with balanced nutrition will cater to your body and mind requirements and keep you agile, active, and happy.

14. Set a healthy boundary to preserve your sanity

No, you won’t sound rude! Rather, healthy boundaries will keep you sane. Girl, you are not responsible for everything that is happening around you to your close people or acquaintances. Stop holding yourself responsible for their well-being or betterment.

Don’t say YES to something just because you don’t want to hurt them.  Saying YES too often can crumble your mental health just like that!

15. Build a self-care squad

goals for mental health

Squads aren’t just for celebrity BFFs; get your own group of mental health cheerleaders together and support each other’s journey.

Share tips and goals, have regular check-ins, and be each other’s rock. ‘Cause you know what they say: Teamwork makes the dream work! Find those genuine peeps who have your back no matter what.

16. Laughter is your new workout

Bump the gym – let’s exercise… our funny bones! Turns out laughter is a baller way to get mentally fit. So, make it a mission to find something that’ll have you rolling on the floor, or just share some solid belly laughs with friends.

How do you set mental health goals based on your Needs?

Mental health needs are different for different people. While some will need solitude to heal, others may need a vibrant company. So, how would you set mental health goals for yourself?

1. Know your “Why”

goals for mental health

So, you are planning to set goals to improve your mental health. But what exactly do you need? Why do you think that you need to set these goals? Which goals will cater to your requirements?

First of all, you must never get into this just because it is a trend on social media nowadays. Also, don’t get influenced by the society or any specific person in your circle.

Do this coz’ you want to, from within.

Know your purpose. Understand what’s that one thing/ couple of things eating you from the inside. Once you know these, you will be in a better position to set goals for mental health .

2. Talk to a therapist

Seeking professional assistance has always been one of the best ways to understand your mental needs. If you can afford it, I would say go for it.

Open up in front of your therapist. When you unravel your heart in front of an expert, they guide you as to what’s wrong with your mental health and what you need to do.

You will have more clarity and can set mental health goals based on these details.

3. Go through your journal/diary entries

goals for mental health

Have no idea as to whether or not you need to set mental health improvement goals at all? Just go through the pages of your diary or journal. Read the entries of the past few months. 

Are there too many frustrating stories? Do most of them sound like you are venting your anger and hurt emotions? Have you been trying to find solace in your diary by writing down your burning feelings?

Your journal stories will reflect the deepest traumas that have been scarring you for years. They will give you answers to what needs to be healed.

4. Introspect on what disturbs or upsets you the most

Stop running around, babe! Take a breather. Pause for a while and think deeply. Think about the things that hurt you or upset you.

Try to understand the trigger points that make you angry. Is there any pattern that gets repeated every time? If yes, then that’s the issue you need to heal.

5. Be honest when assessing your feelings and behaviors

goals for mental health

Girl, you need to understand that there’s no use in holding yourself back. Stop feeding lies to your mind. Know that it is your mental health that needs your attention.

So, if anything is disturbing you, acknowledge it and set goals to improve the situation.

Tips On Sticking To Your Mental Health Goals

  • Work with an accountability partner.
  • Treat yourself with something you love for sticking to your mental health goals.
  • Make sure that your goals are SMART (Short-term, Manageable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-specific)
  • Ditch the All-Or-Nothing mindset. 
  • Use a habit-tracker tool to document your progress.

Wrapping Up – goals for mental health

Mental health issues are on the rise at a global scale. Depression, anxiety, hypochondria- there’s so much to take care of.

These mental health goals will keep you sorted and bring clarity of thought and peace of mind. Start with these goals for improving your mental health. Prioritize it over anything else.

Trust me, babe, life will seem way more beautiful than you think about it as of now!

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