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Because epic memories are the real flex, right?

Hey, all you amazing people! Name one thing that doesn’t get better with friends. Can’t think of any, can you? TBH, they just add all the spices and fun to our lives, serving up gossip, laughs, and those much-needed therapy sessions.

But what’s even better than just hanging out? Creating memories together with an epic best friend bucket list – we’re talking total #friendshipgoals here!

So grab your BFF and strap in, because we’ve got 63 best friend bucket list ideas for you to start tackling right away. These will not only bring you and your bestie closer, but also create unforgettable, Insta-worthy moments that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Let the adventure begin with these best friend bucket list ideas!

1. Beer Chugging Challenge

Ever wondered who can chug the most beer – the fastest? Set up a timer and challenge your best friend to the ultimate gulp test! Loser buys the next round. It’s all in good spirits!

2. Do Prank Calls

Remember those old-school prank call nights? Relive those hilarious memories with your bestie by making unexpected calls and trying out different accents! Use some wit and sass to make the other person laugh, but remember to keep it harmless.

3. Attend a Concert: The Louder, the Better!

Rock on with your bestie at a concert of your favorite band! Get those tickets, dance along, and sing at the top of your lungs. Make sure to capture those insta-worthy moments.

4. Crash a Wedding

Be spontaneous and fearless by crashing a wedding with your best friend! Dress up, blend in and enjoy the free drinks, food, and live music. Be kind and later fess up with your hilariously crazy story.

5. Make Friendship Bracelets

Bring out your creative side and make matching friendship bracelets for each other! Choose colors that represent your personalities and add cute charms or tags to personalize them further.

6. Run Through Water Sprinklers

Channel your inner child and have a splashin’ good time running through sprinklers with your bestie. Hold hands, screech with laughter, and create those magical wet-and-wild memories.

7. Plan a Stargazing Night

Claim a cozy spot outdoors, lie down, and gaze at the mesmerizing constellation above. Count stars, share stories and dreams, and make epic wishes upon those shooting stars together!

8. Solve a Mystery

Did someone say Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson? Pick up a mystery novel or try out an escape room together, put on your thinking caps, and work as a dynamic duo to find the killer or crack the code!

9. Watch a Truly Horror Movie Together

Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, and prepare to get spooked. Share screams and giggles as you jump out of your seats watching a terrifying horror movie. Afterward, decide who gets bragging rights as the bravest of the two.

10. Learn a Dance Routine

Two left feet? No problem! Pick a fun, upbeat song and learn a dance routine with your bestie. You’ll be grooving in no time, and you’ll have a blast practicing together. Plus, you’ll have a sweet surprise performance ready for parties!

11. Carpool Karaoke

Turn up your favorite tunes and drive around belting out the lyrics at the top of your lungs! Show off your harmonizing skills, rap like pros, and take the ultimate carpool karaoke video to remember the moment forever.

12. Host a Cocktail Party with Each One Bringing Drinks That Resemble Their Exes

It’s time for some hilarious revenge! Whip up drinks that embody your exes and have a toast-filled night to share those ridiculous stories with your BFF. Plus, you’ll get to try some new, tasty beverages!

13. Cycle Together on a Scenic View

Discover beautiful scenery as you pedal through winding roads or gorgeous parks. Snap pictures of your adventure and make it a day of laughter, fresh air, and quality bonding time.

14. Swap Identities for a Day

Ready for the ultimate challenge? Swap identities and take on each other’s roles for a day. Immerse yourselves in each other’s lives, pick up their habits, and experience being your BFF for a day. May the best friend win!

15. Dance in the Rain

Find the nearest rainstorm and dance your hearts out! Arms flailing, laugh out loud moments, and twirling in the puddles like kids again. This carefree and joyful bucket list idea will be one for the books!

16. Take Underwater Pictures

Rent an underwater camera and hit the pool or beach to take some jaw-dropping, Insta-worthy pictures. Experiment with poses and props to create an epic underwater photoshoot you’ll cherish for years to come.

17. Have a Spa Day at a Nice Salon

Treat yourselves to a luxurious and relaxing day at a high-end spa. Indulge in massages, facials, and pedicure sessions. It’s the perfect way to unwind, destress, and rejuvenate with your best friend.

18. Be Her Wing Woman

Channel your inner matchmaker and help your bestie find her perfect partner. Nothing says BFFs forever like wing woman duty!

19. Cook Something at Home & Wine

Turn up the stove and break out the recipe books. Collaborate on a delicious dish and laugh together over culinary mishaps, all while sipping on some fine wine. After all, nothing brings friends closer like a home-cooked meal!

20. Create a Bestie Cookbook

Food always brings people together! Compile your favorite recipes from each of your friends and create your very own “Best Friend Cookbook.” Cook up those dishes during your next get-together!

21. Give Each Other Manicures and Blowdries

Channel your inner beauty experts and give each other Instagram-worthy nails and hair. Take the opportunity to try bold, new colors and fun hairstyles. Show off your glam results to the world and cherish the fun memories forever.

22. Make Boozy Popsicles

Experiment and create some unique boozy popsicles to enjoy on a hot day. Combine your favorite alcohol with fruits, juices, and sweeteners, and freeze them into irresistible icy treats.

23. Get Matching Tattoos

Express that unbreakable bond by getting matching tattoos! Choose a meaningful design and let the world know you’re inseparable.

24. Chopped Challenge Dinner Party

Put your culinary skills to the test! Host a dinner party where each friend brings random ingredients. Teams will then compete to cook up the most creative and delicious dishes. May the best chefs win!

25. Pull an All-Nighter Together

Movie marathon, gossiping, or just enjoying each other’s company – it’s the perfect excuse for quality time. PJs and snacks? Yes, please.

26. Go for Thrift Shopping and Create Full Outfits for Under $25

Challenge yourselves to find the quirkiest outfits on a budget. Go all out and strut your creations in public – #thriftingqueens.

27. Sip & Paint Picnic with Friends

Upgrade your picnic game by organizing a sip & paint in the park! Bring your favorite wine and let your creativity flow while you chat with your friends. Make it even more enjoyable by adding a theme to your paintings!

28. Road Trip to a Random Location

Pack your bags, get in the car, and embark on a thrilling road trip to an undisclosed destination. Let fate decide your journey with apps like Roadtrippers or just follow your heart’s desire on the map.

29. DIY Movie Night Under the Stars

Transform your backyard into the coolest outdoor cinema! Set up a projector, cozy seating, and let your favorite movies roll. Don’t forget the popcorn and blankets for a perfect movie night experience.

30. Write Letters to Your Future Selves

Get together and write letters to your future selves. Share your dreams, goals, and hilarious memories of your friendship. Reunite after a few years, open the letters, and reminisce together!

31. Have a Beachside Picnic

Pack your picnic basket with delish treats, throw on your swimsuits, and head to the beach together. Catch some rays, indulge in refreshing snacks, and let the sound of crashing waves be your BFF soundtrack.

32. Make a Time Capsule

Preserve your friendship mementos in a time capsule and set a date to open it years later. Here’s to reminiscing and cherishing your memories.

33. Paint Mugs Outside

Get crafty and design unique mugs for each other while enjoying the great outdoors. Morning coffee will be a constant reminder of your BFF status.

34. Choose a Cocktail and Drink It All Day

Pick a signature cocktail to call your own and sip on it all day. Cheers to the good life and the best of friends!

35. Book a Weekend Getaway at a Luxe Hotel

Treat yourselves to an indulgent weekend getaway. Are you ready for poolside lounging, spa treatments, and room service?

36. Color Each Other’s Hair (Temporary or Permanent)

A DIY salon day is calling! Get bold with a new hair color – surprise each other or pick matching shades, and then rock out with your new looks.

37. Take Selfies in Cutest Pajamas

Capture those adorable PJ moments with a memorable selfie session that you can look back on and giggle for years to come.

38. Sing a Song Loud in Public

Belt out your favorite tunes in a public spot – who cares who’s watching? You’ll be the life of the party with your bestie in tow.

39. Take Part in a Mud Run

Unleash your inner warriors and sign up for a mud run! Race through obstacle courses filled with mud, water, and laughter as you and your best friend bond over this messy, challenging, and incredibly fun experience.

40. Host a Themed Dinner Party

Bond over your love for food and have a blast planning, cooking, and hosting a themed dinner party. Invite friends and choose a fun theme like “Taco Tuesday” or “Around the World” – the culinary possibilities are endless!

41. Participate in a Food Challenge

Are your appetites insatiable? Grab your best friend and try completing a food challenge at a local restaurant. Whether it’s a giant burger or a spicy wing challenge, you’ll have each other’s backs – and stomachs.

42. Attend a Costume Event

Cosplay as your favorite characters and attend a comic convention or another costume event together. You’ll have a blast planning and coordinating your costumes, and it’ll make for some epic selfies and memories.

43. Take a Mixology Class

Channel your inner bartenders by signing up for a mixology class. Learn how to mix your favorite cocktails, and share those tasty concoctions with friends at your next party. Cheers to great times and new skills!

44. Escape a Puzzle Room

Are you both good at cracking codes? Put your minds together and try your luck in an escape room. You’ll bond over teamwork and problem-solving as you race against the clock to escape before time runs out.

45. Plant a Friendship Garden

Get your green thumbs ready and plant a friendship garden together. Whether it’s flowers or herbs, you’ll have a blast digging in the dirt and nourishing your plants. Plus, you’ll have something beautiful to remind you of your friendship!

46. Spend a Holiday with Each Other’s Families

Get to know the fam by joining your bestie for a special holiday celebration. Bonus points if you help cook or bring a dish – you’ll be the honorary family member!

47. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Let loose and have a blast with an epic water balloon fight! Laughter, fun, and the potential for cute action shots – seriously the best day ever!

48. Road Trip Extravaganza

Hit the road and discover hidden gems together! Plan a week(end) getaway along a scenic route, jam out to the ultimate road trip playlist, and indulge in the best roadside eats! Don’t forget to snap pics or create vlogs to relive the memories.

49. Chase The Northern (or Southern) Lights

This surreal natural phenomenon should definitely be on your bucket list! Book a trip with your best friend to either Scandinavia, Alaska, or even Antarctica, and watch the breathtaking sky display. Nothing screams “insanely fun” more than witnessing the Aurora Borealis (or Australis) together.

50. Go on a Volunteering Trip Abroad

Travel while making a difference! Embark on a volunteering trip with your best friend and make lifelong memories while also giving back to local communities. You’ll explore new cultures, learn valuable skills, and strengthen your bond even more.

51. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Soar high together by taking a hot air balloon ride! Watch the sunset or sunrise while sipping on champagne, and admire the breathtaking view as you float above the world. This experience will literally take your friendship to new heights.

52. Participate in a Color Run

Paint the town (and each other) with colors! Sign up for a Color Run with your bestie, and douse yourselves in vibrant colors while you run, dance, and party. This combo of fitness, fun, and friendship is unbeatable.

53. Create Your Own Film Festival

Curate a selection of your all-time favorite movies or hidden gems you’ve always wanted to watch. Then, grab some popcorn and comfy pillows – it’s time for a fun and cozy BFF film festival at home!

54. Build an Epic Fort

Return to your childhood roots and construct the ultimate pillow and blanket fort. Fill it with fairy lights, fluffy cushions, and your favorite board games for a cozy, nostalgic night of BFF shenanigans.

55. Get Sporty and Go Zorbing

Roll into happiness with zorbing – a thrilling adventure involving rolling down a hill in a giant inflatable ball! Laugh your way through this wild experience, holding onto each other for added hilarity. Is there a better way to bond with your bestie?

56. Collaborative DIY Project

Put your creative hats on and tackle a DIY home improvement project! Update a room, build furniture, or even paint a mural together. You’ll not only bond over this shared labor of love, but also cherish the end result forever.

57. Co-host a Themed Party

Plan and co-host the most epic themed party with your BFF! You both decide the theme, decorations, costumes, and food, then welcome friends over for a night they won’t forget. Two creative minds are better than one!

58. Learn a New Skill Together

Sign up for a class or workshop in something totally new to both of you! From cooking classes to painting, dancing, or even aerial yoga – it’s time to step out of your comfort zones and be each other’s cheerleader.

59. Bestie Photoshoot

BFFs that slay together, stay together! Hire a photographer or up your selfie game, and create a stunning photoshoot showcasing your epic friendship. Laughs, spontaneous twirls, and candid moments will be your favorite souvenirs!

60. Volunteer Adventure

Partner up to give back by volunteering locally or abroad together. Pick a cause close to your hearts, and witness the amazing impact your support brings to the community. Plus, the shared experience will deepen your bond.

61. Gastronomic Tour

Are you both total foodies? Embark on a gastronomic adventure! Create a list of local must-try places, or let fate decide by spinning a wheel-of-choices. Taste, share, and rate your experiences – Bon appétit!

62. Pull Off an Epic Prank

Plot, plan, and execute the most epic prank ever on another close friend (all in good taste, of course!). Keep it light-hearted and fun, and then laugh together while revealing the truth. It’s a memory you’ll talk about for years!

63. Fitness Challenge

Get fit, have a blast, and encourage each other by tackling a fitness challenge together! Set mutual goals, like completing a 5K run or going to weekly dance classes. Celebrate your victories and progress with a well-deserved spa or cheat day.

Wrapping up – best friend bucket list ideas

Whew, we made it! With 63 best friend bucket list ideas, you and your BFF will never run out of ways to strengthen your bond and have a blast!

Whether it’s adventuring together, sharing hobbies, or simply spending quality time, your friendship will surely reach new heights. So what are you waiting for?

Start ticking off these activities now and let’s welcome endless laughter, memorable experiences, and lifelong stories. xoxo

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