How To Manifest A Text From Someone: 5 easy and simple methods explained

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Have you ever wished and waited impatiently for a text from someone only to be let down? Manifestation can assist you in attracting everything you desire!

Even though manifestation is real, you can’t always control how it works, especially when you’re trying to get something from someone else. However, raising your body’s vibrational energy can attract everything you desire. You’ll be able to get that text you’ve been waiting for with this!

It hurts to wait for a text message from someone, but there are things you can do to speed up the process. It’s simple to speed things up and get the text you want, whether it’s from your crush, a friend, or your boss.

Yes, you can manifest a text from someone special! And your wish comes true if done the right way.

Manifest a text from someone

You can do a lot to cultivate a positive attitude and inspire the universe to send you a text. Read on if you’re ready to start manifesting a text message from someone!

Wondering what kind of text I am talking about? Well, whenever such kind of things come up, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is a text from someone special!

You can use these methods to manifest a text from anyone, literally anyone!

You can manifest a text from your partner, ex-boyfriend, boss, colleague, or anyone. All you have to do is follow the steps given below and focus.

Focusing on something and bringing it into your reality through your thoughts, feelings, and ultimately your vibrations is what I mean when I talk about manifesting.

Money is one thing that people generally do this with, but you can also manifest people!

You can bring about almost anything if you raise the vibration of your body! Yes, you can easily manifest your crush, friends, or anything else. You can simply manifest your dreams!! 

Here in this article, I am about to list out five ways to manifest a text from someone.

Before you start your manifestation, there is one thing you must do on a mandatory basis: meditation.


Manifest a text from someone

You need to clarify your mind and remove all the negativity and confusion from your mind. This can be done only and only through meditation.

So light up a beautifully scented candle, or just play soothing music, sit up straight, focus on your breath, and start meditating.

It’s okay if you meditate for 2-5 mins also. Everything is fine, just free yourself from all the negativities and overthinking. 


Manifest a text from someone

The next step is to cleanse yourself and your environment. Do it using a sage or an incense stick. Just rotate it clockwise and anti-clockwise over your head, surroundings, room, manifestation journal, or other things that’ll be used in the manifestation. 

This is done to ensure that there are no negativities or blockages in your manifestations. Once these two things are done, you are all set to manifest the text from your desired person. 

best techniques To Manifest A Text From Someone

1. 5×55 or 555 Manifestation 

Manifest a text from someone

This is one of the easiest methods of manifestation. All you need is a manifestation journal and a red pen. 

Cleanse the above things, and you are all ready to manifest your text!

To start this manifestation, decide whom you want a text from. Suppose you want a text from your boss, whose name is Mr. Clinton, and you want him to inform you about a deal, so you can form an affirmation that says, “Mr. Clinton has texted me about the XYZ deal.” You can mention more details, but try to keep your affirmation short and sweet, and do not forget to keep it in the present tense. 

Once you’ve framed your affirmation, write it 55 times with a red pen in your manifestation journal. At the end of your manifestation, do not forget to write “THANK YOU UNIVERSE” and say it aloud.

To make this entire process more effective and quick, make sure to visualize receiving that text and everything happening in the way you want it to happen. 

Do this at the same time for five days; for example, if you started at 5:30 pm on day 1, continue to do that at 5:30 pm only on the rest four days, and see the miracles happen. 

If you want to do this technique again with someone else, suppose you are done with the ‘text from boss’ manifestation, and now you want to manifest a text from your special one or anyone else; take a two-day break and repeat the technique.

Let the universe receive your manifestation. Give some time to mother universe to work on it.

I hereby strongly stand by this 5×55 manifestation technique because I can say that I received real results really quickly. If you want a detailed process on how to make this technique work for you, you have to read this post on the 5×55 manifestation technique. This is the most thorough post on the internet!

2. Full Moon Manifestation

Manifest a text from someone

As the name suggests, this manifestation is done only on the full moon. This seems to be a very spooky manifestation, yet an interesting and powerful one!

On a full moon, go out in the moon, cleanse your environment and yourself, as mentioned above, and just sit out to meditate. 

Focus on your breath for some time, and once you are sure that your mind is free from all the negativity, overthinking, stress, burden, and everything, it’s time for you to start the real work. 

Start visualizing that you have already received the text. Imagine your WhatsApp notification, a text message on your screen, or a mail, whatever you manifest. Just focus and start imagining, and feel that emotion.

Suppose you are manifesting a text from your partner. Visualize their name popping up on your screen; envision that text and feel the emotion in the same way as if this has happened in real.

It’s okay if you smile during your manifestation. Just feel every little sentiment!

What text do you want to receive? An ‘I Love You ‘ text? OMG! Just Imagine the lovely message popping up on your screen!

Feel that happiness and joy in your mind.

Once you are done with it, simply thank the universe and request the mother universe to grant you your wish, and you are done. 

A full moon is a very powerful time to manifest anything in your life. The universal portal is open now, and you can easily notice the changes in your life after any moon phase.

3. Water Manifestation 

Manifest a text from someone

Have you ever tried to talk to your water?

You might be thinking that this girl is talking crazy. But this is true! You can talk to your water using this little trick and manifest whatever you want.

Water is another powerful manifestation tool that can be used in multiple ways to manifest numerous things. 

One of the methods by which water can be used for manifestation is explained here. 

This manifestation trick does not need you to meditate and go through the long procedures mentioned in the other methods.

Just pick up a glass of water, and talk to it like water is a living thing. Behave as if it is your friend. Talk to it in the present tense. You can say, ‘Dear water, you know he texted me this/that, and we had a good conversation,’ and all that you want to happen in reality, and just drink the water, visualizing everything. And voila! You are done.

This technique takes a little longer to show the results, but this is the easiest one.

You can do this as many times you want, every day, every time you drink water: 10 times 20 times, or as many times as you want.

But make sure you don’t look crazy while doing this because there are high chances you might look stupid talking to your water like this. 😉

4. Bay Leaf Manifestation

Manifest a text from someone

This is one of the most popular manifestation techniques ever to exist. I’ve seen people charging a bunch to perform this manifestation for people.

But what if I say you can perform this bay leaf manifestation right at home? Yourself! Will you believe me?

Well, you have to.

This ritual can be done on a full moon and a new moon. You need an incense stick, a whole bay leaf, a black marker, a pair of tongs or clips, and a candle for this technique. 

Cleanse your environment, yourself, with an incense stick. Now light up the candle and keep the lightened incense stick right there. Meditate for 2-5 minutes. 

Write your full name and birthdate on one side of the bay leaf. Turn the bay leaf and write your affirmation in the present tense on the other side. Hold this bay leaf in your hand and imagine your wish coming true.

Burn this bay leaf. Notice the flame and imagine your wish to reach the mother universe with this smoke. Now blow these ashes up in the air, and surrender to the universe. 

Your manifestation is done. 

5. Gratitude Journal to manifest a text from someone

Manifest a text from someone

Maintaining a gratitude journal is also a soothing, easy, and simple manifestation technique that you can easily do, irrespective of time and days.

In this technique, you just have to thank the universe for the things you already have and also the things you want in a way that you already have them.

Say, for a text, you can write “Thank you, Universe, for the text from him/her” and so on.

When you ask and request the universe for something, you must also thank the universe once the wish is granted.

how to manifest a text from someone

But if you thank the universe for the things in advance, there is a high chance that the universe might grant it faster, considering you are already thankful for it. This also indicates that you trust the universe so much that you know already that the wish will be granted. 

After manifesting, there are certain things that you must keep in mind.

Learn to let go of your manifestation and trust the universe for everything you manifest.

Final thoughts on how to manifest a text from someone

Manifest a text from someone

You can manifest a text from someone by raising the vibrational energy in your body. All you need is the right method or technique. Never, never forget to thank the universe once your wish is fulfilled!  Happy manifestation!

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