Self-Care Night Ideas with Friends

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I think it’s time for – Friends who self-care together, slay together!

Ever find yourself scrolling through social media, watching your fave influencers having a blast on their girls’ nights in, and wishing you were part of the fun?

Are you desperately in need of a night in with your besties that’s more than just pizza and Netflix? (Don’t get me wrong, pizza is ALWAYS in fashion, but let’s switch things up a bit, shall we?)

Well, you’re in for a treat because we’ve got the ultimate roundup of 37 amazeballs self-care night ideas with friends that’ll leave you and your squad feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on whatever life throws at you! 🥳

So, gather up your besties, pour some bubbly (or a mocktail, if that’s your vibe), and let’s dive headfirst into creating your ultimate self-care sleepover extravaganza!

Let these self-care ideas with friends begin!

1. DIY Face Mask Party

Gather your ingredients and whip up some all-natural face masks together! From honey and oatmeal to avocado and other delicious combos, get creative with your masks and have a fun time applying them to each other’s faces.

2. Potluck Party

Ask everyone to bring a dish they love and share it with the group. Great food with great friends – it doesn’t get much better than this, am I right? Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn some new recipes.

3. Movie Marathon with a Twist

Choose a guilty pleasure movie or TV series and incorporate a self-care twist! For example, every time your fave character says their catchphrase, apply some hand cream or lip balm.

4. Zen Zone

Transform your living room into a serene sanctuary with dim lights, candles, and soothing music. Lay out yoga mats and spend some time stretching, meditating, or practicing deep-breathing exercises together.

5. Mani-Pedi Extravaganza

Create a cute little nail salon station complete with all the nail tools, polish shades, and nourishing lotions. Take turns painting each other’s nails and enjoy the pampering!

6. DIY Pizza Party

Put your chef hats on and whip up some scrumptious homemade pizzas! Get creative with the toppings and make it a fun challenge where everyone tries a bite of each creation. Pizza is always the answer.

7. Outdoor Stargazing

Grab some blankets and head outside for a night of stargazing filled with deep conversations and laughter. Connect with nature and your pals under a beautiful starry sky – what a perfect way to spend the night.

8. Game Night Extravaganza

Get competitive and have a fun-filled evening with board games, cards, or even video games. Invite your inner child out to play and bond over winning – or losing – together.

9. Paint & Sip Party

Channel your inner Bob Ross and set up a paint and sip party. Provide some canvases, acrylic paints, and your favorite beverages. You don’t need to be a master artist to appreciate a fun night of all-around creativity.

10. Ditch the Devices

Go completely tech-free for a night! Focus on quality time with your friends—chatting, painting, or even stargazing. Trust us, you’ll feel refreshed and reconnected.

11. Waffle Bar Brunch

There’s no such thing as too much brunch. Have a cozy and delicious waffle bar with your homies, complete with all the toppings and perhaps even a mimosa or two. Brunch enthusiasts unite!

12. Dress-up & Photoshoot

Bring out your fancy dresses, makeup, and costume jewelry and have a glam dress-up session. Then, have a mini-photoshoot to capture all your fab looks!

13. Themed Dinner Party

Pick a theme — from a classy Parisian soirée to a tropical Hawaiian luau — and go all out in decorating the dining room, picking out costumes, and whipping up a delicious menu to match!

14. Adult Coloring Night

Get artistic with an adult coloring night! Grab some intricate coloring books (or print some pages online) and gather everyone around with a rainbow of colored pencils and markers. Let those creative vibes flow!

15. Fondue Night

Throw a classic 70’s style fondue night and melt your stress away! Dip your favorite fruits, breads, and even marshmallows into different kinds of cheese and chocolate. Just imagine all the fun, laughter, and tasty treats!

16. Tea Tasting

Explore the healing power of tea by hosting a tea tasting night. Brew a selection of beautiful blends from around the world, and get cozy with your besties as you sip and chat the night away.

17. Pillow Fort Building

Who said forts are just for kids? Channel your inner child and get creative with blankets, pillows, and fairy lights, to build a cozy fort perfect for a self-care extravaganza. Enjoy watching movies or just gabbing with friends in this magical atmosphere.

18. DIY Wine Tasting

Embrace your inner sommelier by hosting a DIY wine tasting. Ask each friend to bring a bottle of their favorite wine to sample, discuss flavors, and make a fabulous night of it. Cheers to self-care and great company!

19. Art Therapy Night

Channel your inner Picasso and host an art therapy night. Set up a space with paints, crayons, markers, and whatever art supplies you can find. Then, let your creative juices flow, and embrace the healing power of artistic expression.

20. Vision Board Party

Stay motivated and inspired with a vision board party! Make space for everyone to create their vision board, and share your dreams and goals with each other. It’s a fun and meaningful way to bond while putting those aspirations into the universe!

21. Dance It Off

Create a playlist of your favorite dance tunes, crank up the volume, and have an epic dance party to let loose and enjoy!

22. DIY Spa Night Extravaganza

Why head out to an expensive spa when you can create your own at home? Get your friends together, throw on some plush robes, and indulge in luxurious face masks, mani-pedis, and soothing massage trains!

23. Themed Dress-Up Party

Bring out your inner fashionista by hosting a themed dress-up party. Choose fun themes like ’90s nostalgia, favorite movie characters, or wacky mismatched outfits. Strut your stuff down the makeshift runway and snap some Instagram-worthy pictures to remember the night.

24. International Cuisine Night

Food is love, food is life! Organize an international cuisine night where each friend cooks a dish from a different country. Bond over cooking, learning about different cultures, and of course, the taste-testing!

25. Baking Bonanza

Together, try your hand at some delectable treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. The joy of baking with friends is unparalleled – and you get to devour your goodies once they’re done!

26. Book Club Meeting

Are you and your friends bookworms? Host a book club night to share and discuss your favorite reads. It’s an exciting way to discover new titles and enhance your friendships through deep conversations.

27. Laughter Yoga Session

Chuckle away your troubles! Try laughter yoga to release stress-busting endorphins. Search for a YouTube video or invite someone who knows how to lead a session, and laugh yourselves silly. It’s a guaranteed good time!

28. Positivity Letter Exchange

Write anonymous letters filled with kind words and compliments for one another, then exchange them. Show each other how much they mean to you, and watch the smiles overflow!

29. Group Workout Session

Sweat it out and laugh it off together! Organize a group fitness session with HIIT, Zumba, or even a dance party. It’s exhilarating, fun, and an excellent way to keep each other motivated and healthy.

30. Karaoke Night

Unleash your inner rockstar, and host a karaoke night. Hang some disco lights, crank up the volume, and let loose with your friends as you sing your hearts out to your favorite tunes.

31. DIY Craft Night

Pick a fun and easy DIY craft project (think personalized mugs, plant pots, or friendship bracelets), gather the necessary supplies, and spend the evening creating and laughing with friends!

32. Outdoor Adventure

Finish off your self care night with an outdoor adventure! Plan a group hike, bike ride, or stargazing session. It’s a refreshing way to connect with nature and each other.

33. Gratitude Circle

Spend time sitting in a circle sharing stories of gratitude or uplifting experiences that you’ve had recently. This can be a heartwarming way to reconnect and share positive vibes.

34. DIY Aromatherapy

Choose your favorite essential oils and create custom rollerball scents for each other! Swap ’em and start smelling super sweet.

35. Yoga & Meditation Night

Arrange a zen-filled evening for you and your friends with some relaxing yoga and guided meditation. Expand your mindfulness together and leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

36. Healthy Foodie Fun

Put on your aprons, and cook up a healthy yet delicious meal together (think smoothie bowls, veggie stir-fries, or Buddha bowls). Savor your delicious creations while chatting and laughing in good company.

37. Guided Meditation & Sleepover

End the night with a guided meditation that will help you drift off into peaceful sleep. Whether it’s an app or a YouTube video, find a relaxing meditation to follow, and then crash together for a cozy sleepover sesh!

Wrapping up – self-care night ideas with friends

And there it is, lovelies—37 fabulous self-care night ideas to turn your ordinary night with friends into an extraordinary fiesta of fun, relaxation, and memories! 🥰

Who knew pampering could be this amazing, right? Now that you’re armed with these ideas, it’s time to plan your next self-care night and give yourselves the royal treatment you deserve.

We know FOMO is real, so be sure to share this post with your pals and let’s make life a non-stop self-care party!

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